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Hells Awakening
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Jan 27 2008, 2:34 pm
By: Oh_Man
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Jan 27 2008, 2:34 pm Oh_Man Post #1

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Hells Awakening
A TFE Production

Size: 256x256
Tileset: Jungle
Type: RPG
Players: 3 (All 3 are required to play)
Due Date: JAN 2010

Terrain 99%
Preplaced Units 100%
Main Quest 100%
Side Quests 100%
Inventory System 100%
Spell System 100%
XP System 100%
Specializations 100%
Equipment 100%
Mercenaries/Pets 100%
Balancing 99%

Three characters known only as the Vanish Knights arrive at Elemain, a large city built within the mountain ranges. They have been brought in by the Lord of the city to deal with troubling matters affecting the land. As you progress through the story you uncover a conspiracy that could lead to the very damnation of Sighan and all it's residency. Will you save the people from eternal fire or plunge into the depths of Hell?

One large, on-going main quest and MANY side quests.
Approximately 3 hours of gameplay with just the main quest!
Mini-games for extra XP/money.
A stunning storyline that will have you on the edge of your seat!
A complex and efficient leveling system, making training that much more important.
A large array of items to be bought and sold, adding complexity to the usually bland money making scheme.
Random item drops from monsters, so killing them won't just be for XP!
A real time combat system, with plenty of spells, abilities, and summonings to make battles much more intense and exciting.
Boss battles are no longer one unit with lots of HP, now they're capable of special abilities, summoning, and teleportation - making them all the more challenging!


Hells Awakening is based heavily on teamwork. You play as the Vanish Knights, warriors who know not where they came from, but know exactly what they're for: to free the world of evil.

Valefor the Warrior. His skill with a sword is unparalleled. He can cleave a man from shoulder to hip as easy as a hot knife through butter. Play Valefor if you love to be in the thick of the fight.
Xavier the Mage. He can turn water into wine, steel into silver, and foes into dust. Play Xavier if you enjoy killing from the back lines, and obliterating your enemy in interesting ways.
Rionna the Archer. Her arrows can pierce foes from over two thousand yards, and more surprisingly explode into magical balls of flame afterward! Play Rionna if you enjoy supporting your teammates.

Spells and Mana
Spells are split into three categories: Offensive (Protoss Gateway), Defensive (Protoss Stargate), and Summoning (Protoss Robotics Facility). When you click the unit corresponding to the spell, it activates. These units require vespene gas to build. The amount of vespene you have indicates the amount of mana your character has. Mana regenerates slowly over time, but can be boosted via potions. There is a limit to the amount of mana your character holds and your level determines this.

Your Inventory is a small square area in the lower corner of the map. When you obtain an item such as a potion it is stored here. A dropship system has been implemented for quick use of these items. There is a limit to the amount of items you can carry; however creating pouches can raise this limit.

Equipment can be obtained throughout the game via quests, random drops or by crafting them yourself using your specializations. There are six equipment slots: Helmet, Armour, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield and Sword.

Leather, Iron, Steel, Mithril Gauntlets: These gauntlets will give different bonuses to your Specializations (5% chance of mining two ore instead of one, increased EXP, etc.).
Iron, Steel, Mithril Helmet: Helmets will give mana-related buffs (Increased mana regeneration rate, 10% chance spell will drain less mana, etc.).
Leather Boots (Iron, Steel, Mithril Studs): These will also give different bonuses to your Specializations (You tame beasts faster, etc.)
Iron, Steel, Mithril Armour: These will give defence related buffs. (2% chance killing a monster will return a percentage of your health, Health Herbs will heal higher portions of health, Monsters have a higher chance of dropping loot, etc.)
Iron, Steel, Mithril Sword: Each sword will have a higher chance of making a critical hit. Other swords may have differing abilities.
Iron, Steel, Mithril Shield: Each Shield will give the player a higher chance of dodging an enemies attack. Other shields may have differing abilities.

Your Belt[Dropship]
There are four items on your belt:
Health Herb, you guessed it, this item replenishes your health.
Ether, this item restores your mana (vespene) to it’s maximum capacity.
Bluestone, this item teleports your player to any city you have visited.
Torch, this item allows for vision in dark places, such as caves or night time.

