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Week #6 SEN Mapping Contest
Aug 13 2010, 7:09 pm
By: Chia-Tyrant
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Aug 13 2010, 7:09 pm Chia-Tyrant Post #1


  • All submissions are due August 29th, 2010, by 11:59:59PM EST.
  • Deadline may be moved due to a unanimous decision by judges and at the request of participants.
  • All maps will be judged by a handful of pre-determined judges based on a set criteria.
  • The maps to be submit must adhere to the prescribed theme.
  • There is no specification for an amount of players.
  • Mapping teams are not allowed.This rule might be removed, pending the approval of the other judges.
  • Mod supplements are not allowed. Although maps with mods can be submit for fun, they will not be judged (this includes Farty's EUD enabler).
  • Maps started previous to the starting of this contest are not allowed.
  • Only one map per participant may be submit in each contest.
  • Late maps may be submit, but are not guaranteed to be judged, and will not count towards the rankings.


The theme that each of the maps need to adhere to is: Customization

As opposed to some of the previous contests, almost every imaginable genre is eligible in this one. However, each map must integrate systems that will allow the player to modify certain aspects of the game.
Examples of such systems include:
  • Upgradeable spells and attributes in a RPG.
  • Being able to interact with NPCs and modify their behaviours as well as the storyline.
Although a lot of features may be considered as "customization", those features should be omnipresent, essential and offer several viable options to the player. A system that allows the players to select the difficulty or the mode of a game at the beginning, alone, is not enough (although you would still gain some points in addition to those of other features).

Judging Criteria

Gameplay: 10 points
  • Does the map keep the player's constant attention?
  • Is the map too hard, too easy?
  • Is the map actually fun?
Originality: 10 points
  • Was the entire idea copied from someone else? If so, did you shape the idea into something unique?
  • Is your map not just a Final Fantasy or AoS clone?
Aesthetics: 10 points
  • How shiny is your map? How polished?
  • Is your terrain blocky in places?
  • Are there any text errors?
  • Do you have proper grammar?
Theme: 5 points
  • Is the player consistently offered several meaningful options throughout the course of the game?
  • Are those choices essential and do they determine the game's unfolding?
Completion: 5 points
  • Are there major bugs?
  • Is the map complete?
  • Do you use the entire map's space?
  • Was there any more you could have done?


  • UnholyUrine
  • Eteft(U)
  • Chia-Tyrant


Third Prize - you're getting there... waaay back there
Person who gets the third highest overall score in the third week WILL be rewarded with 10 minerals.

Second Prize - So close.. yet so far
Person who gets the second highest overall score in the third week WILL be rewarded with 20 minerals.

First Prize - congrats on getting the title "public enemy of the week"
Person who gets the first highest overall score in the third week WILL be rewarded with a whopping 40 minerals.

Previous Contests

Contest #1 - Puzzle
  1. Puzzle Map By qPirateKing
  2. PSYCHE By chia_tyrant
  3. Bound Escape By Mp)SkLoped
  4. Murder Mystery by Leeroy_Jenkins
  5. Lizard 37 By Foxwolf1
  6. conFuse Demo By -Azrael666-

Contest #2 - Short Story
  1. Autocracy RPG By Azrael.Wrath
  2. Essence By chia-tyrant
  3. Marianne By LoveLess & The Ugly By EzTerix
  4. Mental Asylum By B-ETEFT
  5. One Small Task By lil-inferno
  6. Recursion RPG By CecilSunkure
  7. Rescue Team By Leeroy_Jenkins

Contest #3 - Teamwork
  1. Tower Escape By Azrael.Wrath
  2. Blind By Gidoza
  3. 4Chan By Ultraviolet

Contest #4 - Single Player
  1. Tile Shift By Azrael.Wrath

Contest #5 - Empires
  1. Conquest By Azrael.Wrath
  2. The Saddest Map on SC By Leeroy_Jenkins


[first places]/[second places]/[third places] Sum:[sum of ratings] SM:[Number of submitted maps] Ave:[Average Rating] TP:[Total points]

Scoring Process:
-Winners will be scored by the positions they place in. A first place position is worth 5 points, a second place position is worth three points, and a third place position is worth one point.
-The participants who have not yet won any of the top three positions will be ranked by their average map scores.

  1. Azrael.Wrath
    4/0/0 Sum:89.7 SM:5(3) Ave:29.9/40 TP:20
  2. Chia-Tyrant
    0/2/0 Sum:60.5 SM:2 Ave:30.3/40 TP:6
  3. qPirateKing
    1/0/0 Sum:29.5 SM:1 Ave:29.5/40 TP:5
  4. Gidoza
    0/1/0 Sum:30.7 SM:1 Ave:30.7/40 TP:3
  5. Leeroy_Jenkins
    0/1/0 Sum:52.5 SM:4(3) Ave:17.5/40 TP:3
  6. Loveless
    0/0/1 Sum:31 SM:1 Ave:31/40 TP:1
  7. EzTerix
    0/0/1 Sum:31 SM:1 Ave:31/40 TP:1
  8. Mp)SkLoped
    0/0/1 Sum:24.5 SM:1 Ave:24.5/40 TP:1
  9. Ultraviolet
    0/0/1 Sum:23.2 SM:1 Ave:23.2/40 TP:1
  10. Eteft
    0/0/0 Sum:29.5 SM:1 Ave:29.5/40 TP:0
  11. lil-inferno
    0/0/0 Sum:29 SM:1 Ave:29/40 TP:0
  12. CecilSunkure
    0/0/0 Sum:27 SM:1 Ave:27/40 TP:0
  13. Foxwolf1
    0/0/0 Sum:- SM:2(0) Ave:-/40 TP:0

Additional Notes:
  • If anyone wishes to donate something to the contest to act as a giveaway prize, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact one of the judges via a PM to set up the donation.
  • If anyone wants to create a banner, please do!

