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Sunken Treasure
Legacy of Han v.1.01
Filename: LoH2_beta.scx
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Uploaded on:Jul 4 2014, 5:14 pm
Uploaded by:qPirateKing
Author:Not Given.


: Explorers :
Human (Zerg)
Human (Zerg)
: Haean Townships :
Computer (Zerg)
Computer (Zerg)
: Haean Wilds :
Computer (Terran)
Computer (Terran)
Computer (Protoss)
Neutral (Terran)

File Description
Legacy of Han is an RPG set in the huge cavernous world of Han. In this unique setting, you take on the role of Explorers. You are looking for something out there in those unexplored caves, but don't expect to find it if you aren't willing to look long and hard. This game is not for everyone. If you don't have the patience to enjoy a map of this kind, please stay far away from it. But, if you are willing to spend some time (perhaps several hours) and really get into it, you won't be disappointed.

In terms of gameplay, I tried to mimic --to some degree-- MMORPGs that I've played in the past. What that means is that you might have to spend some time hunting for money or exploring an area instead of plowing through a line of enemies while trying to reach a final destination. Whether or not you like that kind of game will probably be a key factor in your enjoyment of the map.

The creator of the world, Han, disappeared mysteriously before he could finish his work. As a result of his disappearance, the world was left in darkness, incomplete. Tired of living in the darkness, humans are trying to find Han and restore him so that he might finish what he started. You must venture into the darkness, and find the one who brings the light.

The story will unfold as you play the map.

Darkness and exploration. The world is a network of caves that you have to explore. You don't have shared vision with yourself, so you have to rely on "lights" to travel and map out the world. Lights can be bought in shops and they are also found preplaced in some lower level areas. Learning to use lights properly will save you a lot of time and money.

Some features:
Stamina - If you run out, you will be slow. Might not sound so bad, but it makes you easy prey in the dark.
Lights - Placing lights in the caves will allow you to find a path leading from place to place. Managing your lights properly is a MUST.
Stacking inventory - You can carry any number of items at once, and taking stock is easy.
No levels/experience/spells - This is not a classic D&D map.
Randomized spawning and money - All rewards and monster spawns have been randomized for greater realism.

Getting started:
Minerals = SEED (money)
Gas = Stamina
Items are on a dropship system (in your inventory at the top right/left).
Your damage upgrades by 2 each level.
Warps are activated when you enter an area. You don't need to 'activate' waypoints by stepping on them.

Tavern - NPC building in which you can buy cheaper heals.
Game center - NPC building in which you can play a target shooting minigame for money.
Guild hall - NPC building in which you can receive guild quests.
Both players now get a storyline. Player 1 has the original story, and Player 2 has a new sidestory.
All the caves and towns have been redone.
More ways to earn money - guild quests, treasure chests, and game center.

Up to 2 players can play, but the storylines are independent.
There are no extra lives. You die, you're dead. I hope you saved.
Players start in different towns. Trust me, it saves a lot of time when mapping out the world.
There isn't much help in the map for new players, but it's pretty easy to figure things out.
All sound effects are property of Softmax (
SAVE your game periodically! Although extremely rare, the map has crashed for seemingly no reason in testing on more than one occasion. Not only that, it's always a good idea to save in case of accidental death.

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-BW-Map_God wrote on Jun 13 2015, 9:22 pm:
Awesome Map, glad to see it was revised and finish up by the creator :-)! Though I wish you could still play with 4.. or 3 players. I guess 2 balanced things out better...

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Vrael -- lil-Inferno
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[2024-2-20. : 3:43 am]
ClansAreForGays -- I don't get it, so it just decreases? Like if I have it set to 1, it'll be zero during build. But If I have it set to 100... it's be like 50?
[2024-2-20. : 1:49 am]
kgh829 -- The weird thing is that the building defense value wasn't set to Zero. If the building's defense is abnormally high, the building under construction becomes almost invincible, just like a completed building.
[2024-2-20. : 1:44 am]
kgh829 -- I just tested out of curiosity, and it turns out that the defense of Zerg buildings also decreases.
[2024-2-19. : 11:27 pm]
ClansAreForGays -- do zerg buildings have 0 armor while morning? like how terran building do while being built?
[2024-2-19. : 10:16 pm]
ClansAreForGays -- It even told me I should probably use scmdraft2 instead, becuase I mentioned staredit in the prompt.
[2024-2-19. : 9:59 pm]
Dem0n -- I wonder if it's scraped SEN lmao
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