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Mafia: Organized Entropy
Aug 5 2012, 4:11 am
By: Dem0n
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Aug 29 2012, 6:39 pm Positively Post #241

I am not a nonword. I am a real word. I will hurt anyone who calls me that, thanks.


Aug 29 2012, 7:47 pm Aristocrat Post #242

Positively has claimed his role in PM and shown pretty damn good proof that he does have the role he claims to be, so I'd like to switch my vote to xAngelSpiritx.


Aug 29 2012, 8:26 pm BiOAtK Post #243

i vote angelspirit


Aug 29 2012, 9:04 pm Aristocrat Post #244

The clue posted earlier by Tempz has been deciphered by the Analyst last night. The results are as follows:

You successfully decipher the message.

39.6417 N, 77.7203 W
39.6294 N, 79.9561 W

They are coordinates of some sort. You don't know what they lead to, but they must certainly be important.

The Google Maps links were edited in by me afterwards for convenience.


Aug 29 2012, 10:36 pm Raitaki Post #245

I vote AngelSpirit then


Aug 29 2012, 10:42 pm omginbd Post #246



Aug 29 2012, 11:11 pm Wing Zero Post #247

Magic box god; Suck it Corbo

I vote AngelSpirit

Aug 29 2012, 11:22 pm Raitaki Post #248

Coordinates look too specific for the actual location to be a clue (unless all those decimals are red herrings :hurr:), so it's likely the clue is in N, W and the numbers.

Can't make heads or tails out of them though.


Aug 30 2012, 8:51 pm Tempz Post #249

I vote xAngelSpiritx


Aug 30 2012, 11:22 pm xAngelSpiritx Post #250

eternal lurker

I'm too inactive to be able defend my role with anything but a quote of my role PM, so I will abstain and let things take their course.


Aug 30 2012, 11:31 pm Leeroy_Jenkins Post #251

I vote xAngelSpiritx


Aug 31 2012, 1:08 am Sand Wraith Post #252


woooo kill xAngelSpiritx

Aug 31 2012, 2:42 am Dem0n Post #253

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Day 4

The town once again gathered outside of City Hall to hear the voting results. It was a treacherous day; it was storming, and the rain was nonstop. As terrible as the weather was, the crowd was bigger than ever. With the consecutive quiet nights, the people were growing incredibly anxious and wanted to see the evil exorcised from their town. The young man stepped up to the podium and addressed the people.

"Citizens, you have voted once again for a person of this city to be executed. It is a terrible business, but it is absolutely essential that we rid the town of these criminals. You have voted, and you have chosen your victim. Guards, bring him out!"

The guards brought a man out, triggering the jeers from the crowd. The man was placed against the wall, and then spoke out.

"I will not admit to this treachery. I am a good person, and I even chose to abstain from voting."

The mention of abstaining turned the crowd even more against him, and their jeers became louder.

"Please, listen to me! I will not partake in these barbaric rituals. I know that I cannot change your minds, but since I am to be executed, at least no one else will be hurt this day."

The crowd started chanting.

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!"

The guards fired their rifles, and xAngelSpiritx fell to the ground with a bullet in his head.

Night 4 has begun. Night 4 will end on Saturday, September 1st, 10:00 PM EDT.

Aug 31 2012, 2:46 am Wing Zero Post #254

Magic box god; Suck it Corbo

God damnit

Aug 31 2012, 6:47 am Positively Post #255

So. I'm scared guys.


Aug 31 2012, 6:43 pm Sand Wraith Post #256


This game is boring now.

Sep 2 2012, 3:42 am Dem0n Post #257

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Night 4

Yet another quiet night.

The town was getting more and more anxious. They knew they weren't rid of those criminals yet, so what was happening? What were they doing? Nobody had any idea who was bad and who was good anymore, and they were just blindly throwing around accusations in hopes of getting lucky and actually finding a mobster. Far too many good people had died, though, and they were beginning to run out of people to turn to.

A man was up all night working diligently. After an all-nighter with no success at what he was trying to achieve, he finally gave up and jumped into bed. He closed his eyes, and after only a few seconds, he was fast asleep. As the sun began to peek over the skyline of the city, another man sneakily approached the sleeping man's house. The shadow of the house, created by the sun, covered the man in darkness, allowing him to climb up the deck with ease. He peered into the sleeping man's window, and a large grin formed across his face. Slowly and quietly, he opened the window and crept in. The man's dark eyes were set on the bed, and he slowly walked towards it. After only a few minutes, he climbed back out the window and disappeared.

Day 5 has begun. Day 5 will end on Monday, September 3rd, 10:00 PM EDT.

Sep 2 2012, 10:00 pm Wing Zero Post #258

Magic box god; Suck it Corbo

Well that was uneventful... How many mafia are left? I'm sure we didn't get all of their hitmen yet.

Sep 3 2012, 4:47 am Sand Wraith Post #259


Someone trustworthy told me to kill Wing Zero next, so let's do that.

I vote to lynch Wing Zero.

If WZ turns out to be a townie, I'll reveal the identity of the one who tipped me and we'll kill them next.

Sep 3 2012, 5:17 am Aristocrat Post #260

Quote from Sand Wraith
If WZ turns out to be a townie, I'll reveal the identity of the one who tipped me and we'll kill them next.
That was me. I was trying to coordinate a couple of players to vote for him simultaneously so I can ring the bell, but people kept being not online so that failed.

Wing Zero claimed a role, but never supplied a role PM to prove it. He's also the only remaining player who hasn't proven their role by way of role PM or demonstration of night action capabilities.

I vote for Wing Zero.


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