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Fate and Destiny 2.1
May 17 2010, 1:47 am
By: Elward
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May 17 2010, 1:47 am Elward Post #1

Download Fate and Destiny RPG 2.1's Soundtrack: 4.37 Meg

Estimated Game Length for First Runthrough: 3 to 5 Hours

Change Log

New in 2.1 (June 24, 2010)
  • Choosing "Skip Intro Scenes Only" would cause the game to hang after the first battle. This is now fixed.
  • The opening menu now has a recall effect to ‘warp in’ Player 1’s Guy.
  • An editable version of Fate and Destiny is now included in the above downloads! Read “Fate and Destiny Comment Text Key – For Editing” to better understand the triggers.

New in 2.0 (May 10, 2010)
Fate and Destiny 2.0 is the game redone!

  • Abilities and enemies are rebalanced for fairness. Armor is more useful for everyone.
  • Cutcenes are retimed to allow more chance to read. Certain scenes had their dialog tweaked.
  • The game is a LOT more stable.
  • Minor Easter eggs are added, like the unwaving flag. Can you find all 4 letters hidden in the terrain and spell the secret word?
  • A short tutorial is added to the game’s beginning.

Brief Description

Fate and Destiny is a turn-based RPG for Brood War wherein players roleplay one of four unique characters.
  • Ryo is a naive diplomat swordsman, able to talk or cut his way out of most any situation.
  • Kato is a badass thief, full of one-liners and stolen loot.
  • Roxim is a nox mage who only looks like a Zergling.
  • Angela summons mighty beasts, wields a whip, and later gains a Behemoth she calls “Poochie.”

Fate and Destiny has these other features.

  • While Fate and Destiny has plenty of story, you can skip most of it. Cutscenes are togglable mid-game, meaning Ryo can start with them off and enable them once he's gotten to a new area.

  • All characters have at least 1 skill that improves with use. These skills have yellow names.

  • There is the obligatory mini-game included, because every great RPG has a lovable mini-game.

Installation Instructions

1: Install StarCraft and Brood War. Patch to version 1.14 or later. You can download the latest patch from

2: Place the .SCX files (Fate and Destiny 2.1 Music.SCX or Fate and Destiny 2.1 Quiet.SCX) in your StarCraft\Maps folder, usually c:\Program Files\StarCraft\Maps. Play a Use Map Settings game in Expansion mode.

3: Enjoy!

Background Story as Copied and Pasted from the Briefing and Modified for this Post

“In the world of Arkelonn there are many tales and epics that speak of great heroes that fought against impossible odds in the name of the righteous, but there is but one story that stands out among them. This story, known only as "Fate and Destiny," has been enjoyed by the general populace for more than a generation, used by parents to get their children to sleep just to hear another part the next night, and by bards to remind bar patrons of fonder days. Such a story, even in an age of magic, was too twisting, too obtuse, too... strange to be true.

“Though some has been lost to and warped by time, I tell you it now because I challenge popular belief.

“Thus we begin with a young man named Dravon Wolfever who heard a scratching on his door one night.”

- + - ¥ - + -

Young Dravon Wolfever
“Wh.. who is there?”

Adult Nox
“I'm sorry... if I frightened you.”

“You're a... nox? What do you want with me!?”

<Dravon examines the nox cautiously. He notices a deep gash along the nox’s torso.>

“Wait, your wound-“

Adult Nox
<The adult nox shakes his head.>

“Please.... take my son.... Roxim with you. I have... but a short... while to live.”

<Dravon examines the smaller nox.>

Adult Nox
“Take this.. Luna Stone too... give it to Roxim... <cough> to remember me.”

<The wounded nox wheezes.>

“I promise to keep your son safe. Rest in peace wha-, whoever you are.”

<Dravon watches the adult nox limp into the night.>

- + - ¥ - + -

“As with many epics, the definite length of time between a character's introduction and defining moment took years. I am uncertain of how many decades separated that night when Dravon Wolfever took in the nox and the commonly believed start of the tale. Somewhere between, Dravon became the Kalean ambassador to Volarion, married Enari Elward, and begat his son, Ryo.

“Ryo, an adventurous boy, grew with the older, yet still fairly young nox named Roxim. Roxim, perhaps aged 37 or 38 human years, had many more to enjoy before becoming great as his father promised.

