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My current project: When One Domino Falls
May 23 2019, 12:01 pm
By: IlyaSnopchenko  

Sep 6 2020, 9:07 pm IlyaSnopchenko Post #21

The Curious

Not sure there'll be one because even though the first campaign is ready as far as missions go, there are still issues with graphics. The hero voices aren't there yet, either, and I'm only just approaching the issue. I can't even get the splash screen from the artist who was commissioned to do it... Yet. So that'll have go keep.

I admit the last 2,5 months have been a kind of a downtime for me due to my spreading myself thin across many other commitments IRL. But I'm working with the author of the story closely to continue the progress.

Who am I, and why should I care?

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