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Custom War Tactics
Apr 27 2009, 11:30 pm
By: Norm  

Apr 27 2009, 11:30 pm Norm Post #1

April & May 2009, by Norm

Map Progress = 97%

Units = 98%
Unit placement = 100%
Terrain = 100%
Concepts = 100%
Balance = 100%

Armor System = 100%
Weapon System = 100%
Troop Command System = 100%
Troop Spawning System = 100%
Magic System = 100%
Spells = 98
Shop System = 100%
War Earnings System = 100%
Revival System = 100%
Random Drops System = 100%
Mystery Boxes = 100%
"Life Force" System = 0%


In this game you will play as the general of an army, and it's time for war. First thing's first: Choose your weapon of choice.

Dagger - Its very fast, but weak damage. Wind Elemental.
Katana - Medium speed and damage, splash. Lightning Elemental.
Bow & Arrow - Medium speed and high damage. Fire Elemental.

You control your general character throughout the course of the game. You lead your troops in an attempt to own the enemy camp. The game is meant for 2v2 battle, so it's best that way of course.

As you're hacking and slashing your way through enemy forces, feel free to use numerous abilities that are at your disposal. The game will allow players to input up to three spells at a time, this will result in new, more powerful spells. As you decimate the enemy forces, you collect War Earnings (Cash) which is what you want.

Okay, so you got the cash. Now what? Access the control menu off to the side of the map. You will see a more specialized control menu to the side, but ignore that for now. The one I'm talking about is where you can spend your cash to improve your guy. Here are your options:

$2250 Magic - Investing in this will allow you to cast more spells more often.
$3000 Armor - Improving your armor will make your defense higher, so you don't die as often.
$3000 Weapon - This will give you a new weapon that owns more shit than your last one.
$3600 Attack - Increases your attack damage by 2.*
$4600 Reinforcements - This will increase the number of troops that you command on the battlefield.
$5500 Train Troops - This will train your troops so that they pwn more.

*Only available for purchase if you have the best weapon for your weapon type.

"What's that over there" you ask? Well, you wouldn't be a general if you didn't actually command the troops would you? There is a unit that can be moved to any of 7 beacons, of on no beacons. When your commander unit is on a beacon, all troops under your control will patrol to that region of the battlefield. When your commander unit is on no beacons, your troops will hold their ground around the area that you left them. This is where tactics come into play.

Oh... There's more? Yes, there is.


There is another space, and that is your personal inventory. Here you will be able to manage your general. It displays your current weapon and current armor. This is also where the gateway is located. Use it to have spells. There is a pretty good selection of equipment that your general can have:

Dirk [10 Attack]
Silver Dagger [14 Attack]
Assassin Dagger [20 Attack]
Orchalcum Dirk [28 Attack]
Dragon Fang [38 Attack] (Powers up Wind Spells)

Shortbow [11 Attack]
Elvin Bow [19 Attack]
Perseus Bow [29 Attack]
Artemis Bow [41 Attack]
Burning Bow [55 Attack] (Powers up Fire Spells)

Wooden Katana [8 Attack]
Kotetsu [16 Attack]
Bashura [26 Attack]
Murasame [36 Attack]
Kali Blade [50 Attack] (Powers up Lightning Spells)

Leather Chestplate [20 Defense]
Chainmail [28 Defense]
Plated Armor [40 Defense]
Mystic Robe [56 Defense]
Dragonscale Mail [76 Defense]
Robe of Lords [100 Defense]

And that brings us to... Spells!

General Abilities

1Z = Blade Fury - Short range blade attack.
1D = Cure* - Heals small amount of HP to self.
2Z = Blade Aura - Better version of Blade Fury.
2D = Cure 2* - Heals small amount of HP to self, restore HP for nearby troops.
1Z 1D = Shockwave - Stuns enemy generals.
3Z = Death Strike - Instantly eliminate up to 10 enemy troops. + Blade attack.
3D = Light Aura - Invincibility to self.
2Z 1D = Life Drain - Steals life from enemy troops to heal your own.
2D 1Z = Illuminating Aura - Invincibility to troops.

*If you choose Katana, Curative spells convert to Shield spells.

Wind Spells

1T = Cyclone - MP drain to enemy generals.
1Z 1T = Throwing Daggers - Ranged dagger attack.
1D 1T = Vortex - Pulls enemy generals toward you.
2T = Cyclone 2 - Longer MP drain to enemy generals.
3T = Typhon Rage - Long range wind attack.
1Z 2T = Tornado - Wind attack that pulls in enemy generals.
1D 2T = Dragon Breath - Long range wind attack.
2Z 1T = Dagger Rain - Better version of Throwing Daggers.
2D 1T = Hurricane - Wind spell that slows enemy generals that approach you and confuses enemy troops.
1Z 1D 1T = Razor Wind - Powerful Wind spell for immediate area.