“Ryo and Roxim were ambitious and determined, though Ryo was often sentimental. Roxim was more thoughtful and instead fostered his magical talent.

“One day Ryo was practicing in the embassy garden when he noticed someone unfamiliar heading toward the nearby kitchen window. While Ryo normally saw people at the embassy from around the world, all had gone in the front or followed a servant into an appropriate chamber. Ryo went closer to this stranger, sword readied, and screamed!

“The figure yelled in surprise, dropped from the windowsill, and hit the ground, dazed. Ryo held his sword and was preparing to strike when the dirty, ragged boy spoke.

“The boy told Ryo he was an orphan- hungry, lonely, and desperate- and he heard there would be a feast that day. Ryo called for his father about what to do.

“Dravon pitied the boy named Kato Stromguard enough to give him an embassy job and raise him as an adopted son.

“The Wolfevers got along well until Ryo was a young adult, the time when Lord Zartan of Volarion summoned Dravon about Kale's magic stone mines.”

- + - ¥ - + -

Volarion Guard
“My lord, Ambassador Dravon Wolfever for the Kale Empire wishes to speak with you. He says he has news from Lord Byran.”

Lord Zartan
“Send him in.”

“Your Majesty, Lord Byran has refused to return the magic stone mines claiming that they are the rightful property of the Kale Empire and always have been.”

Lord Zartan
“Oh, did he? Hmm.”

<Lord Zartan lowers his gaze a moment, lost in thought.>

“My decision toward the traitor is settled. Guards, take Dravon Wolfever into custody!”

“What is the meaning of this!?”

Lord Zartan
“Worry not, my esteemed Dravon. Guards, take him to the town square to be hanged as a declaration of war!”

Volarion Guards
<The guards seize Dravon and hold him tightly against the wall.>

“What the hell?! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!”

Lord Zartan
“Your wife and son will die as examples of treachery-”

<Dravon struggles for dear life.>


Lord Zartan
“You are pathetic, Dravon. Guards, take this peevish ambassador away, now!”

Volarion Guards
<The guards knock Dravon unconscious and drag him away.>

Lord Zartan
“The game has begun, oh Byran, but in the end, -I- shall win.”

Map Technical Thingies

Max Players: 4. The game is most fun multiplayer, and the more the laggi- I mean merrier!

Recommended Player Count: 4. If you can't manage that, multiplayer is more fun and perhaps easier than single.

Recommended Race: Depends on your favorite music.
  • Protoss has an epic, yet sad tune, and is my current favorite.
  • Terran has a casual sound. It’s appropriate for those whose friends brought them along.
  • Zerg makes me think “Electric guitar!” It has a riveting melody that makes for pleasant music while leveling.

Size & Tileset: 256x256 Jungle

Triggers: 2149 as of 2.0. samsizzle! of now has his name in the credits for counting.

Sounds: 4
  • Boss Music - Bastard Sword Theme (Breath of Fire IV)
  • Click (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Setzer's Theme (Final Fantasy VI)
  • Transmission (StarCraft)

Programs Used: 9
  • EaseMIDI (Setzer MID to WAV)
  • GUEdit, PROEdit, and Uberation 2 (Protecting, Recoloring & String Work)
  • MSPaint (Fate and Destiny Logo Above)
  • SCMDraft 2 (Trigger Work, Recoloring, Concept Testing)
  • StarForge (Recoloring)
  • TinyMap2 (Compression and Protection)
  • WordPad (Text, Trigger, and Location Work)
  • X-Tra Editor Alternative Mode & Addons StarDraft Patch (Guess)

Approximate Time to Complete: 10 Years (2001-2010)
  • 1.0 took about 5 years to complete. (2001-2006)
  • Upgrading the map to 1.7 took about 4 months. (September, 2006 to January, 2006)
  • Preparing F&D for rerelease into 2.0 took about 5 months. (December, 2009 to May, 2010)

Hall of Brags

Turn-Based Combat
Fate and Destiny isn’t the only StarCraft map with a turn-based system, but it is the best. Don’t just sit there while foes pound on you: Run around to split the damage with your friends!

We don't shove the story down your throat.
There is a story, but you can toggle the sometimes humorous cutscenes mid-game nearly any time outside of battle using the command ring. Step onto the Pad with your Guy to toggle. (No, that silo doesn't launch.)

