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Uploaded on:Jul 11 2014, 3:11 am
Uploaded by:Roy
Author:Not Given.
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Find And Replace Like A Pro

Basically, this was a small little program I wrote for doing a Find/Replace on multiple lines. Normally, I would use Notepad++ or a similar program for a Find/Replace on things like large lists of triggers, but it would only allow me to enter one line in, and I'm not well-versed in using Regex across multiple lines. The extended Find/Replace worked alright, but there was an annoying process that I'd have to do in order to get the Find string I wanted to use.

So, if you're like me and use Find/Replace more than you probably should, this program is for you!

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lil-Inferno -- :wob:
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Ultraviolet -- :wob:
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NudeRaider -- jjf28
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[2024-2-20. : 3:43 am]
ClansAreForGays -- I don't get it, so it just decreases? Like if I have it set to 1, it'll be zero during build. But If I have it set to 100... it's be like 50?
[2024-2-20. : 1:49 am]
kgh829 -- The weird thing is that the building defense value wasn't set to Zero. If the building's defense is abnormally high, the building under construction becomes almost invincible, just like a completed building.
[2024-2-20. : 1:44 am]
kgh829 -- I just tested out of curiosity, and it turns out that the defense of Zerg buildings also decreases.
[2024-2-19. : 11:27 pm]
ClansAreForGays -- do zerg buildings have 0 armor while morning? like how terran building do while being built?
[2024-2-19. : 10:16 pm]
ClansAreForGays -- It even told me I should probably use scmdraft2 instead, becuase I mentioned staredit in the prompt.
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