Leveling Up
Experience is gained by killing the various monsters scattered throughout the game. The counter at the top left of your screen indicates how much EXP is needed until the next level. Different monsters give different amounts of EXP, with stronger monsters generally giving more EXP then weaker ones. Bonus EXP can also be obtained by defeating bosses or completing quests.
There are two types of combat, real world combat and arena combat. Real world combat occurs when your character encounters an enemy that has randomly spawned, you do not get teleported away to an arena you simply fight the monster where you see it. After destroying the monster you will generally get EXP and gold. Random monsters can only be encountered in combat areas. There are 3 combat areas in the game and they separate the cities. Arena combat is designed generally for bosses and quests, no you do not get teleported away to an arena, in fact its nearly the same as real world, except you cannot leave the arena until defeating the boss.

Boss Battles
These bosses are not your classical bosses with loads of HP and high damage. Bosses in H.A. have many different abilities, whether they're throwing boulders at you or directing swarms of weaker enemies your way you can be assured that each boss will be entertaining, challenging and diverse.
Mercenaries/Pets are player-controlled units, which assist your character during combat. They have relatively free movement however they cannot stray too far from your main character. You can have a maximum of two mercenaries and one pet.

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Jan 27 2008, 2:35 pm Oh_Man Post #2

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H.A. would not be much of a RPG if it did not come with an assortment of non-combat abilities, which I have called specializations. Specializations were designed for two reasons: an entertaining non-combat activity and a less repetitive method of obtaining gold. There are five specializations that your character can learn: Mining, Blacksmithing, Beast Mastery, Skinning, and Leatherworking. Each specialization can be trained to level 10.

There are several ore patches around Sighan, which can be mined with this skill. When you deplete one patch of ore another patch will spawn randomly in your area, so there will never be a shortage of ore. To mine bring a civilian to the "Mine" beacon. This will spawn a Probe (Pickaxe) next to your character. It lasts for 8 seconds before disappearing. You must continually mine the ore until it’s depleted, which creates a piece of ore (Bronze, Iron, or Mithril depending on the type of ore mined) in your inventory. Blacksmiths will buy ore from you, or you could use the ore in the Blacksmithing specialization.

Using ore gathered with the mining skill your character can be converted to armour via the smithing skill. There are three armour types, Iron, Steel, and Mithril. To create armour you need to have two things: A certain amount of Iron, Steel, or Mithril, and a furnace, which can be found at any blacksmith. When the above prerequisites are met your character will create an armour set. Which can be used to boost your characters survivability. Stronger armour sets require a higher blacksmithing level.

Several creatures throughout Sighan have tough skin, which can be harvested with the Skinning skill. When your character kills this creature, he will automatically skin it, treat it with salt, and add it to his inventory as leather. Of course as there is a chance your character may damage the skin, so you may not get leather every time. The stronger creatures have higher quality skins, which are harder to harvest. Leather can be used in the leatherworking skill and crafted into useful items; alternatively you can sell this leather to a general store for a reasonable price.

With this skill you can create a wide variety of useful items for your character. Such as leather armour for your mercenaries, pouches to carry extra equipment, and even leather whips to motivate your pets! This skill requires leather gathered with the skinning specialization. Different items require different quantities of skin, and some items can only be crafted with the toughest of skins. These items can be put to use by your character, or simply sold off to a needy vendor.

Beast Mastery
Most beasts in Sighan lack the cranial capacity to be tamed, and those that do can be particularly elusive. To capture one of these creatures you need to trap it with mana cages. Mana cages can be purchased from Beast Masters and they work by subduing the creature and then shrinking small enough to fit into your inventory. Once captured, you have two options, selling it to the Beast Master, or taming it. Taming is a lengthy process and the stronger the creature you have captured the longer it will take to tame. Once tamed the creature becomes your pet, and will accompany you until death. The stronger the creature you have tamed, the stronger your pet will be, however stronger animals require a higher level then weaker ones.


Below is list of every monster in Sighan and their abilities (if any). This section is constantly being updated so do not worry if there are only several creatures posted! Remember all damages and health are subject to change as balancing has yet to begin.

Wolf (Zergling)
Description: One of the first creatures you will find in Sighan, the wolf is often sighted near the country between Elemain and Dagos. Driven wild by the scent of Hell, wolves will attack most people on sight. Alone, they are nothing more then pests. However in packs they can be a threat to even the sturdiest of men.

