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Trouble in Terrorist Town
Nov 11 2017, 10:10 pm
By: MTiger156  

Nov 11 2017, 10:10 pm MTiger156 Post #1

Veteran Mapper

Trouble in Terrorist Town
(Based off the Garry's Mod game-mode of the same title)
EUD Remastered: 7/2/2018

-298 KB
-Players: 3-7 (fun with 5+)


A group of soldiers wander an abandoned town. It isn't long until they discover there is a terrorist among them, willing to kill the entire group at any cost. Grab your weapons and choose your allies carefully, or else the terrorist will take you down one-by-one.

Every round, all players will spawn in a semi-random location, and your role will be given to you. You will be unarmed, so you must quickly explore the map to find a weapon. The innocents will try their best to weed-out the terrorist. All players are colored white, so don't think this will be an easy task. Random killing will typically put you at a disadvantage.

-M16 Rifle: Ranged, standard HP/Damage
-Flamethrower: Melee, increased HP
-Bolt-Action Rifle: Long range, slightly decreased HP
-Shotgun: Short range, high damage, low HP
-Combat Knives: Melee, fast movement, high damage, low HP
-First-aid: Heal other players (Removed)

Credit System:
Getting kills and surviving rounds will earn you credits. You can use these for weapon/armor upgrades or buy items from the shop. "Innocent" players have access to mostly defensive items, while the Terrorist can use offensive items.

(New) Point System:
Achieving victory no longer requires winning X number of games as Terrorist. Players are awarded "points" based on how well they play/survive. Players need 12 points to win, and this can be done even with minimal Terrorist wins.

Innocent Shop:
-First-Aid Kit: Full HP
-Hidden Security Camara: Grants vision of small area until detected and destroyed
-UAV Drone: (Science Vessel) Can fly around the map and reveal burrowed/cloaked units. Takes a few hits to shoot down.
-Terrorist Detector 4000: Scans players in large radius around player, alerts if a Terrorist was detected. (Actually isn't OP as it sounds)

Terrorist Shop:
-First-Aid Kit: Full HP
-Radar: Periodically ping other players for the duration of round.
-Activate Cloak: (If bolt-action rifle or shotgun is equipped) Allows periodic, short-duration cloaks. (EUD implementation for marine/firebat/zealot is pending)
-Implant Tracker: A queen flies into the area. Parasite one player of your choice.
-(NEW) Jamming Pulse: Disrupts the chat and hearing of all players for 15 seconds.
-Plant C4: Places a mine at current location (so don't do it front of others). Unally players to "arm" it for automatic detonation.
-(NEW) Manual Detonation: C4 will have increased blast radius when detonated this way.
-Backstab: If you are alone with one other player, use this to instant-kill them at melee range. (Is expensive) Will not activate if there are witnesses.
-(NEW) Go Hostile: Instantly unally all players. Useful for surprise attacks.



(Detailed credit-earnings in Mission Objectives)

(Spawn, role as "Innocent")

(Killed the Terrorist)

(Spawn, role as "Terrorist")

(New implementation of the Innocent Shop, now with EUD buttons)

(New implementation of the Terrorist Shop, now with EUD buttons)

Do not hesitate to report a bug/glitch.

Trouble in Terrorist Town.scx
Hits: 2 Size: 297.54kb

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Jul 2 2018, 9:04 pm MTiger156 Post #2

Veteran Mapper

EUD remaster has arrived.
-Improved balancing
-More shop convenience
-New tools/abilities for the Terrorist

Jul 25 2018, 3:14 am Ultraviolet Post #3

Just played it, had a lot of fun. I was only terrorist once, so I didn't really get a feel for that aspect of things, but I was killing terrorists left and right as an innocent with the bolt action rifle :P What tool do you use to change button text? I haven't been able to do that yet.

Jul 25 2018, 1:17 pm TF- Post #4


Maybe it's the EPD Editor? I'd like to know as well, since the EPD Editor sometimes created string corruption in scmdraft for me.
Project definitely looks interesting but I rarely play multiplayer maps.


Jul 26 2018, 5:17 am Lanthanide Post #5

EUD Editor v2 can change button text.


Jul 27 2018, 1:32 am Ultraviolet Post #6

Well, that's pretty tits. Unfortunately, it seems to be incompatible with the new ramps, for the time being at least.

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