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Aug 15 2010, 10:14 pm UnholyUrine Post #2

I may try to enter this one myself :D.. I've got a good idea, but I need a terraineer.

Anyone wanna work w/ me? PM me!


Aug 16 2010, 12:26 am Tempz Post #3

UnholyUrine your a judge... 0_o

If you weren't a judge i would join your team

@@Terrainer For Hire@@

Post has been edited 1 time(s), last time on Aug 16 2010, 12:32 am by Tempz.


Aug 16 2010, 12:32 am CecilSunkure Post #4

I'll be submitting one.

Good luck all.


Aug 16 2010, 1:20 am Chia-Tyrant Post #5

Quote from Tempz
UnholyUrine your a judge... 0_o
He can enter a map. Obviously, he won't be rating his own map but the two other judges will. I, as the host of the contest, am the only one who cannot enter.

Quote from CecilSunkure
I'll be submitting one.
That's good to know ^^. Let's hope we'll get more entries this time.


Aug 16 2010, 3:38 am ETEFT(U) Post #6



Aug 16 2010, 4:15 am Dizzy Post #7

I know I'm a less heard of map maker but I hope this contest makes me know to people for how creative I am. Now, Let's Do This! :wtfawesome: :wut:


Aug 16 2010, 5:22 am Leeroy_Jenkins Post #8

I'm in.


Aug 18 2010, 6:57 pm Aristocrat Post #9

Can I copy the triggers for the custom mobile grid from my test map? It's technically a "system" that can be implemented in a map just like hyper triggers/location grids/etc.


Aug 18 2010, 7:11 pm FoxWolf1 Post #10

Quote from Aristocrat
Can I copy the triggers for the custom mobile grid from my test map? It's technically a "system" that can be implemented in a map just like hyper triggers/location grids/etc.

I'd regard that as perfectly fine-- it's really just a fast way of creating those triggers in the contest map, so long as the result is something new, with distinct gameplay from the pre-existing source. We'd have no problem with using 3rd-party programs, such as yoonkwun's nifty grid generator, to create systems automatically, or with using blends from a palette map or brush file for terrain...having a "palette" of trigger systems to draw on is just a way of doing the same sort of thing.

I'm in, by the way.


Aug 18 2010, 8:52 pm CecilSunkure Post #11

I got SC2, so I'm pulling out. Sorry folks, not enough for SC2 and map making.


Aug 18 2010, 11:09 pm UnholyUrine Post #12

Traitor :(


Aug 19 2010, 12:32 am Chia-Tyrant Post #13

Quote from Aristocrat
Can I copy the triggers for the custom mobile grid from my test map? It's technically a "system" that can be implemented in a map just like hyper triggers/location grids/etc.
I don't see what's wrong with that and I doubt that the other judges would object. As long as you didn't start the map itself well before the contest, everything should be fine.


Aug 19 2010, 11:27 am Leeroy_Jenkins Post #14

My layout was prettier, by the way ;)


Aug 20 2010, 8:22 pm Azrael Post #15

Quote from Leeroy_Jenkins
My layout was prettier, by the way ;)
I agree.

Aug 20 2010, 8:41 pm FoxWolf1 Post #16

Meh, I like this one better :P


Aug 20 2010, 11:00 pm Chia-Tyrant Post #17

I find that the collapsed boxes are a little ugly though I guess they can be useful for the less useful categories like judging criteria. It would be great if bbcode anchors were implemented to make an index; that would be much prettier and more useful.

Edit: Do you like the new template better?

Post has been edited 1 time(s), last time on Aug 21 2010, 2:16 am by chia-tyrant.


Aug 21 2010, 3:19 am FoxWolf1 Post #18

Personally, I'm not a fan of the collapse boxes; straight text, with a nice system of headings and quote boxes for categorization, is much easier to look through than a bunch of hidden expandable things. I also like the look of text better, though given that I tend to maintain a books to bookshelf space ratio of at least 3:1, I might have more of a fondness for long text than most....


Aug 21 2010, 3:55 am Azrael Post #19

The formatting does look better now, I think there were too many black boxes before ^^

Two improvements I would suggest.

1) The Overall Scoreboard should be immediately apparent.

2) Each previous contest's results shouldn't be in it's own separate box.

I don't really want to type a lot so hopefully that's enough of an explanation =P

Aug 21 2010, 5:03 pm Chia-Tyrant Post #20

Wow, I'm glad everyone can agree on what's the best layout :lol:.
Personally, I agree with Foxwolf that collapsed boxes are an eyesore. I could always use encaseboxes (restricted size) instead of regular encases to reduce the size of the post though. Anyway, I'll revert to the old template. Sorry Azrael ;).


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