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[03:45 am]
Corbo -- It's EA really so easly hackable?
[03:45 am]
Dem0n -- Only things I ever ended up doing were changing background screens, music, and portraits lmao
[03:44 am]
SCRuler -- The only reason I'm excited is because I didn't fuck it up totally. It's like tone-deaf except with shading
[03:44 am]
SCRuler -- I have the pylon done too so far but my attempts at the Nexus haven't been as good
[03:44 am]
Dem0n -- lol I remember when I tried getting into modding and I was super excited to change all these different things. And then after like 2 weeks I was like "k" and never touched it again.
[03:43 am]
SCRuler -- tryin to match a Nerazim color scheme
[03:43 am]
SCRuler -- complete with Irish shockwave
[03:43 am]
SCRuler -- not the Dark one, just regular Irish archon
[03:42 am]
Dem0n -- You made :farty: ?
[03:42 am]
SCRuler -- So I just made an irish Archon. lol
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