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Mar 18 2009, 1:17 am
By: Sand Wraith  

Mar 18 2009, 1:17 am Sand Wraith Post #1


Es'ir Prus!

So amazing that you will lose your marbles over them.


Download (Newest First)

Version: SEN DLDB/Kupax Mirror/SkyDrive Mirror. (SCBWv1.15.1 required.)



fer (v1) & pr0n fer yu oder tair --->


Story (or lack of)

Some time before the end of the Winter Modding Contest of 2008-'09...


ASDFeatures (v1)

In the first version, there is a fully playable race: the FoAP, or Federation of Ace Pilots. The DoICK is planned to be playable, but currently my plans are to perfect FoAP to what I wanted them to be and look like.

In Es'ir Prus, with the FoAP race, I have tried to present a "less is more" feeling in terms of tech tree and unit types. There are 11 structures (includes add-ons) and 12 unit types. Which, contrary to my efforts, is not exactly what I had hoped for. BUT ANYWAY. There are 4 ground units and 8 air units, so this is like a fleet mod. Except that the ground-air difference will play a part in your army building considerations. And, what is notable, is that your Central Command is the *only* unit producer. In Main -> Nat -> Expo maps, this can work into strategy easily enough. With a natural, you will naturally (lulz) have two CC's later.

In this, have also tried to create more defined tiers, with tier one being just your Central Command and Travaillers, and tier two being only the Ground Support Centre and its initially trainable units.
Whether or not you take a ground or an air approach (either can work in a game), you can win but you still must progress up the tech tree in order for your ground or air units to remain effective. To reinforce this, your first air unit is a tier one, meaning you must have your Ground Support Centre. Not only that, but it is anti-air only, whereas an opponent going for a ground attack force can easily overwhelm you by the time you get yourself to the next tier with the College. Which does not have a *dedicated* air-to-ground unit. You have your Superieur and Heavy Bomber, both of which must be combined to go up against ground, which probably has massed Mobile Rocket Platforms. Which are dedicated AA. As are Guardians.

You know what, I'll stop there. I'm finding more problems with my mod than I had expected, LULZ.
Here's something to watch for: FoAP's Mobile Particle Cannon Battery's *six* different attack sequences, using the Lioness' different firing frames.

Just download, play, and comment + criticize!



Balance. Terran AI is broken. Infested and not Kerrigans that die will cause a crash. Not that I plan to fix it or anything, unless I decide I need it. Or something.

I can't remember. Just look in the Read Me file.

Credits will be there too.

Oh, and Lurker Eggs are messed up. You crash when they die. And they won't hatch. Ever.


JKL;utre Plans (to v2)

DoICK faction. Must be made soon. Probably will appear in v2, unless I decide there must be a v1c first. v1c will be doubtful, but if there is one, it will deal with balance.

-FoAP MRP needs some counters. Thus: "Small" sized Rocket Rage, set to 1 armour; make more air units have Normal damage.


So, why the joke mod?

That is what you think this mod is, don't you? Guess what? [What?] Wow, you guessed "what". You are incredible.

Play the DAMN mod, or you can go and eat zombie liver and then DIE.

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Mar 18 2009, 1:24 am FlyingHat Post #2

Looks kinda bland. EMP's do NOT make decent explosions for missiles, especially when they are massable.


Mar 18 2009, 1:25 am Biophysicist Post #3

Uhm. There are actually two unit producers... :O The CC and the Ground Support.

Anyway, having played this mod, I must say that I really enjoyed it. Although the valk is pretty useless.


Mar 18 2009, 1:28 am ForTheSwarm Post #4

Just gotta say, FoAP Heavy Bomber = win.


Mar 18 2009, 1:31 am Sand Wraith Post #5



Thanks for the comments. And Ex, I see you. I WILL MAKE THIS BALANCED, EX. I'LL DEFEAT YOU NEXT MN.


I know, sorry. It looked too cool at first. But then I edited the iscript file and underestimated the amount of ugly. I'll fix it somehow.

Has anyone noticed the FoAP Mobile Particle Cannon Battery's six different attack sequences? Quiz: What are the six attack sequences? (Only 3 uniques; other half is just a flipped version of the first three).

