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Spawning Aldaris Templar
Dec 23 2020, 9:36 am
By: linestine  

Dec 23 2020, 9:36 am linestine Post #1

I tried for an hour to spawn an Aldaris Templar, and I found that I was unable to Spawn an Aldaris Templar using Triggers in the SCMDraft 2.0 Editor. I am not sure if this is a Global glitch, or if it applies to all versions of SCMDraft.

Unfortunately, due to my research into the Aldaris glitch I became convinced I could not Spawn several occult heroes: Alexei Stukov (Ghost) and Samir Duran (Ghost). Some of this experience seems to be real. I loaded the Alexei Stukov (Ghost) into a Shuttle and found that I was unable to Move the Shuttle via Triggers. Perhaps there are some advanced errors with Heroic characters.

Ultimately, I decided on Spawning a Torrasque, which worked, and solved the problems.

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Dec 23 2020, 10:01 am UndeadStar Post #2

SCMDraft has a weird version system, that may be worth mentioning for people to know if they have the version to try and reproduce it.
In my case, it's "Scmdraft 2 Version 0.9.10 (Beta)" according to the Help/About... box.
It may help if you give the information in your case.

Dec 23 2020, 12:04 pm linestine Post #3

Same for me, but I've found some of the Heroic Characters unalterable.


Dec 24 2020, 9:44 am DaMnUFo0 Post #4

As far as I remember, extended units (Aldaris, Raszagal, Mengsk, DuGalle, Larva, Egg, and all the other consumables/power-ups like vespene containers/tanks and mineral chunks) are unable to be created using the Create trigger action. If you want these units to be created, you have to pre-place them and use the Move trigger action to make it so that they are "created." This is of course completely irrelevant if you incorporate EUD triggers into your map.

Regarding the Stukov and Duran comment, you might have to debug your triggers as what you said should, in fact, work perfectly.

Dec 24 2020, 11:14 am Nekron Post #5

iirc he's just not spawnable due to some DAT property in Advanced being unchecked, probably Non-Location Triggers, but if you want it to work properly it'd be best to check Non-Neutral and Location Triggers as well;
tl;dr only usable with modding/EUDs

Dec 25 2020, 10:26 am Ultraviolet Post #6

Don't stop till you get enough

DaMnUFo0 & Nekron have pretty well covered what I would have added to the thread, although I can add these links may also be of use: Quirks and Nuances & Heroes

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