Handicap Health and Difficulty Scaling
With four players, enemies have full health. Fewer players means foes have proportionally less HP.

There are battles every 15 steps only if you want them.
There are plenty of RPGs, Fate and Destiny included, with random battles. We acknowledge that being bogged down by random fights gets annoying.

In F&D, Hunt Mode (the Physics Lab) allows you to find battles about twice as often as normal. Evade Mode (the Machine Shop) has about half the random battles as normal.

Helpful Leaderboards
There are plenty of maps which show you how much experience you've accumulated, but F&D tells you how much experience you need for the next level.

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Gameplay Hints
Spoiler Level: Low

Some of these apply as well to RPGs in general.

1: SAVE OFTEN AND IN MULTIPLE SLOTS! You might find a bug. The game may crash. You could win the lottery and run off mid-game, abandoning your teammates.

2: Coordinate your battle plans with your teammates. If Ryo uses Battle Cry but everyone else uses an item or a skill, there's much less effect than if everyone else attacked normally.

3: Upgrade your weapons and armor! Armor is less useful in the beginning, but by the second smith, you should have at least 10 armor. It helps much to keep you alive.

Most offensive abilities benefit from a higher weapons level. For example, Slasher does 37 base damage +4 damage per weapons level.

Roxim’s spells are the exception. They don’t benefit from a higher Weapons, but Roxim has the fastest attack rate of the party. Upgrading his weapons level is still usually a good idea.

4: Time your Steals well. The best time to Steal is the last round of combat. If you’re uncertain, steal when you see only an enemy or two.

Be warned: Some foes call reinforcements. This may alter your plan.

If you're trying to keep your level low for some reason, Steal then run.

5: If at first you don’t succeed, gain another level! Each level increases your max MP.

At level 5, you also gain another skill.

6: Time your Persuades well. The best time to Persuade is when a unit is alone.

Be warned: Some foes call reinforcements. This may alter your plan.

Persuade doesn’t work on the intro fight, on boss fights, and on any fight where you must kill all enemies.

7: Learn to use double heals. Have two characters use a Tonic or the Heal spell on an ally at the same time. That ally will be healed to full HP and shields.

8: Out-of-combat healing is more effective. Tonics restore full HP and shields when used out of combat, but only about 250 HP when used in combat.

More Specific Q&A
Spoiler Level: Low

Q: Whoa! Why is the map so big?
A: If you mean the music version, then a 4.25 meg WAV at one quarter its normal size adds a lot.

Even the no end music version is a somewhat hefty 385K, but both versions include a readme. With no sounds and full compression, F&D is about 367K.

Compressed, the battle music is 85K, Click is 5K, and the Transmission Beep is 5K.

Q: After leaving Volarion, I try saving in the forest. Why does my game crash?
A: Some unknown trigger is running in the background. Usually, the game is safe once you enter a battle in the forest.

Even if you crash, your save file should work.

In single player, you can spam ESC before saving and saving shouldn’t crash.

Q: What should I do if a cutscene stops responding/freezes/hangs?
A: If you're in single player, push ESCape to skip the scene; otherwise, you'll need to restart or reload. Tell me about this bug so I can hopefully fix it.

Q: What do the disabled pads mean and why are they cloaked?
A: Fret not, citizen! The disabled pads are there for your convenience. Hopefully the civilian will be smarter around them! Cloaking is simply part of the disabling process and does not affect the pads' functionality.

Q: Why do certain units like Kato or Rapid Fire just stay in place, not even firing when targets are in range?
A: It's StarCraft’s fault. You can fix it by selecting the units, pushing H, then ordering them to attack.

Q: Why does the battle timer sometimes fail to start?
A: StarCraft's trigger lag. The best defense against this is saving often. If this happens to you, the game is stuck, but sometimes having a person besides Ryo leave solves it. Sorry!

Q: Why does the screen rapidly flash/transition right after the first battle ends?
A: I’ve not been able to find the cause. It’s harmless, though.

Q: Help! I don't have 529 kel for a suite! Why's the innkeeper so mean?
A: Gotcha! The inn really costs only 5 kel. Notice his “five, uh, hundred.”

Q: All the enemies are dead, but why haven't I won?
A: You probably killed the last foe at the last second. Have everyone attack normally and you'll get credit. Items and abilities aren't guaranteed to work yet will likely still count as having been used.