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Mar 18 2009, 2:17 am ForTheSwarm Post #6

Quote from name:New-.Hydrolisk
Has anyone noticed the FoAP Mobile Particle Cannon Battery's six different attack sequences? Quiz: What are the six attack sequences? (Only 3 uniques; other half is just a flipped version of the first three).

Isn't it just "attack 3x3 target area"?


Mar 18 2009, 2:40 am Sand Wraith Post #7


Not exactly. Look closely. But first, decide what you must look *at*. ;D

Mar 20 2009, 1:10 am A_of-s_t Post #8

aka idmontie

Quote from name:New-.Hydrolisk
Not exactly. Look closely. But first, decide what you must look *at*. ;D
...Why should we care how you did it? I've seen units with tens of different attack sequences. But, on a more serious note, please use an .lo? file with the tank/goliath turret combo.

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Mar 20 2009, 8:00 pm Sand Wraith Post #9


Will do.

Oh, and I'll try to get less excited next time. :P

Mar 20 2009, 8:52 pm Fisty Post #10


Looks really cool so far :D seems like you've learned a lot.


Mar 20 2009, 9:37 pm Sand Wraith Post #11



Perhaps I have. I actually started modding around 2002 or so, after Camelot died, before when Starcraft.Org asploded for the first [?] time. My learning mainly came from neat tricks and using FireGraft. I have yet to do something amazing with iscript, graphics, triggers, and AI.

Apr 10 2009, 3:48 am Sand Wraith Post #12


I did a little work on this. And I will do a little more before I sleep.

YEEEEESSSS. Finished the changes planned for Es'ir Prus v1b! Releasing...

Released the update!

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Apr 11 2009, 6:24 pm Polaris Post #13

I sir, am impressed. I haven't really seen how it plays in melee yet, but you've definitely improved a ton since you started modding. I liked the weapon iscripting you did a lot. The only bug I found is that the rocket platforms won't build, it says that I require more vespene when I have over the required amount it needs.

If anything cool is ever going on Skype me up under the name "blarghle"

Apr 11 2009, 6:27 pm Sand Wraith Post #14


Lurz, I know. v1b is messed up, so you need to get v1bb.
The problem now is that Lurker Eggs are bugged. They crash when they die, and they refuse to actually ever hatch the Lurker.

Thank you.

:hurr: I need help with balance. Simple as that.

May 1 2009, 10:51 pm Sand Wraith Post #15


I feel the need to bump this thread.

I have toned down a little bit of the power on FoAP's side. However, their MPCB has been beefed with +25HP (850).
I'm going to replace Zerg with Division of Inter-Continental Killers (DoICK). The Mutalisk will become a MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, WITH EXCHANGEABLE GUNS. MAYBE. HAHAHAHAHA
Anyway, my reasoning is that Zerg's Lurker eggs out anyway, so - fun. I hope to use one of my older ideas and combine Zerg with Protoss in an AWESOME FANTASTESTICAL WAY.
EDIT: FoAP shields are all restored. Non-building shields will be annoying will be annoying, as annoying as that just now. HP has been adjusted accordingly (CC and GSC were the only affected structures).

Almost forgot. Creep tiles - are their tiles universal across all tilesets? As in, are there such things as Badlands Creep and Desert Creep? I assume no. Anyway, I'm going to investigate this myself.
Thanks to Corbo, I now know Creep is tileset specific. Now, here is my dilemma...


Is there anybody who would make some new Creep for me? I require something like the attached image file: the exposed wiring doodad from the Badlands tileset, of the Structure tile type.
I require the Creep to be changed to wiring. Little diodes would be cool too. Is there anybody willing to do this for me?

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May 2 2009, 12:14 am Polaris Post #16

Quote from name:New-.Hydrolisk
Division of Inter-Continental Killers (DoICK).
Usually, the word "of" isn't shown in acronyms. :P It wold also make it the most popular race in any mod ever.

If anything cool is ever going on Skype me up under the name "blarghle"

May 2 2009, 12:52 am ForTheSwarm Post #17

Then what about this:
Federation of Ace Pilots (FoAP)

btw, NH did it on purpose.


May 2 2009, 1:27 am thunderaga Post #18

Little diodes would be cool too.
My new blood pool will do fine for you then


May 2 2009, 3:43 am Sand Wraith Post #19


So? Where the Hell is it? I want to see it.

May 2 2009, 5:12 pm thunderaga Post #20

only two i've worked
if you want me to continue with more just ask


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