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Storm the Fort AS-v23
Filename: Storm the Fort AS-v23.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Nov 25 2009, 9:57 am
Uploaded by:Dabbu
Author:Not Given.


Human (Zerg)
Human (Terran)
Human (Protoss)
Human (Zerg)
Human (Terran)
Human (Protoss)
Lefty Fort
Computer (Zerg)
Rightonian Fort
Computer (Zerg)

File Description
This is a massive revamp of the S0.4b version. For all you Storm the Fort fans.

A big change is in how revives factor into team mate income after an ally is permanently killed or leaves the game at some point.
As it was before, players would get unreasonable income after their team mates died and left the game.
Now there is a full incentive to kill players because it will lead to a permanent penalty for the enemy team.

Part of your kills score as a hero goes toward the joint combat effort pool.
This way if one player is focusing on building, he will still get some extra income from allies who are getting kills.
Killing ally or idle/non-threat units doesn't give you any cash. You won't lose cash for killing ally units.

Other changes include better terrain symmetry and non-order-disruptive (of nearby units) unit spawning.
Also trigger optimizations.

There is an alternating score board, showing
- Any Units Killed, including buildings: "Kills"
- Hero Deaths: "Deaths [5 max]"
- Heroes Killed: "Frags"

The "Dropship" is the Valkyrie unit, because it doesn't care if it's being shot at, so it stays on course.
It unloads units 4 at a time, and attempts to drop them on vacant terrain, so you are less likely to get stuck in your own units.
You cannot enter the Dropship in this version.
It has high armor while in transit, and reduced armor while unloading. It doesn't give sight while in transit.
You will hear the Valkyrie voice when the base sends reinforcements.

Hyper triggers run at 12/s now instead of 10/s (fastest game setting). This makes the map a bit more responsive.
However it does effect the protoss minion shields regeneration, making them harder to kill.

A Reaver is used to toggle between enter/exit vehicle state, by building a scarab ( shortcut 'R' ).
Using this unit made it possible for the triggers to reset the state back to "exit" after the heroes vehicle dies.
People (including myself) would often die by unwillingly hopping into an SCV or some other unit when trying to run back to base. Well no more!
At a glance, if the Reaver wire frame is RED that means it's set to EXIT mode, if it's GREEN then it's set to ENTER mode.

When entering Vultures and SCVs you now displace the driver! These 2 vehicles will not run away after you exit them.
They will become 'idle' units when left unattended (retaining the color of the last player in control). It's possible for the enemy heroes to hijack them.
If you want to give an SCV back to your base, just leave it close by the heal beacon, a civilian will pop out sooner or later and take it.

The bottom-left and top-right corners have a secret unit, which needs to be fixed at the heal beacon before it's fully functional.
Nothing too serious, just something fun to do.

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Falkoner wrote on Jan 8 2010, 2:13 am:
Tried this version out, serious improvement, no longer does losing a teammate mean the other players suddenly start owning you, and the SCV creation rate is a lot faster, so control of the middle for even just a minute means a nice income, also, the middle is MUCH harder to gain control completely over :)

[2024-6-12. : 6:23 am]
Ultraviolet -- got some light recalls behind too
[2024-6-12. : 12:07 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- 🦗
[2024-6-11. : 9:53 pm]
Wing Zero -- I wonder how he knew I was in the market for a good cricket bat
[2024-6-11. : 2:27 pm]
lil-Inferno -- ya
[2024-6-11. : 10:49 am]
Oh_Man -- or scarab maybeh
[2024-6-11. : 10:49 am]
Oh_Man -- shielt battery + photon cannon blast?
[2024-6-11. : 10:49 am]
Oh_Man -- check out the animation at 7:56
[2024-6-11. : 9:06 am]
Oh_Man -- I defeated the hell boss yall, bow to my power
[2024-6-10. : 5:04 pm]
lil-Inferno -- poop
[2024-6-06. : 5:20 pm]
Ultraviolet -- I was kinda thinking something along these lines
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