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Massive Map Editor update on the PTR
Jul 15 2020, 2:09 am
By: Praetor  

Jul 15 2020, 2:09 am Praetor Post #1

layin' in the cut

This is insane!

this too shall pass

Jul 15 2020, 8:59 am GGmano Post #2


Whats New in sc2 editor?

A Legendary Map Maker, Player. Apparently im more than intresting to observe Irl

Ill try do my best in making all youre watchers happy

The maps I made are tweaked into perfection and maximum strategy added

Jul 16 2020, 12:57 pm UndeadStar Post #3

Recently, I was trying to find information in the game data through the editor, and wow, what a mess, developers of Windows 10 version of "computer settings" would be so proud of their padawans at Blizzard (even copying the concept of "it's so messy you need a search engine to navigate it").
I wonder if that will change a little with that patch :rolleyes:

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kgh829 -- I found that the price was very reasonable, so I'm seriously considering using it for the map I'm working on
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kgh829 -- Has anyone tried Elevenlabs? I watched Executor Nral's youtube and was very impressed
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[2024-2-20. : 3:43 am]
ClansAreForGays -- I don't get it, so it just decreases? Like if I have it set to 1, it'll be zero during build. But If I have it set to 100... it's be like 50?
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