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[04:10 am]
Sacrieur -- NudeRaider
NudeRaider shouted: Roy if there's actual upsides, like the mentioned mobile support, sure.
Mobile devices can do spaces too. Cool!
[04:09 am]
Sacrieur -- And even then I'd probably write my own grid class for writing things into the console formatted in a grid.
[04:07 am]
Sacrieur -- \t is for the command line only, please.
[04:06 am]
Sacrieur -- I'd riot.
[04:06 am]
Sacrieur -- Roy
Roy shouted: I already described the ideal solution a long time ago: no whitespace. If formatting customization is the responsibility of the IDE, it should do all of it, not a half-assed job with tabs that doesn't even work in all cases so you make up bizarre rules about when to use a combination of tabs and spaces to line things up.
Right? Can you imagine working on a project and whenever they merge a branch there's \t characters everywhere?
[04:04 am]
Sacrieur -- It loads a bunch of crap into your clipboard.
[04:03 am]
Sacrieur -- Trying to copypasta from it is a nightmare.
[04:03 am]
Sacrieur -- It converts the \n\n into its own proprietary stuff when you copypasta into it.
[04:02 am]
jjf28 -- they can all be converted from their crappy format to a single, consistent format; whereas \n\n cannot be differentiated from two new lines
[04:02 am]
Sacrieur -- You could even port it safely over.
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