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[01:43 am]
zsnakezz -- that's why every update i contemplate it being the last update, becuase i feel like i could come up with ideas forever
[01:42 am]
zsnakezz -- everytime i play, i have a new idea to make something more efficient or convenient
[01:42 am]
zsnakezz -- everytime i play, it just leads to hours of work sometimes
[01:42 am]
zsnakezz -- yes, ive spent many many hours in the undead
[01:41 am]
BloodyZombie117 -- Needless to say I've spent hours testing it every time I booted it up.
[01:41 am]
Corbo -- You said it once and I thought it was a mistake but twice made me doubt.
[01:41 am]
BloodyZombie117 -- zsnakezz
zsnakezz shouted: all i know is that these are maps I personally like playing, hyperion and undead are both things i wanted to exist
zsnakezz shouted: so i personally could play them for myself
This is exactly why I made Auburn City. I wanted a Hazard Zone that wasn't fucking impossible to play, and you could play it by yourself.
[01:41 am]
Corbo -- thanks.
[01:40 am]
zsnakezz -- would have
[01:40 am]
Corbo -- Is that correct? It doesn't seem correct "would of"?
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