Q: After leaving Volarion, why did some of the buildings in Volarion turn purple?
A: While that shouldn't happen, sometimes StarCraft's triggers lag. It shouldn't hurt your game.

Q: Why is my civilian so stupid?
A: Blame Blizzard. Terran Civilians ('Civs') have some of the worst pathfinding AI when it comes to beacons, but we used them because other units were taken. Sorry!

Q: Why do I still see some scenes despite having them off?
A: Some scenes will always display largely so you know what to do.

Q: In single player, why don't the army men die?

Spoiler Level: Moderate to Spoiled Rotten

Gradually highlight the dark areas for information if you wish to minimize spoilers, or highlight everything with Control-A. (Mac users may need to push Apple-A.) Only highlight everything if you don’t care about spoilers!

Optional steps are listed in italics.

1: After winning the first fight, visit the embassy to the northeast. It's hard to miss a large burning orange building.
2: Grab the treasure cache containing 3 Tonics from north of the embassy. The cache is by the large houses.
3: Get level 8 weapons and armor for everyone, possibly attaining level 5. Level 3 is reasonable for the first boss, though it's possible at level 1.
4: From the town square's statue, head southeast to the gate.

Boss Strategy: Take out the archers first, then the sentries, then the captain. Focus fire on one unit at a time.

Use your best skills and spells against the cap'n. Roxim's Quake works exceptionally well in ripping the archers and sentries apart.

Kato can Steal an Elixer here. Other bosses also have an Elixer to steal.

Volarion Forest
1: Level a bit. If you want to Persuade a Volarion Elite, head southeast from camp to the base. This is your only opportunity to Persuade an Elite!

2: Grab the treasure cache. It contains 92 kel per person. Find the cache on the southern grass between the Volarion base and the Easternmost stone formations.

3: Head southwest from camp as far as you can. A scene will trigger, but there's no boss fight.

Midway Mountains
1: Upgrade, restock, and ready yourself.

2: Grab the Ether in the cave's northwest. It's in a treasure cache.

3: Leave the cave and head northeast, up the ramp, into the mountains.

4: Keep going northeast and you'll eventually enter a tower. When you come close to the tower, you'll automatically be stuck inside!

5: Before entering the tower, I advise being at least level 5 and attaining 15 armor and weapons!

Boss Strategy: Again, focus fire on one foe at a time. Quake again does wonders in this fight.

If you're Silenced and the Guardians are nowhere near dead, use Tonics and Ethers. Otherwise, keep hammerin' away!

Magic Maze
NOTE: If you die here, you respawn by the entrance. There is no penalty for dying.

1: Hoo boy. Scroll right (east) until you see Guys with a ring of units, including orange and white Pads. This is the Magic Maze's spell room.

Bind one of your Guys in the spell ring to Control-4 and the other to Control-5. Access them with 4 and 5. Pushing Alt-4 or Alt-5 will center your screen on that unit.

2: Flip the right lever to open the door with the Volarion units inside. Both levers should be OFF.

Enter the door, watch the scene, cast Invisibility, and run to the yellow Guy. Alternatively, kill everything and talk to the Guy.

3: Return to the levers. Ensure both these levers are ON.

4: Head west to the treasure cache. It will open, granting you Quake. Cast Quake and head southwest next to the stone formations to clear them.

5: Visit the Guy (the Trickster) southeast of the levers to start a timer. Head next to the beacon and when the timer reaches 0:00, step onto the Pad (the beacon).

6: Lure the ogre from the south area onto the white Pad just east of the southern cave. To do so, cast Invisibility and herd him northeast onto the white Pad.

7: Ensure the bottom lever in this southern section is OFF and the levers in the northern section are ON. If so, the door will open to the Brothers' Room, also known as the Treasure Room.

Standing next to either brother will let you open the cache, but the bottom brother dressed in white is the correct answer. Scoop up the treasure cache to gain Ring of Death!

8: Ensure the bottom lever is ON and the top 2 levers are OFF. If so, the southern door leading to the Ogre Room will be open. Head inside and go east.

Stand next to the guardian and use Ring of Death.

9: Visit the spell ring and step onto the clue pad. The answer is on the next line below. The clues are out of order, meaning you must read the story or guess at the order. At least there are only 4! (4 factorial) possibilities!

