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[10:06 pm]
Devourer -- uploaded new ones.
[10:01 pm]
Jack -- Devourer try these, also I wouldn't mind if you tried the second elite first because I modified the edges a bit, if it's better I'll do vet and regular the same.,EKF6niV,8FaCsuT,XwYPjBz
[10:00 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- I didn't see any other l or Ls
[10:00 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- ㎖ I think that's liter, it's a curly l
[09:59 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- ㎯ is angular acceleration, pressure (megapascals), microvolts, megaohms, megaliter, kilobyte, I don't remember and it isn't showing, nanometer, a.m., log, parts per million ...
[09:57 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- like they make sense, it's just weird to have specific characters for them xD
[09:52 pm]
payne -- nanometer, logarithm
[09:52 pm]
payne -- nm, and log make sense
[09:41 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- I like how a significant portion of unicode is just Chinese
[09:41 pm]
FaRTy1billion -- Why are there individual characters for these? ㎯ ㎫ ㎶ ㏁ ㎖ ㎅ ㍺ ㎚ ㏂ ㏒ ㏙ ㏞?
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