Lightning Spells
1T = Bolt - Lightning attack.
1Z 1T = Telepot - Warp to base, leaving an after-image to attack.
1D 1T = Shock - Drains MP from enemies.
2T = Bolt 2 - Better version of bolt.
3T = Particle Storm - Disables enemy generals from using spells.
1Z 2T = Crying Heavens - Powerful ranged lightning attack.
1D 2T = Recharge - Replenishes shields to 100%.
2Z 1T = Lightning Strike - Powerful ranged lightning attack.
2D 1T = Static Charge - Stuns enemy generals.
1Z 1D 1T = Kali's Curse - Lowers HP of all units in immediate area.

Fire Spells

1T = Fire Bomb - Summons fire bomb.
1Z 1T = Flaming Arrows - Ranged fire arrow attack.
1D 1T = Flame Enchantment - Adds fire enchantment to your attack.
2T = Burn Ray - Fire damage to area around you.
3T = Burn Ray 2 - Better version of burn ray.
1Z 2T = Scorch - Rapes MP of enemy generals in your immediate area.
1D 2T = Greater Flame Aura - More powerful version of Flame Aura.
2Z 1T = Immolation Arrows - Longer ranged and more powerful fire arrow attack.
2D 1T = Flame Aura - Fire dances around you, damaging enemies.
1Z 1D 1T = Volcano - Long range fire attack.


So, of course you will have some intense units to control via they are your troops. Here is a rough estimate on their stats:
(M = Melee units, R = Ranged unit)

Tier 1
M Abomination (Broodling) (23-68) HP, 0 Def, (6) Attack +35 Earnings

Tier 2
M Pyrokenetic (Firebat) (37-112) HP, 2 Def, (6 x 2) Attack +55 Earnings
R Archer (Ghost) (20-60) HP, 0 Def, (9) Attack +80 Earnings

Tier 3
M Rabid Wolf (Zergling) (57-170) HP, 1 Def, (10) Attack +75 Earnings
R Elite Archer (Duran) (32-95) HP, 1 Def, (10) Attack +110 Earnings

Tier 4
M Hooded Figure (DT) (75-225) HP, 4 Def, (16) Attack +120 Earnings
R Mist Spawn (Hunter Killer) (50-150) HP, 2 Def, (13) Attack +140 Earnings

Tier 5
M Avenger (Fenix Zlot) (77-230) HP, 5 Def, (11 x 2) Attack +180 Earnings
R Battle Armor (Goliath) (53-160) HP, 8 Def, (15) Attack +180 Earnings

•Troops will upgrade to the next Tier Automatically every 12 minutes into the game.
•Killing a Defense Mechanism from the enemy base results in +450 Earnings.
•There is a 0.6% Chance to get +600 Earnings from each kill IF you have <300 Earnings
•There is a 0.6% Chance to get +1050 Earnings from each kill IF you have <1200 Earnings
•There is a 0.6% Chance to obtain a Scroll of Revival from each kill IF you do not already have one.

Mystery Boxes

Okay, so you're fighting out on the battlefield and you see a mystery package floating in the air... What else would be expected but to get what's inside of it? When you get a mystery box, some pretty intense things can happen:

•NOTHING! - Yep, that's right. You just ran past everyone to get the mystery box, and it's completely and totally 100% Empty. F ur life man.

•Paralysis - Sucks... You are now a sitting duck for the next 10 seconds. Better hope no one is nearby waiting to own your shit.

•Infuse - Great! your Magic gets fully recharged. Unfortunately, your HP is reduced to critical.

•Strength Augment - This is great. You will now have 4 extra attack power on all your shit.

•Revival Scroll - Only works if you are scroll-less at the moment. Adds one completely free Revival Scroll to your inventory.

•War Funds - +$750, no strings attached. Getting one of these early on can give you a serious advantage.

•MP - Plain and simple. This restores 15MP instantly.

•Negative War Funds - Sucks... 350 Earnings are out the window. It's nothing to be happy about.

•Summoned Minion - Summons a pretty cool minion that you can have fighting along side of you for one minute. This box is stackable.

•Charge - Getting this box will auto-recharge your medical pad, eliminating the 60 second wait to use it. If you chose the Katana, this box will also restore your shields.


I feel like stabbing some noobs.

Goin up my rampz.

Leather Chestplates look sexy on me.

Just checking out this Mother Effin' Mystery Box.

Commanding some troops. These guys are the lowest level troops available.

After stacking the paper, I blew 3k on this armor.

If you really need some help, you can always count on a useless Mystery Box.

Map is about 98% done, the only thing I need to do is some testing and the Life Force system, which shouldn't take too long.