10: Step on the pads in this order: Wind, water, earth, fire. (Lightning Bolt, Ice Shard, Quake, Fire Messenger.)

Boss Strategy: When fighting the Shadow, keep Heal and Quake on autocast, visiting the magic stone to refill your MP as needed.

Be careful of splash damage. Fire Messenger and Quake can hurt your allies!

If everyone dies during the fight, the fight ends and you must reenter the Shadow's room and beat him to continue. The party will warp there once someone is inside.

Invisibility doesn't work in this fight. Ring of Death doesn't affect the Shadow!

More Midway Mountains
1: Head northwest from the tower to grab a treasure cache. Each person gets 544 kel from it.

2: Getting at least 15 weapons and armor is a very good idea™, and getting 20 in each helps even more. The next boss can be downright nasty!
Head back to the Nekaran Clan Caves unless you're confident you can beat the next boss fight as you are.

3: Head north, past the Volarion base on the west, past the piles of bones on the ground, and let the battle begin!

Boss Strategy: You need to be a bit fortunate in this fight, especially if you're undergeared.

Sirus is the major threat. Focus on him first unless Treya is about to drop. His physical attacks are the fastest in the game and he can claw you apart in seconds.
  • He can summon Fire Messengers (plural) with Scorcher.
  • He can instantly kill one party member at random with Combustion.
  • He can lay the smack down with Magma Jets, covering the entire battlefield with fire.

Treya is mostly there for support. She can hit about as hard as Sirus, but she's far slower. Her specials are still potent.
  • Stun Bomb is an instant KO on one ally.
  • Treya can hide a Mine on the east side of the battlefield. A direct hit does 1000 damage against small units and has a fair splash radius.
  • Regenerate is more annoying than lethal, but it may keep Sirus in the fight another round. This ability allows Sirus and Treya to continually heal, even between turns.

1: Continue north into the port town of Sextant. Avoid the enemies walking on the overworld and get to the town's only ship to the southeast. If you have cutscenes on, now's a good time for popcorn.

*: There is a 'cheap' way to get through Sextant. Walk to the east of the inn and go as far south as you can, so you're touching the Residence (Supply Depot) in the southwest part of town. Right-click to move next to the Guy. You'll move between the Residences and avoid most of Sextant.

If you do this, just stay northeast of the Elites and you'll be fine.

1: I highly recommend you use the practice on the pad in Kale Castle west of where the party appears. If you win, the Tutorial Master gives his parting speech.

2: If you don't have at least 15 weapons and armor, now's a good time to get them!

3: Head northwest of Kale and find an Elixer in a cache by the river. Where's the clock?

4: When you're ready, head southwest of Kale, and if you have cutscenes on, you get to watch a war rally.

You're in the Army Now!
CONTROLS: Move your tank next to orange units you wish to command then push O to siege. They're yours to command. Use them well, grasshoppah.

NOTE: If you lose, the scenario will restart from the time just after you gain your tank.

WARNING: POWER OVERWHELMING works differently in this fight. Orange and purple units won't be able to hurt one another. In contrast, units you claim are invincible and can hurt enemy forces.

Strategy: Head west from your starting position and grab some men. Take them south along the west side of the area and claim unguarded Infantry Posts.

Keep grabbing men and claiming posts as you head south as far as you can, then east as far as you can. You'll find plenty of unguarded posts as you nab them from behind.

Keep at it and eventually you'll win.

The 'Cheap' Strategy: Your tank can claim unguarded posts. Move it next to an unguarded post to claim it.

Attack enemy units once with your tank to get them to move. Scare away every defender and you can claim a post.

1: Unfortunately, Ryo is being naive again, and he causes a fight. <insert eyeroll here>

Boss Strategy: Drex has a simple pattern in this fight.
  • When he has no Guardinal Spirit, Drex will summon one.
  • The next round, he will create a Diversion or call reinforcements via Official Order. These reinforcements are mostly petty annoyances if you have at least 11 armor.
  • The next round, Drex may attack, create a Diversion, or bark an Official Order.[/b]

This is my advice to beat Drex:
  • In the first round, go all out! Use Lightning Bolt, Ice Shard/Rapid Fire, Quake, and Behemoth. This way, you may win in the first round.
  • If Drex survives, he'll summon a Guardinal Spirit. Fleeing from it should be easy.
  • The next round, go all out again! Drex will be invincible while the Guardinal Spirit lives. Kill the Spirit then kill Drex.
  • If Drex survives this, keep up the pressure and you'll win!

