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[08:47 pm]
Pr0nogo -- and saving at this point and importing it into the game creates black boxes all over the place
[08:47 pm]
Pr0nogo -- after the new file is added, the program looks like this
[08:46 pm]
Pr0nogo -- before importing a new file, tileedit looks like this
[08:46 pm]
Pr0nogo -- hm, since you coded pytile and wrote its error handling, maybe you know the problem i'm having?
[08:44 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- If you need some help getting the program running you can PM me with any details you have
[08:43 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- It should error out if it doesn't like the files, but there are lots of ways to "corrupt" the file while having it still look fine
[08:43 pm]
Pr0nogo -- the program won't even start for me so i can't even begin to take your advice :P
[08:43 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- I think the main thing is you don't want to edit an existing tileset with PyTILE, you want to export the tileset entirely, edit the exported data, and create a "new" tileset from that. but its been a while, so i'm not even sure anymore
[08:42 pm]
Pr0nogo -- i just want to see if tileedit is the source of my problems or if it's something else, would pytile be able to detect incorrect formats? (wrong palette/image size/color index)?
[08:41 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- Pr0nogo
Pr0nogo shouted: hey poiuy, any chance you can take a look at pytiles? i'm doing a lot of tileset editing and tileedit is failing me (can't run tileedit 2/hawt tiles and the latest version of pytiles won't start for me)
PyTILE has a lot of architectural problems that make me not want to work on it without doing a full re-write, but I might be able to give some help
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