Brozein (Hydralisk)
Description: Usually dwelling under ground, the Brozein have recently migrated to the surface in large numbers. This strange behaviour can be associated with the opening of the Hellgate, which occured around the same time Brozein started swarming to the surface. Though usually shy, large periods of time above ground have greatly agitated these creatures. As a result, they will often attack when approached, flinging large spikes at their opponent.

Aerbestia (Mutalisk)
Description: The mountainous region separating Dagos and Menenos is also the breeding ground for the Aerbestia. These carnivorous flying beasts are extremely territorial, and can easily cause a lone adventurer significant harm. However due to recent events the Aerbestia have been spotted in greater numbers, and now most do not cross the mountain path unless traveling with a heavily guarded caravan.

Witch Doctor (Defiler)
Attack: 0
Description: These strange individuals have been sighted roaming the mountainside beyond the Dagos border. Eyewitnesses report they have seen these men performing strange rituals and some even swear that the so called Witch Doctors have been summoning creatures from the Abyss. Whether these rumors are true or not, no one can deny the fact that people have been going missing ever since the first sighting of these men.

Revenant (Hydralisk Hero)
Description: These abominations are reanimated corpses with a hunger for a flesh. It was thought that only the advanced necromancy of Witch Doctors could bring these creatures into being but in recent times many Revenants have been spotted east of Menenos. Various scholars have theorised that the unholy eruptions issuing from the Hell Gate is the cause of these spontaneous reanimations, but either way they are still lethal opponents to be treated with the utmost caution.

Wanderer (Dark Templar)
Description: Wanderers are trapped souls who have long forgotten their humanity; driven mad by the inability to pass on into the Heavens. Now they roam the Menenos forests, eager to share their anguish with travellers. There is no known way to truly kill a Wanderer, at best travellers can only hope to stave them off long enough to complete their journey.

Spawn (Broodling)
Description: These pesky insects infest many caves and tunnels through Sighan. Alone, they can easily be dispatched, but in larger numbers, or in the presence of their Spawn mother it is best to give them a wide berth.

Spider (Lurker)
Description: These spiders have been hideously mutated by the Hell Gates demonic energies. Standing two metres tall and posessing acute night vision, the Spider is a huge threat to any adventurer brave enough to travel the dark reaches of Sighan.

Demon Legionnaire (Infested Kerrigan)
Description: These monstrosities come from the very depths of Hell. Tough, blood thirsty and vicious monsters of the night, they have the ability to cause festering wounds which eat away at any poor soul unfortunate enough to be bitten.

Wretch (Firebat Hero)
Description: The Wretches are no more then lowly thieves, exiled from civilization and forced to live a barbaric existence in the wilderness. If they had any shred of decency in their past lives, this has been quickly ripped away by the cruel reality of harsh living. They will not hesitate to cut down their fellow humans and plunder them for whatever resources they happen to be carrying at the time. These blights on humanity deserve neither pity nor mercy, but rather the sharp edge of your sword.

Wraithlord (Goliath)
Description: If one feels faint-hearted at the mention of Wretches, then perhaps one should refrain from reading this description, as Wraithlords make Wretches seem like a cute Saurus doll in comparison. They are the very worst part of humanity, mages turned murderers, these magic users have been exiled since their teen years. Rather then dying out as one would have hoped, they have flourished in the harsh wilderness, bending the minds of the weaker willed Wretches, and forcing the creatures of the land to sustain and nourish them. With their basic needs looked after, the Wraithlords are free to pursue their favourite hobby, that is, tearing men limb from limb with their destructive magical talents. If you encounter one of these monsters on your adventures, then pray for a quick and painless death, for survival is already out of the question.

Elegance (Dragoon Hero)
Description: Little is known of the Elegance, and what little we do know is all bad. They move with a constant limp, seem almost human in appearance, and some say they can even whisper the common tongue! But one most take care not to assume the Elegance is human, no, it is far from it. Some say they come straight from the pits of Hell, escaping through the weak earth of the swamps, others say they are men turned monsters, bent on revenge for a long lost cause. Either way, extreme caution is advised when traveling swamps, stick to the path and do not waver, no matter what sounds or sights you may see!

There are several boss battles throughout the game and they become progressively harder as the game continues. These bosses aren't just units with a bunch of HP and lots of damage. They have special abilities such as teleportation, one hit kills, and much more.