2: Grab some popcorn, being careful not to muck up the keyboard, smile, laugh, and enjoy the ending! Also, contact the authors and tell us what's on your mind!


May 17 2010, 1:47 am Elward Post #3

Author Interview

What prompted you to want to make Fate and Destiny?
Nanaki: I had some practice with turn-based systems before starting F&D. I had created a 1v1 Shining Force II map demo before starting F&D.
It was when {RPG}Fenix made a Final Fantasy-type turn-based map of his own that I felt I would give it a go. I also wanted to improve on Fenix’s design, which at the time still didn’t work completely. Fenix’s map also lacked much of any story to it, and I wanted story to be a main aspect of F&D.

Endarire: BotD, a famous map maker at the time, hosted a game publicly one night. Perhaps it was fate, but I was able to join. I played through but eventually encountered a now-fixed bug preventing us from continuing.
F&D was complete only up to just after Volarion's gate. Its dialog was cheesy, but I saw great potential in a turn-based RPG. When I wanted to see who made it, I opened GUEdit to find that Nan had protected. I contacted him, volunteering my services, and Nan accepted the help.

What did each of you contribute to Fate and Destiny?
Nanaki: I was in charge of the battle system, minigame ideas, and most the story's skeleton. I did almost all of the terrain. Even though it is a bit dated by today’s standards, it is by no means ugly.

Endarire: Nan knew the story, but if you've played his previous works, you know that his dialog, even when it should be emotional, is only merely functional. My primary task early on was with suggestions, especially in revising the dialog. I believe the least-changed line was Angela's, "Volarion has just declared war on Kale." to "Volarion has just declared war on Kale!"
I suggested Hunt and Evade Modes since I was sick of getting battles every few seconds while walking on the overworld, and my suggestion of cutscenes togglable mid-game also got accepted. Having played, modified, and made plenty of games and knowledge in seeing their flaws, I had plenty of experience in suggestions. If Nan made something, almost every time I revised it.
In general, I believe that Nan made about 80% the game's framework- from the start until leaving Sextant- but that I revised almost all of it, and that I added plenty of functionality myself. For convenience's sake, and because it's at least close to being true, we each made about half the game.
With Fate and Destiny 2.0, I revised the game again, going over every aspect that bothered me from 1.7. The confusing army interface changed to something simpler. Scenes that went by too quickly got more time. Many bugs were squashed and the game, in short, was overhauled.

What is your favorite part of F&D?
Nanaki: It's pretty much as I wanted it, and I didn't have to do the whole thing. There's no one part that sticks out.

Endarire: Besides that I made it and that it's done- <insert obligatory (|=^) here>- I consider F&D a game made in the StarCraft engine more than just a map. Everything fits together so well, but considering how long it took us to craft F&D, it should.

You should've seen this coming. What is your least favorite part of F&D?
Nanaki: The battle system itself was a big pain in the rear. Sometimes I wanted to go back and add new elements to it such as critical attack, enemy special abilities, and other stuff that always required a fair amount of work and often caused glitches. The system can be rather sensitive and even small bugs can throw a lot off and be hard to fix requiring more than would be considered humane.

Also having the map stolen and labeled “Faith and Destiny” was also a downer, but mainly because the person that did it to me pretty much had acted all friendly for a couple of weeks until he could get his hands on the right version. He just renamed it. labeled it 95% complete even though it wasn’t, and put his name on it. The map making community knew already that the map was stolen though.

Endarire: Getting the ship to work. Some triggers kept me troubled for 16 months! I finally found the trouble trigger when looking through SCMDraft2's C-style trigger editor.

If there's a second place, add in general trigger frustration, testing, and bug fixing. Certain things I thought were fixed, yet didn’t work as expected in multiplayer.

What are some Easter eggs in the map?
Endarire: There are cheats that work in multiplayer, and while I'm not telling anything explicitly, know that only Player 1 can activate them.

