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Chronicles of the Swarm
Jul 26 2010, 1:26 pm
By: Pr0nogo  

Jul 26 2010, 1:26 pm Pr0nogo Post #1

Chronicles of the Swarm is a 2-player co-operative campaign map based on the concept of the vanilla StarCraft's Zerg Mission 5 (where you had to protect Kerrigan's chrysalis and then kill a single target, Jim Raynor's Command Centre).

Two Zerg Cerebrates are put in charge of two separate broods, each with their own chrysalis. After roughly fifteen game minutes (seven and a half real-time minutes), the chrysali hatch, and out come two warriors for the Cerebrates to use. These characters must survive till the end of the mission, which comes when you place a warrior on each of the two beacons (play the game for more).

The map is extremely difficult, so much so that I've had to deactivate the Terran AI until after the warriors hatch. The Protoss AI will be more than happy to occupy you as you wait until that time.

If you CAN beat it, congrats! If not, and you'd like to win, post your situation here and I'll help as best I can (I've only beaten it once, and my entire force was crippled in the process, and I almost lost my warrior).

The intro to this map is immensely retarded, and then stuff blows up (explosions make everything better) and then you start the mission. There are voices. (they probably aren't the best voices in the world...) If you play with randoms over, prepare to wait for two-twenty minutes as they download it.

Download (3.74 MB):


Enjoy! Post any questions, comments, feedback, and whatnot.

Jan 14 2011, 4:54 am Gigins Post #2

Can this be played single player? If not, it's a fail because of filesize. Make a version, cut out sounds.

Edit: CPs aren't mining or doing anything. They just stand still. Aren't they supposed to like mine and build? If not, why are there Command centers with a bunch of SCVs by them?

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Jan 15 2011, 1:04 am Oh_Man Post #3

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Dude read the OP. He said the Terran AI is disabled at the start of the game.

Jan 15 2011, 10:22 am Gigins Post #4

Protoss ain't doing shit either.


Jan 15 2011, 4:29 pm Gigins Post #5

Ok I guess it has to be played co-op because playing single nothing happens. The CPs are just standing there, no AI at all. The warriors never hatch and nothing happens, no victory triggers or anything. I just build up like 20 guardians and killed all the preplaced units, no resistance.


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