Only the strong may enter the city of Dagos and this is their way of testing how strong you are. This monster appears at the ground at the entrance of Dagos and will squash you if you get too close. It has multiple methods of hurting your character. It can throw flaming boulders at your character, cause miniature earthquakes, charge at you from across the screen, and summon hordes of ravenous wolves! Use its slow speed to your advantage, and you should be able to take the giant statue down.
Sky Wraith (Carrier)
This huge yet clumsy beast is a horrid mutation of the Aerbestia. This monster assaults you during your journey through the Dagos-Menenos mountain path and can only be attacked by standing directly underneath it and shooting at its belly. However it has several abilities that will make this task quite a bit difficult. It can create a large explosion underneath it using the chemicals stored in its body, as well as plant Spawners which constantly spew out Spawn until being destroyed. In addition, it can turn the grounds around it into a minefield of volatile chemicals. With some skilful tactics and a good dose of luck you should be able to bring this beast to the ground.
Water Sprite (Archon)
This swirling mass of water impedes your progress during a rescue mission at the city of Besaide. The fight itself takes place in an underwater cave, so keep your wits about you!
Demon Lord (Ultralisk)
This hellish monstrosity commands the hordes of demons currently roaming Sighan. If you manage to defeat the large army standing between yourself and the Lord then you are granted the unpleasant task of dispatching it. Beware its scything blades.
Succubus (Queen)
The ancient, long abandoned, underground cities now play host to many horrors. The worst of these is the Succubus. This lady of the dark can be very territorial and will descend upon any unfortunate traveler stupid (or brave) enough to enter her domain.
Leviathan (Infested Command Centre + Sunken Colonies)
Fishermen have many a tale to tell after their long voyages at sea. Some of these tales are more extravagant then others. One such tale (told by a rather inebriated fisherman in a packed inn) describes a large, many-tentacled creature swimming behind his trawler for many days. Only after they reached shallow waters did the creature turn tail and sink back into the depths. Was the sailor telling the truth? Who knows. But one must give credit to a man who is able to invent such a tale after nearly depleting the inn's store of ale.
Dragon (Mutalisk)
These fabled creatures haven't been seen for nearly seven hundred years. They can spew gouts of flame and fly to great heights. In recent times they have been seen flying in packs, which doesn't bode well for the citizens of Sighan. Even one of these creatures would require a great deal to kill, but a pack of them? God help us all.
War Zeppelin (Command Centre)
These technological marvels are known to ferry Demon Lords quickly across the battlefield. They give their occupants a wide view of the area, and come equipped with some rather outlandish weaponry. Bringing one of these down would aid greatly in any war effort.
Undead Dragon (Battlecruiser)
Necromancy is a very dangerous and unstable art, frowned upon by most magic users. It takes a great deal of skill to master this art, and whoever could resurrect a creature as large and magical as a dragon has tremendous power indeed. Any undead creature possesses abilities that their live form did not, so keep that in mind if you ever come across these horrors.
Sorcerer (Ghost)
Good luck.

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Jan 27 2008, 2:35 pm Oh_Man Post #3

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Elemains great walls have stood for over five hundred years. It was originally built as a forward command centre by crusaders during the Elven Genocides. The mountainous regions proved a perfect natural defence and the small lake could support the large numbers of crusaders marching by. As the wars continued Elemain grew into a mighty fortress, supplying crusader attacks and defending against mighty Elven offensives. When negotiations ended the decade-long war the fortress subsided into a bustling merchant city, complete with market place and tradesmen pedaling their wares. Lords and ladies were elected to manage the constantly growing city and several farms were established on the cities borders. Elemain remains a steadfast symbol of hope and freedom, and remains to this day as the largest city in Sighan.

The industrious village of Dagos was founded twelve years after Elemain established itself as a bastion of power in Sighan. As the commanders planned their crusades towards Elven-held territories they realized that Elemain lacked the resources to continue supplying their forces with swords and armour. Scouts were sent out to discover ore deposits and when the area now known as Dagos was discovered the humans were quick to establish a small settlement there. As the ore continued to be extracted the humans realized the deposit was actually much larger then anticipated. Many quarries were established and Dagos grew into its own separate village. Since Dagos bordered the ocean ports were constructed and trawlers sent out to supply the village with a constant supply of fresh seafood. After the Elven Genocides ended King Coan I announced leadership over the people of Dagos. Dagos has enjoyed relative peace ever since.