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Apr 27 2009, 11:53 pm Norm Post #2



Apr 28 2009, 12:14 am MadZombie Post #3

General Abilities
1Z =
1D =
2Z =
2D =
1Z 1D =
3Z =
3D =
2Z 1D =
2D 1Z =
IS dat sum combos i see?


Apr 28 2009, 12:15 am Norm Post #4



May 1 2009, 2:11 am m.0.n.3.y Post #5

this looks cool, i wana play


May 2 2009, 5:48 am samsizzle Post #6

This looks sweet. You should post some more screenshots.


May 2 2009, 9:47 pm Norm Post #7

Haha, I thought no one went to this forum anymore =) I guess since more than just myself is interested in this project, I'll have to put some more time into it. I'll put some more Screenshots up when I have some more good ones.


May 2 2009, 11:02 pm ClansAreForGays Post #8

Just glossed over, but this looks good.

And I never say things like this.

May 2 2009, 11:38 pm Norm Post #9

Quote from ClansAreForGays
Just glossed over, but this looks good.

And I never say things like this.

Your support is appreciated. Main post is updated with progress and more details.
Map is progressing:

Troop Spawning System from 40%---> 100% Completion
Magic System from 0% ---> 100% Completion

Currently working on:

1. Spell Ideas (Ideas needed)
2. War Earnings
3. Revival System (Ideas needed)
4. Balance/Testing (Testers not needed yet -May 3rd-)

Thanks for the support so far everyone. The troop spawning system was a pain in the ass, taking the 2nd most triggers to complete under the Spell System that I plan to implement. Questions / Comments are encouraged.

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May 4 2009, 2:35 am ForTheSwarm Post #10

What kind of spells are you looking for? Give us an example.

My idea for the revival system: you lose 50% of your War Earnings, and it takes 10 + 5x seconds to respawn, where x is the amount of times you have died.

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May 4 2009, 2:48 am Norm Post #11

Quote from ForTheSwarm
What kind of spells are you looking for? Give us an example.

My idea for the revival system: you lose 50% of your War Earnings, and it takes 10 + 5x seconds to respawn, where x is the amount of times you have died.

There are defenses, enough to hold off the first couple tiers of troops easily. Your troops will most likely have an extremely difficult time getting to the opposing HQ without support from a General (The players). As for spells, we are looking for spells that would be useful against other Generals + a lot of troops. They also need to consist of some Fire, Lightning, Wind Elemental and some Non-elemental ones.

For the revival here is my Idea: You can either die w/ a Revival Scroll which will take 15Seconds and no penalty, or w/ out a Revival Scroll which will deplete your War Earnings and still require the 15Seconds. This will encourage players to spend their War Earnings instead of saving it. I'm thinking of having Revival Scrolls randomly drop from slain troops at somewhere along the lines of a .75% Chance?


May 5 2009, 2:03 am ForTheSwarm Post #12


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May 5 2009, 2:30 am xYoshix Post #13

Looks pretty good. So are the heroes going to be some kind of rock paper scissors? Like Fire > Lightning > Wind > Fire and so on.

Like in Hunted, your terrain needs work :)


May 5 2009, 3:22 am Norm Post #14

The three hero choices are going to be roughly equal in usefulness, it's just a difference in how they are useful.

As for the terrain, I will of course be touching it up as I progress, but seeing as how players must move a great number of troops together, there won't be nearly as much detail in the terrain/pathing as for example: Hunted.


May 5 2009, 4:25 am UnholyUrine Post #15

Judging from "Hunted" .. get sm1 else to do your terrain :P


May 6 2009, 4:12 am Norm Post #16

Quote from UnholyUrine
Judging from "Hunted" .. get sm1 else to do your terrain :P

Haha... Thanks for the encouragement >< No, the terrain in CWT is a lot simpler than Hunted. It only consists of like 3 backward ramps, a custom bridge, a couple extended bridges, and a few extended ramps. The rest is pretty ISOM.

Map updates:

Breifing / Mission objectives finished.
Unit settings adjusted.
War Earnings system Completed.
Random Drop system Completed.
Began work on Revival system.

I've decided that Players will start the game with 4200 War Earnings.

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May 7 2009, 1:33 am xYoshix Post #17

Please, Don't try to make your own ramps. It would be much better if you used pre-made ones from Falkoner's Terrain Complimention. ^^


May 7 2009, 8:59 pm Tempz Post #18

Seems like a good map, but i don't think it'll get recognized because of the name of the map =p


May 8 2009, 2:42 am Norm Post #19

Quote from Tempz
Seems like a good map, but i don't think it'll get recognized because of the name of the map =p

What do you think is a name that would draw more Recognition?


May 8 2009, 3:04 am Demented Shaman Post #20

Its range is limited...


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