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[03:41 pm]
Roy -- Oh_Man
Oh_Man shouted: they can have death counts set for them though.... i think
Sure, if you have an EUD Action Enabler running. Otherwise, no, only Players 1-8 can use the death table.
[03:30 pm]
Fire_Kame -- #riggedboxes
[03:03 pm]
jjf28 -- if you have a computer give them all to it; otherwise you can have on death counter keep track of which player is the first or last to run triggers and have conditions check "Current Player has suffered at least 1 deaths of leader"
[02:54 pm]
FlameViper -- Yep... gonna have to switch everything to players 1-8, hopefully it won't repeat the triggers.
[02:51 pm]
Oh_Man -- they can have death counts set for them though.... i think
[02:47 pm]
Roy -- They can't run triggers. Only Players 1-8, Forces 1-4, and "All Players" can run triggers (the latter two just being groups for Players 1-8).
[02:46 pm]
Excalibur -- No one past player 8 can run triggers IIRC.
[02:45 pm]
Roy -- No.
[02:22 pm]
FlameViper -- If I make players 9,10,11 run a trigger by themselves then will it work?
[12:22 pm]
Arkane -- yess.. Starcraft 2 in glorious 22050Hz in 16bit Mono! Just like in the old days of StarCraft~!
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