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[03:23 pm]
Sand Wraith -- but like wow it's hard to find a nice colour. Maybe I'll use this?
[03:22 pm]
Sand Wraith -- also whew my text walls hurt my eyes.
[03:21 pm]
Sand Wraith -- Halloween is great, cultural appropriation is shit!!! but I don't even remember seeing any such costumes
[03:20 pm]
Sand Wraith -- can anyone actually stand the quality of the right planet in Planets skin? muh quality :c (left planet is awesome though)
[03:18 pm]
Sand Wraith -- I'm personally worried about my 3rd year OS course as well as algortihms course atm. I really regret taking so much science/cs this semester, I should have taken gender studies or some social studies course this term.
[03:17 pm]
Sand Wraith -- hth
[03:17 pm]
Sand Wraith -- w3schools helps. Firefox has documentation on JS as well.
[03:16 pm]
Sand Wraith -- You can also just look up some course materials online from your own school probably, or ask a prof, or friends taking a net programming course
[03:15 pm]
Sand Wraith -- Dem0n
Dem0n shouted: teach me pls XD
iirc javascript has types but is weakly typed, has C++/Java-like syntax, has some cool properties related to dealing with functions and function aliasing, and has some OOP capabilities
[03:14 pm]
Wing Zero -- Happy Halloween guys
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