The illustrious city of Besaide is perhaps one of the most magnificent creations of mankind. The city resides upon the centre of a large, secluded lake, built by master artisans of an unknown age. How or why it was built is unknown, but the city has stood for many years. Even today Besaide is shrouded in mystery. Few know of its existence, and those that do regard it as nothing more then myth. Citizens of Besaide are quite dark skinned in comparison to the other humans of Sighan, and live secluded lives, rarely leaving their lake. Though the city itself is lavishly built, the people that reside there enjoy a relatively simple existence. Their Navy is small but well equipped enough to easily deal with the creatures of the depth that occasionally wander to the surface. Water Sprites are a constant problem for the people of Besaide; their unique properties allow them to bypass many of the cities defences. In recent times their activities have become increasingly incessant, forcing Besaide citizens to go to increasingly desperate lengths to keep their city safe.

This tree-city is the last known elf occupied settlement in all of Sighan. It featured heavily in the Elven Genocides, and was the location of the last battle against mankind. The city itself is spread throughout an expansive forest. As with most elven buildings, the city is spread out high in the forest canopy, with few buildings actually residing on the ground. Massive stone walls were erected around the forest during the wars, and there they have stood ever since, containing the forest while keeping out intruders. The Elves are widely known to have some of the worlds best archers, and the defences of Menenos are built perfectly to accommodate this. Many crusades were repelled by legions of trained bowman raining down arrows from the cities high walls, and not once has the city been breached. Menenos has recently closed their gates and barred entrance to all comers. No one knows why this has occurred, but rumour has it that the drums of war are sounding once again. The question remains, who do the Elves intend to fight?


Two figures strode across the desert, a long trail of molten glass in their wake.
"Here will do?" asked one of them.
"No, no, a little further yet," the other replied. The two figures were dressed in black robes, upon closer inspection the robes were made of hundreds and hundreds of tiny seething particles.
"We're here," he said. He was the taller of the two, his skin was grey and wrinkled and where his eyes should have been there was roaring blue fire. They were obviously demons.
"Shall we get on with it then?" the other asked, smoke trickling from his mouth as he spoke.
"These things take time! Let me gather my strength..."
"You're always gathering your strength," he muttered, flicking his tail impatiently.
The sand beneath them suddenly glowed white hot, and begun sinking into the ground.
"Stand back," the demon warned. The fire in his eyes had changed to a deep red, and his hands were directed at the boiling sand, energy flowing from them. The other demon quickly lent his hands to the task. In the rippling mass of molten glass and sand three figures could be seen. As the two men lowered their hands it became apparent that they were human children, around four years of age.
"Perfect! Now it's time to leave before-"
The ground rumbled and a massive shockwave ripped through the desert. A sound like a whip crack sung through the air and a strange man materialized into view. His entire body was shining a brilliant white, and large gleaming wings were hanging loosely at his back.
"Stop!" his voice echoing impossibly. "You will go no further, abominations.
You dont know who your dealing with archangel, sneered the tall demon, drawing himself up to his full height.
The archangel chortled, I know perfectly well who Im dealing with, Satan.
How dare you speak his name! the second demon spat, his eyes blazing furiously.
And you must be Farian, said the archangel, staring down at them both, smiling in amusement. Im afraid my lord has decided your continual interference must come to an end.
He drew a large gleaming broadsword from his back and twirled it around menacingly. It sparkled pure white. Satan and Farian reacted instantly. They drew jet-black swords from within their robes, made out of the same material. Farian launched himself into the air, velvety black wings sprouting out of his back. Satan rushed at the archangel with inhumane speed and the two began dueling furiously, their swords a blur of black and white.
Farian surveyed the battle from above, his dark wings beating occasionally to keep him airborne. He pointed his sword at the desert beneath him and muttered indistinguishably. Immediately large mounds of sand rose into the air. They embraced Farian, and once again became molten glass. Farian lifted his sword and pointed, almost lazily, at the archangel. Immediately the molten glass hurtled toward him. Satan, seeming to know what was coming, jumped back several metres. The archangel looked up and laughed as he raised his arm toward the incoming danger. There was a loud hiss and the molten glass turned once again into sand, scattering in the wind.
You always were gifted with sand Farian, the angel remarked casually.
And you were always gifted with stupidity archangel, replied Farian.
His wings disappeared and Farian plunged into the earth, emerging again behind the angel. Satan dropped his sword and raised his arms as Farian did the same. Beams of pure black hurtled from their hands with a crackling sound toward the angel. There was another crack followed by an explosion as the two beams collided, creating a massive molten crater in the sand. When the smoke cleared the archangel was kneeling beside the children, whispering softly and touching one with each hand.
Stay away from them! shouted Satan as he sent another crackling beam toward the angel.
There was another crack and the archangel appeared behind Farian. Farian moved but too late, the gleaming white sword piercing him in back, emerging from his stomach.
No! screamed Satan.
Ive seen what your doing here abomination, said the archangel, pulling his sword out of the demon. Quite possibly the most twisted thing yet.
To a narrow minded individual such as yourself, perhaps, replied Satan; the two men were circling each other slowly. To me these children are the revolution, the freedom for my people.
Your people dont deserve freedom! he spat. He was no longer smiling.
I am going to kill you now archangel, stated Satan calmly. You grievously injured my brother, and quite possibly corrupted my children. That cannot go unpunished.
No demon has ever killed one such as myself, and thats never going to change!
I am not just any ordinary demon, replied Satan, and he drew his sword once more from his robes.
We will see, and the archangel leapt at Satan. It was the last thing he ever did.
Satan walked over to his brothers body, lifting him up roughly.
How is it brother? asked Farian. The fire in his eyes was flickering.
Bad, he replied. Im afraid I am going to have to take you back down.
Ah I was afraid of that, sighed Farian. For how long?
Satan looked into his brothers eyes, A long time brother.
There was a crack and they were gone.

