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Week-Long RP #1: Unintended Consequences
Apr 5 2013, 10:12 pm
By: rayNimagi  

Apr 12 2013, 2:31 am Azrael Post #21

Declare that all vacated seats in the federal government will come under the authority of the president, and take on the role of Minister of Labor. Once this has been put into effect and the precedent is set, have your secret police assassinate the rest of the government officials, making you the sole dictator of Sen. Publicly state that it was the religious leaders who orchestrated these assassinations, and use that as an excuse to respond in a severe manner.

Have the military target any rioting or rebellion with extreme lethal force. Roll in the tanks and similar war machines when necessary. Begin an aggressive propaganda campaign demonizing the religious rebels, blaming them for the government assassinations and state of martial law. Use this public sentiment against the rebels to foster a sense of unity and nationalism, in order to perform heavy military recruiting.

As the new head of education, enact policies which will ensure students are taught the most fundamental principals of Sen, which is allegiance to the nation and its one true leader. Start this training in the very first grade and continue it to the last grade, whereupon they shall enter into mandatory military service with pride and honor.

Once things have settled down in however many decades, and the people of Sen are a massive population of military-trained atheist nationalists, begin focusing on opening trade channels with other nations for the purpose of economic development. Use the funding to build your military even further, increasing your standing army's size, training, and technology. Make them the most formidable force on the planet, even more so than all other armies combined, by many magnitudes.

Maintain a tight national border, and increase security to prevent unwanted persons from entering. Torture any spies discovered for whatever information they're worth. While spending money on the military, ensure that there are many surface-to-air turrets placed around the country, especially near the borders and major cities.

Also secretly invest in nuclear weapon development, and increase your nuclear weapons over time until you have enough to wipe out the rest of humanity a few times over. Have nuclear missiles aiming at every other place on the planet, and then unveil the information to the world, indicating that the missiles will be fired to wipe out all of humanity if any nuclear missiles are launched at them.

Then use your military to invade every other nation, and take them all over, becoming the ruler of the world.

Apr 12 2013, 3:43 am lil-Inferno Post #22

Just here for the pie

Re-militarize the Rhineland.

Apr 12 2013, 11:56 am NudeRaider Post #23

We can't explain the universe, just describe it; and we don't know whether our theories are true, we just know they're not wrong. >Harald Lesch

Is anyone else reminded of Rheinland military?

Apr 13 2013, 7:12 pm rayNimagi Post #24

Event 7: The Resistance

You announce to the legislature that you are changing all government titles to better reflect the aims of the administration. Then, you say that you will personally take on the responsibilities of Peter Vondersjek, the late Secretary of Labor. You then begin forming your own secret police force, independent of the Secretary of Internal Security and the military. Within a month you should be able to eliminate your cabinet without any evidence of your participation.

Meanwhile, Sen's soldiers have been mopping up resistance to your administration with extreme lethal force. Although the religious faction has been weakened, a sizable guerrilla force is still active in the countryside. Many civilians have been caught in the crossfire, and many more have been tortured and executed because of suspected collaboration with the rebels. With this new round of oppression and economic failure, many Senners have been calling for reform or a change in government. Rumors have been surfacing that some of your generals are plotting to overthrow you in a coup d'état.

"We don't know which divisions will be loyal to ye, Ms. President," Admiral Tondreau says. "But we can have Secretary Graves conduct investigations, and exile or execute anyone who be found to be disloyal to ye regime."

"Investigations would take time," notes Graves. "The resistance is sure to have spies in the Department of Internal Security, so the investigations will probably tip them off. If we don't find the rebels fast enough, we could wake up in full-scale civil war. On your command, I will arrest, and possibly kill, anyone that is suspected of supporting the resistance. We don't want anyone else, including you, Ms. President, to meet the same fate as Vondersjek."

