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Dark Templar RPG
May 16 2010, 3:20 am
By: Pr0nogo  

May 16 2010, 3:20 am Pr0nogo Post #1

I'm starting off small, for the new map editor's sakes.

Some screenshots from the editor:

Haven Crates (shown in image 06) add bonus equipment and exp to the Dark Templar (something I haven't finalised yet).

Description (literally taken from the map description):
"Amidst one of the most conflicted battles the Koprulu Sector has ever known, an infamous Dark Templar Warrior known as Nadash Ki'lami emerges from a run-down Warp Gate to find Protoss brethren battling the Zerg Swarm.
Help Nadash find his way home."

This map is a single player RPG designed by me. I plan on having it span just one map (with possible, but unlikely, follow-ups). You will control Dark Templar Nadash and brethren he chooses to accompany him (which will cost resources, even though there's no given reason because no reason makes sense).

The heroic Dark Templar has the Force Field, Feedback and Psionic Storm abilities and a maximum of 200 shields, 90 life and 225 energy. I will have to nerf the life/shield leach because it's too powerful in the current build.

Terran Dominion outpost overlooking a small Protoss settlement. This outpost is one of two remaining Dominion entrenchments on the planet due to Zerg invasions, and the Protoss base is one of the few intact ones of their side as well. Old pic, so the terrain isn't as up-to-date.

Missile Turrets, an Armoury, Vikings and Marauders. They're srs bsns when it comes to defense.

A Terran Siege Tank, ready to roll out.

Marines and a Viking outside a Factory.

Some infantry and a Barracks.

This is a great example of one of the 'launch pads' I made - the Hellions can skate down the rather steep ramps if they're in a quick hurry.

More infantry, with vehicle support, guarding one of two possible entry points to the outpost.

Missile Turret bonanza is not because of the Dark Templar, but because of the threat poised by airborne swarms. Note the almost nonexistent distance between the Zerg infestation and the Dominion outpost.

Look, a trigger! Holy fuck... Did I do that?

Old image of the infested town.

Zerg amass outside the Protoss encampment.

The Dark Shrine was relocated to better serve its purpose as an 'asset in need of protection' to the Protoss. And no, I have no explanation as of yet in regards to why it's away from the rest of the base.



Lighting on the Terran base. I really am fond of the omni-lights now - they add a flare to structures and such. I'm big on lighting.

Haven Crates are seen in this image, as well as a vent with caution lights on it. Also, lots and lots of wall lights. >: D

More doodads, such as rubble and crumbling structures. And, yes, that is rain. And heavy wind. And thunder.

Marauder and some Marines, lookin' cool and keeping watch over the Xel'Naga Tower.

A close up of some Mutalisks. Also, a waterfall under that Xenomorph Bird.

Haven Crates.

A wall erected by Terrans to keep out some Zerg.

The other wall portion, along with the waterfall (and Overseer tentacles)

Ramp complex, omg.

Mission Impossible 4: Slay the Zerg. No, it's actually quite possible. Might be why the movie didn't sell as well as it could have...

Pretty much the final update on the infested town... Added more rain and thunder to the entire map.

More of the final look.

I figured out add-ons.

Video coming when I finalise the introductory cinematic with speech and possible music. Also, there's a legion of birds in the beginning. FTW.
Side Note: Anyone who wants further details about the map (and screenshots and such before I post them here), add me up on MSN Messenger - Can't do anything today, but tomorrow between 3 and 6 EST I probably can.

May 16 2010, 2:45 pm Swampfox Post #2

WOW! That map looks insanely aesthetically pleasing! You have quite a gift sir. I can't wait to see the finished product.


May 16 2010, 2:59 pm Pr0nogo Post #3

Ahah, thank you!

Some shots I took in-game.

May 16 2010, 4:46 pm UnholyUrine Post #4

First non-third person view RPG ftw :)


May 16 2010, 5:18 pm Pr0nogo Post #5

Quote from UnholyUrine
First non-third person view RPG ftw :)

Yeah, I believe in isom. <3

May 17 2010, 1:00 am PunWisp Post #6

So far it looks very appealing, including the latest pics! :P

great job so far!



May 17 2010, 1:03 am Forsaken Archer Post #7

I love how the bases look.


May 21 2010, 12:56 am Tempz Post #8

Damn my crappy computer ;( wanted to make a starcraft 2 diablo type map


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