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[08:27 pm]
JCarrill0 -- You also could try and Web archive the old site where lots of us used to be at "Blizzforums" that is where alot of Heimdal post and links to his stuff was at, when he didnt have his own website.
[08:26 pm]
JCarrill0 -- Let me grab my Disc from backups of 2010, i think it still has my old SF copy, I'll run the version to see if Staredit has the same version.
[08:25 pm]
JCarrill0 -- But SF is worse off then SCMD 2
[08:24 pm]
JCarrill0 -- well yeah its a relic man, lol
[08:22 pm]
jjf28 -- JCarrill0
JCarrill0 shouted: jjf28 thats quite a feat there, but why would you want to "recreate"? just cuz?
SCMD has its problems, not the least of which being that it's closed source :kame:
[08:21 pm]
JCarrill0 -- best of luvk on your project man :) if you need help from the previous staff who worked on SCMD 2, I got some contacts, as for SF... heimdal went MIA years ago, I never followed up on trying to track him down. His hotmail "MIGHT" still work, but I doubt it.
[08:19 pm]
JCarrill0 -- jjf28 thats quite a feat there, but why would you want to "recreate"? just cuz?
[08:17 pm]
JCarrill0 -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: but none of the versions I dl work, even on emulated win2000/xps
SF was buggy even back then, Heimdal made it VERY clear that anyone wanting to use it can open and save in his editor but while in beta he expressed you need to back up old map cuz once open in SF it cant be used with anything else.
[08:16 pm]
JCarrill0 -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: I often get told to make a feature in Chkdraft "like StarForge"
ot sure what you mean, SCMD 2 can open and save CHK files.
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