"Graves," says Admiral Tondreau, "Investigations might force the scalawags to begin the coup without sufficient preparation. Or, their leaders might flee the country to avoid being caught, thereby giving us control of their brigades."

You lean in your chair and feel your knee throbbing at the wound as you consider the fate of Sen.

Liberty: 1
Economy: 2
Order: 4

Win by luck, lose by skill.

Apr 13 2013, 7:17 pm Positively Post #25

Give permission to Graves to detain and question anyone suspected of being a rebel or collaborating with them, while your secret police conduct independent investigations of every worker in SEN's government.


Apr 13 2013, 8:34 pm Azrael Post #26

Quote from Positively
Give permission to Graves to detain and question anyone suspected of being a rebel or collaborating with them, while your secret police conduct independent investigations of every worker in SEN's government.

Yeah, this.

Hopefully the propaganda program has been put into effect, so we can have a military which would never consider rebellion.

Tap all the phone lines and other forms of communication as well, to more quickly root out potential threats against you, starting with those who hold the most power in the government and military.

If any generals or other members of the military are found to be plotting against you, murder all of their loved ones along with them. This should put sufficient fear into anyone else who'd consider such actions.

Apr 15 2013, 4:35 am rayNimagi Post #27

You order Graves to detain and question anyone who is suspected of working with the resistance. Meanwhile, your personal secret police force of one dozen (you haven't had much time to train them) has begun to investigate the thousands of workers in Sen's government and military. Thanks to the interrogations and torture policy of your administration, several rebels have been caught and executed, as well as many more innocent bystanders. Although you have inspired fear in many of Sen's citizens, every day of your oppressive policies brings more support to the resistance, whose numbers are beginning to swell.

Two weeks after the investigations began, you are sitting in your office, quietly working at your desk. As the clock strikes, you reach for your crutches and stand up to leave for a meeting with your cabinet. The last thing you can remember is a surprise greeting you as you open the door.

You wake up to the sound of gunshots. As your eyes adjust to the dark, you notice the rusty steel floor slowly rising up and down, and you guess you're being held on a ship. A small shaft of light filters in through a tiny hole at the top of the wall, illuminating the limp body of Ron Johnson. Though you can make out a few bloodstains on his clothes, he still seems to be breathing.

You hear a creak as a metal door opens, and a large figure rushes into your cell. It's Admiral Tondreau. "Secretary Johnson! President Rose! Thank Reason ye be alive!"

"What happened?" you ask, leaning up against the wall. Ron Johnson shifts and sits up. It seems he isn't too badly hurt after all.

"Some scalawags broke into the capitol and kidnapped ye 'n Ron! They be working with the pirates, and be planning on keeping ye hostage aboard this ship. A coup d'état be underway, and we need to get ye back on land immediately. Here, take this." In the dark, you can't make out what's in the admiral's hand. Ron slowly stands up and ambles over to the cold, gray-red bars.

For a split second you see the pistol in Tondreau's hand as he pulls the trigger and executes Ron. The Secretary of the Interior crumples to the floor, blood pooling disgustingly over the scarred steel.

"Tondreau! You killed an innocent man!"

"Nay, Rose. He killed Peter Vondersjek and deserved to die. Ye ordered the execution of countless innocents, why should Ron's death be any different than theirs? Come on, let's get ye out of here." Tondreau holds out a pistol by the barrel, offering it to you as a sign of trust.

Feeling a bit of déja vu, you cautiously hobble over to the bars. As you are about to take the gun, Tondreau drops it accidentally. When you look up, your face meets Tondreau's firearm, and the admiral whispers to you softly.

"I killed P.V. and set you up."

The last thing you hear is the sound of a bullet ripping through your skull.


Endgame Score

Win by luck, lose by skill.

Apr 15 2013, 4:46 am jjf28 Post #28

Cartography Artisan

needed more charisma.

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Apr 15 2013, 4:49 am Fire_Kame Post #29

wth is starcraft

Should've just gone to art school.

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