As for Easter eggs, Jack is in the credits and is a character, RubyDragon is in the credits and is mentioned as Ruby Valley, and Dekar is also in the credits and mentioned as general Dekar in a cutscene. If you understand Jack's scene in the ending, I laud your Billy Joel knowledge.

Finally, the letters C A K and E are spelled out in the terrain in reference to the foodstuff and the mining town.

What didn't make it into the map that you felt should have?
Nanaki: I kept bugging End to include fifth and sixth level abilities, stuff like a Blizzard (Carrier) and Slow (less enemy attack time) for Kato, and Meteor Swarm (Guardians) for Roxim.

Endarire: Ideally, one map would be big enough to hold everything, but since this is Brood War, it isn’t. F&D is only the first chapter of the story which may be continued in a different medium, like a commercial RPG. There are no definite plans.

Especially limiting was text. Strings were less of a bother since locations can be reused and moved, but there is a definite character limit and things can go wonky when you reach that. Blizzard probably enforces these limits in modern times to keep its system specs true.

What kept you motivated to work on F&D?
Nanaki: I wanted to see F&D done and show off some mapping techniques. End kept bugging me about things to include, but eventually I let him take over because I had other things to do.

Endarire: At first, it was the feeling that I was helping make a game worth playing. Near the end, it was the notion of, "I just wanna finish!" Plus, making the ending was sweet for various reasons.

The most pressing reasons for Fate and Destiny 2.0:

1: This is my premier work for my online portfolio. Certain people from the video gaming industry expressed interest in experiencing the full version.

Jim Rivers, the hiring manager from Obsidian Entertainment, and Choua Her from Blizzard Entertainment’s University Relations department, each expressed interest. It’s rare that a turn-based RPG comes from a real time strategy game.

2: God. Jesus, specifically. Say what you will about Christianity, yet it is His wisdom that led my debugging process and inspired me to keep going all the way to the finish.

Speaking of the ending, is there an official script to the silent scene in the ending?
Endarire: You bet! Highlight below for minor spoilers if you haven't played through.
Man, I'm glad to be out of -that- costume.

Make way! Gotta pee, gotta pee!

<sighing> Women. Sheesh!

All these battle transitions make me dizzy! Man, -how- many hours were they at it?

You think -that-'s bad? Try being a one cutscene villain! I was promised a bigger part! Damn limits!

<crying> At least -you- have a personality!

<mocking in a sing-song fashion> You didn't read your contract. Ha-ha!

<furiously and slowly> Oh shut UP you-

They kept typing in some indecipherable script! I thought I saw someone want to borrow money for a room, but found they wanted to have an orgy! I wanted to do all sorts of things to those-

Look, I'm -sick- of hearing your female dogs! You could have quit -ages- ago! Do you know how many times -I- fought those damnable people? I don't!

I love my part! I just sit around and taunt them! It -so- fits my personality!


How -do- you say "..." anyway?

Every time I perform I question my ability to accurately portray a villain. I sometimes wonder if life's being cruel.

You want -cruel-, oh brainy one? Try being -me!-

Try being ME! On 'n' off 'n' on 'n' off! There's only so much of this I can take, y'know!

Think about your career, friend! Eventually, you could be playing Romeo!

That's the only thing that keeps me going.

Brown "Guy"
Halfway through tonight, I started picturing flipping off everyone.

White "Guy"
How come?

Brown "Guy"
Spell? Item? Why are you going there!? Time's running out! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Yellow "Guy"
Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population has average or below intelligence.

We're running odda jokes and time. Sorry folks, but that's all we wrote, at least for now.

What have you learned from making Fate and Destiny?
Nanaki: If you make something new, someone may come along wanting to help you.

Endarire: Patience, patience, patience; diligence, diligence, diligence; test, test, test!

Getting some triggers to work is like managing irate people sometimes.

For positive aspects, I have learned endurance and faith. Some will ask, “Why do ‘bad’ things happen to good people?” I answer, “Such ‘bad’ things are opportunities to prove yourself!”

There is power in motivation. I saw that Nan wasn't doing anything to finish F&D past about 65% and I decided to step in and finish. Version 1.0 took about 4 months of dedicated work over a 16 month period in 2005-2006. Version 2.0 took about 5 months of dedicated work in 2009-2010.

