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Sunken Treasure
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Uploaded on:Jan 11 2018, 3:41 am
Uploaded by:IronFist1940
File Description
All this sc2 grp are from a mod I didnt finish, but someone could find some of these useful - TEAM Kurohige-TheBigFenix-Tykous.

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[11:23 am]
Moose -- LMAOOOO
[11:22 am]
Pr0nogo -- alex jones was right
[11:22 am]
Pr0nogo -- also known as being gay
[11:22 am]
Pr0nogo -- sounds like your opinions aren't based in objective assessments or even personal experiences but instead conform to the antithesis of everyone around you
[08:14 am]
KrayZee -- I don't get it. When a video game is unreasonably criticized harshly, I have fun playing those games. When a game is overhyped, I can't enjoy it for some reason. Bah.
[07:25 am]
NudeRaider -- Vrael
Vrael shouted: lil-Inferno lil-Inferno don't worry I'll probably finish before Starcraft 6
"probably" :lol:
[03:00 am]
RIVE -- xd
[02:35 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- xd
[02:33 am]
Moose -- xd
[01:40 am]
lil-Inferno -- xd
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