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Cat n Mouse Cheeser V6.0.2
Filename: Cat n Mouse Cheeser V6.0.2.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Jul 21 2019, 10:36 pm
Uploaded by:Cerorec
Author:Not Given.


Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Protoss)
Cat --Random If Empty--
Human (Zerg)
Test Mice
Force 4

File Description
Map Description:
Fast-paced play with 4 races of mice and Random Cat!
[By: DrakeMagi | Edits: Verynoname]

Originally Created by: DrakeMagi
Edited by: Verynoname
Version (Latest): 6.0.2
Version Date (Latest): 14/08/2017

My Story:
CnM Cheeser! Aka CnM Choice by DrakeMagi. It was one of those unpopular CnM map that never broke through back in the day from what I've experienced. My first time playing it was June 10, 2010 it seems, with the map file name Cat n Mouse Choice X12.scx. According to its Mission Briefing, the map date was "Dec - 10 - 2008". The map had a really interesting race choosing mechanic where you could choose up to 4 races, and re-choose if you die and respawn again. In May 2017 when I truly came back, I decided to play some obscure CnM maps, and CnM Cheeser V4.0 was one of them. Verynoname joined my game, and we gamed CnM Cheeser V4.0. Shortly after this incident, on May 23, 2017, I saw a never before seen updated version, V4.0.1. Verynoname hosted the game, and that's when I learned Verynoname was editing DrakeMagi's map. I thought Verynoname got the V4.0 map from me, but in 2018 I learned Verynoname worked on this way before in April 2017. How do I know this? It was when on May 24, 2018 I sent an email to Verynoname because I was missing his latest version, V6.0.2. He replied back to me and sent me all of his CnM Cheeser edits, and the earliest dated edited map was April 22, 2017 which was V4.0.1. Now rewind a bit, in late summer 2017, Verynoname became less and less active and soon altogether stopped playing SCR. I took a break on September 2017 for a couple months because of school, and I came back actively on May 2018. Verynoname was still not back, and soon I emailed Verynoname about his whereabouts and the latest map because I opened his map triggers and found his patch notes! In the email I asked Verynoname how he's doing, he said that he had gotten, "a new job as an IT technician alongside attending college". Throughout 2018 and 2019 as of now, Verynoname has still not come back. It seems that Verynoname has moved on from SCR and probaby won't come back anytime soon, and probably never. Verynoname also created CnM Ruins his first ever CnM map back in 2009 I think, from scratch. I asked him if he would finish that map because it was still beta and battlefield half finished, but he considered it, and it never came to fruition. So yea, that's Verynoname's history from my perspective, CEROREC!

As for DrakeMagi? I don't know... I can't remember that I met him back in 2010. From the maps that I have, he is only known for have creating this map. As for map edits, idk. His email address is found in his map triggers. Now there is a CnM Fireworld editor by the name of "lceDrake" of similar name. Possible same identical person? Who knows. Never seen a "DrakeMagi" or "IceDrake" ever from 2017-2019. They are probably long gone players, never to come back to SC again.

Verynoname's Patch Notes:

I edited Verynoname's CnM Ruins! You can find it at:

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