I did other things in that long lull, like DM (act as a moderater for) a 16 month Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game that ran from level 1 to 21. Some campaign details are available at

How can fans contact you?
Nanaki: My AIM is NanakiXIII84.
If you mail me, tell me this is about F&D. I’m a fairly private person.

Endarire: Mail me at
I’m rarely on AIM or StarCraft these days, but I’m Endarire on each. On StarCraft, I prefer USEast.

Any other comments?
Nanaki: The Map was originally called “FF - Fate & Destiny RPG.” This only lasted as far as the 15% Beta and any other Final Fantasy reference was removed, except for the item names. Angela’s Giant Spider spell used to be called Chocobo.

Endarire: Visit The Rainforest Site and its affiliated Sites daily to help people with no direct monetary cost to you. With God, all things are possible. For those into time travel, start what you finish.

Perhaps the best advice I have now is this: Life is endurance. Time will be spent regardless, and it is how one uses his time that determines his future. If you care about something enough, you will see it through to its end.


May 17 2010, 1:48 am Elward Post #4

The technical difficulties are over! You are now free to post!

The culprit was a mismatched [ SIZE ] tag.

Post has been edited 3 time(s), last time on May 17 2010, 2:02 am by Elward.


May 17 2010, 1:52 am Elward Post #5

Reserving this post.


May 17 2010, 1:52 am Elward Post #6

Reserving this post too.


May 17 2010, 1:52 am Elward Post #7

Moderators, may I get an icon change for the main post? I hoped for the green star, the second icon from the right.

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May 17 2010, 9:09 pm Kupie Post #8

That's... a lot of text...


May 17 2010, 11:18 pm Positively Post #9

Omg, I remember when this game first came out, I was fucking obsessed with it. I played it alone, with friends, all night XD. Nice to see someone fixed some of the glitches in it. Awesome. I love you.


May 18 2010, 8:50 pm Elward Post #10

Positively, thank you for your quick and encouraging response! You are positive in this instance.

Tell me what you think of the balance. Also, let me know about bugs.


May 18 2010, 9:44 pm ClansAreForGays Post #11

I remember how awesome it was for it's time, and trying to tell people about it and them just saying "You can't do that"

May 20 2010, 2:34 am Elward Post #12

For a game so long in development, I was not about to rush the advertisement post.


May 21 2010, 2:51 am samsizzle Post #13

Triggers: Thousands. I’ll put your name in the credits if you give me an accurate, exact count.
Exactly 2149 triggers. Do I get my name in the credits now?


May 21 2010, 3:11 am payne Post #14


Quote from samsizzle
Triggers: Thousands. I�ll put your name in the credits if you give me an accurate, exact count.
Exactly 2149 triggers. Do I get my name in the credits now?
You used that program in our DLDB, bastard! :P
MapStats I think?


May 21 2010, 5:42 am Post #15

Hm...I can't progress in my game when I'm playing alone(haven't tried multi player yet)

Anyways, what happened is I selected the skip intro option, and played the first battle----then the first cut scene which is supposed to show didn't, and the screen is forever stuck at a part of the town...


May 23 2010, 12:37 am Elward Post #16

Close: That's new. Try watching all scenes or skipping all scenes.

If you play in Single Player mode, push ESC if you seemingly get stuck.


May 23 2010, 9:17 am Jack Post #17

>be faceless void >mfw I have no face

Wow, this looks incredible! I just hope I have time to actually play it someday...

Red classic.

"In short, their absurdities are so extreme that it is painful even to quote them."

Jun 2 2010, 9:57 pm darksnow Post #18

i've played it, with 2 players, ryo and the ling, roxim or something.

once you get to the part where you first meet treya and sirus, and sirus wipes out all your teammates and such, the map doesn't progress.
works fine in 1p, no idea why its broken in 2p.


Jun 8 2010, 11:05 pm Elward Post #19

I'm not sure why that happens. In all my tests, that Sirus/Treya scene worked.

EDIT: Disable scenes immediately before activating the SIrus/Treya scene and reactivate them as desired afterward. There should be no other hiccups like that, but save often!

Post has been edited 1 time(s), last time on Jun 10 2010, 9:24 pm by Elward.


Jun 13 2010, 8:19 pm darksnow Post #20

oh, another problem.
if you disable the intro cutscene, you get the DT that represents your party, but it doesn't move.
but i suppose watching the 1 minute cutscene isn't that bad.


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