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Jan 27 2008, 2:36 pm Oh_Man Post #4

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Valefor wasting the wildlife with his starter ability.

Welcome to Dagos!

Lord Targeus delivers the bad news.

Elemain - where your adventure begins.

Valefor mines some Bronze.

Rionna attacks the Gargoyle with help from her Sentry ability.

The elves fight ferociously in defence of their city.

Valefor gets swamped by a group of Water Sprites.

Xavier gets caught in a bit of a tough spot. Fortunately, as a Mage he has several ways to get out of this.

Here we can see Valefor and the entirety of his entourage, two mercenaries, his pet, and his two summons, the Mercenary Captain and the Tamed Demon, engaging a group of Revenants. Two Aerbestia move to attack from the east, they are commonly found in the Highlands.

This is Valefor's third summon, the War Horse. While on the horse your vision is constantly centered, giving the appearance of speed. It looks like he is about to go for a gallop down the lanes of Besaide!

This shot shows Xavier using his Twisted Mind ability against a swarm of Wolves. Wolves are dangerous in large numbers so Xavier has persuaded a few to fight for his cause. This spell only lasts a short time before Xavier looses control of the creature/s, but by continually firing the spell Xavier can summon an additional creature as well as reset the counter for the previous creature/s. Provided he has enough mana, Xavier can quickly turn a large army of foes into friends, if only for a moment. Notice the Fire Trap he has placed at the northern choke, preventing him from being flanked.

This screenshot demonstrates Xavier's summon, the Firefiend and its uses for the player. Xavier's starter spell, Inferno kills an opponent in a blaze of fire. With the Firefiend at his side, all Inferno casts are also cast by the Firefiend, with additional AoE damage. The Fire Trap spell also works with the Firefiend, allowing Xavier to have up to two traps at any one time, and one of them (the Firefiend) being mobile!

Here we have Rionna being assaulted by a group of Wretches. She is using her Attraction ability to lure them towards her Sentry, however due to the lack of upgrades, this Sentry probably won't be as effective as it should, and Rionna may need a Health Herb by the end of the battle!

Rionna continues to fight these Wretches, only this time she has taken a more forward approach. She has impaled one of the Wretches with a poison tipped arrow, which will create several Plague Zombies from the downed Wretches corpse. These Zombies can be controlled by the player for several seconds before exploding prematurely. As you can imagine, this is great for large numbers of foes.

Here we see the whole group in all their glory, fighting a desperate battle against a Demon Lord and his Legionnaires. Each player has their own set of Mercenaries, Pets, and Summons, and Rionna has laid down a Sentry on the bridge to begin putting down fire on that Demon Lord. This is just one of the many boss battles the players will find themselves in during their adventures in Sighan.

Valefor goes shopping!

Xavier examines his spells in the Archive at the Magicks Emporium.

Rionna skins the hide of a Mesterik and adds it to her inventory. Not very lady-like.

