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Savage seas
Apr 8 2010, 2:12 am
By: Chia-Tyrant  

Apr 8 2010, 2:12 am Chia-Tyrant Post #1

This is the map I made for the Ocean contest. I only had time to work on it in the easter break and tonight so it's extremely crude. There are probably a lot of bugs left but I've played it and finished it without running into any. Hopefully, you won't find any either. Here's a brief overview:

Notes on this version(important!)
  • The health display system does not work. When you hit an enemy, its health will always be set to 1% instead of 90%,80%,etc.
  • Siege battles do not work. Instead, they are fought as regular battles.
  • The game is not balanced at all. It's probably very easy or too hard to maintain a good economy.
  • There is only 1 type of enemy. It only uses regular attacks and has 1 armor. Units with more than 1 armor only work partially.
  • Spells do not work at all as of now. They will be available much later. Enemy units will also use spells.
  • There's probably more but I can't think of any right now.

Battle System
All battles are played in turn-based. No, it's not real time attacks divided in turns. It's full-fledged turn-based strategy with a custom system for damage, health and everything else. Information on battles is offered in the tutorial(briefing). Here's a brief overview of tactics and the battle's mechanics:
  • Collision courses:When a ship attacks, a projective will move from that ship to its target. The attack will then be dealt to the first ship the projectile meets, whether or not that ship was the target.

    In that screenshot, there are two wraiths in line. Thus, if I decide to attack the purple wraith, the orange wraith will intercept the attack. The same thing goes if the purple wraith attacks me.

  • Damage multipliers:Every time an enemy moves, his damage multiplier is reduced by one. Thus, moving out of an enemy's range in your turn will greatly reduce its damage. Enemies in your range are displayed in orange. Enemies that have you in their range are displayed in purple.

  • Actions points:Every turn, you get action points based on your speed attribute. Action points are displayed by your gas. Each move costs 1 AP. Each attack costs 5 AP. Spells cost variable amounts of AP. AP that are not used during a turn will not be lost. You can therefore accumulate as many as you want.

Note that spells are not available yet.
  • Obscuring Mist: Slows down an enemy's movements. Also reduces its damage multiplier.
  • Maddening Mist: Targeted enemy will attack his allies at random.
  • Glacial Winds: Paralyzes the targeted enemy.
  • Tempest: Create an obstacle that will intercept projectiles.
  • Tidal Burst: Deal area of effect damage around target.
  • Tidal Wave: Deal area of effect damage in a straight line to the target.
  • Radial Wave: Deal area of effect damage around your ship.
  • Mending Winds: Partially repairs your ship.
  • Whirlpool: Teleport to the targeted area.


After winning a siege, you will capture the island. Islands offer various means of generating income. Here is a list of economic structures you can build:
  • Command Center(Guild):Train workers.
  • Supply Depot(Housing):Increase population.
  • Barracks(Workshop):Increases the production of adjacent factories.
  • Engineering Bay(Processing Plant):Increases the resources of adjacent plantations.
  • Academy(Factory):Provides gold at intervals.
  • Bunker(Information):Provides information on buildings.
  • Missile turret(plantation): Creates a mineral patch.


The crew system is very similar to the inventory system I generally use. You can have up to 9 crewman active on your ship. Each crewman has abilities that are represented by the units burrowed under it. Each crewman can have up to 12 abilities. They can only be obtained from shipwrecks or by defeating enemies (as they are undead crewmen, not regular crewmen).

Click here to download it.

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