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Jan 27 2008, 4:27 pm lil-Inferno Post #5

Just here for the pie

Oooh, you brought it to SEN, I read it on Maplantis and thought it sounded superb.

Jan 27 2008, 6:43 pm Conspiracy Post #6

I wish the pictures were bigger. GJ on the "specialization" thing. I was planning to do that in an RPG, but I guess you beat me to it :D. Much different "professions" is what I would call them.

Sounds great... to bad only 3 players :><:

I would willing to test. If you needed a test. I would also be willing to help.


Jan 28 2008, 3:40 am Lingie Post #7

Valefor. So, whos summoning the Aeon? Is Yuna going to jump out a bush?

Lol. Get a better creative name for your lead charactor, I won't be the only one to poke fun that his name just so happens to be the first Aeon Yuna is able to summon in FFX.

Lingie#3142 on Discord. Lingie, the Fox-Tailed on Steam.

Jan 28 2008, 4:53 am Oh_Man Post #8

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i have no idea wat valefor is, a friend of mine suggested the name to me.

as for professoins lol, i thought it sounded too warcrafty :P

Thanks for the comments guys, keep em coming. I actually didn't know SEN was back up lol. Apparently its been up for 5 months? Damn I've missed out! Well now I have Maplantis AND SEN whuahaa my map making powers are eeendless!

Jan 28 2008, 4:57 am lil-Inferno Post #9

Just here for the pie

I'd like to test, what is your SC name and what gateway do you go on?

Jan 29 2008, 10:47 am Oh_Man Post #10

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Oh_Man[TFE] US West channel Clan TFE "ive now updated the look of this thread to be more appealing to the eye ;)

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Mar 3 2008, 5:44 am Kainami Post #11

I hope you go through with this. Good ideas are hard to come up with, and even harder to do. Not slacking off would be essential in this project. If you need to bounce ideas off me anytime, I'll welcome you. I really hope you don't give up, because it looks good. I also love your three/two types of battles to stop repetitive combat. Your bosses using spells seems difficult to accomplish too, and it'll be awesome if you did it. Just an opinion, but you should have the difficultly low enough that you can go through the story straight through with minimal grinding.

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Mar 3 2008, 7:17 am Shook1(ConFed) Post #12

lol @ the edge of your seat....funny

Sounds great man...hope it turns out to be an awesome map!


Mar 4 2008, 12:31 am FooFighters Post #13

Nice concept... Nice everything... right now the RPG maps are where it is at right now, specially the Medevil ones...
I hope to see this map on the East Server too!


Mar 18 2008, 4:48 pm -BW-Map_God Post #14

I agree it sounds very good and sounds like you are taking the necessary time to go through each step of making the map so that it offers a unique rpg experience. Glad to hear it won't be like the normal rpg with all those different aspects your adding and boss fights which promise to not be repetitive.


Mar 18 2008, 5:57 pm Saucon Post #15

"he really just takes it to the hoop"

"This will help us avert a national crisis"


this looks awesome, cant wait till it gets to east ^^


May 11 2008, 4:49 am Oh_Man Post #16

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Hey again guys. Sorry about the long wait! I've been busy with work but now I am back in the map making biz. The Main Quest line is nearly finished.I already have some nicely fleshed out boss battles that seem fairly balanced so far, and I will begin play testing in less then two months.

If you wish to test this with me then add me Oh_Man[TFE] and I play on EAST now and can be found in channel op clantfe.

Thanks for all the comments keep em coming! Oh and yes I do plan on having minimal grinding, we all know thats no fun!

May 11 2008, 7:57 pm Impeached Post #17

Looks good. Hope it gets finished, unlike many big projects.

About grinding...perhaps completely eliminate it? For example, you could make enemies give X less experience per level. Then the weaker enemies would quickly become obsolete.


May 13 2008, 11:34 am Oh_Man Post #18

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Well I plan on having it set up so if you don't grind at all, like just waltz through the wilderness and take on the boss. It will be quite challenging, the more you grind, the easier it becomes. However each area will only be able to level you a certain amount of levels, FORCING you to move on.

For example you couldn't just get to level 100 on the starter area. and yes i DO plan on finishing this, this year. I would hate myself if I did not compelte my work!

Jun 25 2008, 9:45 am Oh_Man Post #19

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Anyone willing to test this with me?

Jun 25 2008, 8:07 pm payne Post #20


ME! ME! MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


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