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EUD Generator 1.3
Filename: EUD_Generator.exe
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File Information
Uploaded on:May 21 2012, 12:02 am
Uploaded by:Roy
Author:Not Given.
File Description
EUD Generator
Version 1.3

How to use
1) Choose one of the tabs that pertains to your EUD interests (General, Player, Unit, Display Text, Local Only).
2) Choose a type of EUD (i.e. Unit HP).
3) Fill out the information you want to read (i.e. Unit #0 has between 40 and 50 HP).
4) (Optional) Change which players you want the trigger to be owned by and if you want a comment to be generated.
5) Copy the text generated and paste it into Scmdraft's text trigger editor.

Screen Shots

List of Supported EUD Conditions

  • I themed it like SEN because I made it specifically for you guys. You know I love you, SEN. :wub:
  • I included local only addresses, which are not necessarily multiplayer safe. You can read more about this in Section 5 of my EPD tutorial.
  • If you are unsure what to put in a specific field, let me know. Everything should be easily identifiable, however, if you skim through my EPD tutorial.
  • Technically, Latency is a local address, but since it can only be set universally in-game, it's safe enough to not categorize with the others.
  • I tested most of these quite rigorously, but if I have made an error or if the generated conditions don't work the way you expect, please contact me via PM or this thread.
  • If I am missing any EUD conditions that you would like to see included in this program, let me know!

Version History
  • 1.3: Added EUD Action support. Fixed a comment bug.
  • 1.2: Fixed rare calculation exceptions
  • 1.1: Fixed Player Supply values.
  • 1.0: First public release.

Note: This program requires the .NET Framework 4 to run.

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Roy wrote on Feb 1 2013, 3:55 am:
For EUD Conditions, you just need a good version of SCMDraft. See this page: Final Call For SCMDraft, Revised
For EUD Actions, you can't enter them through the text editor, but you can enter them by hand. In the Unit field, type "ID:1234" (or whatever the number is) in SCMDraft's classic trigger editor.

Zoan wrote on Jun 7 2012, 7:58 pm:
I've been gone for a long, long time and I forgot what I need to download in order to post EUD related conditions and actions into Trig Edit. What was that again?

[03:57 pm]
lil-Inferno -- probs just coincidence tbh
[2020-2-27. : 5:45 am]
Kolokol -- Okay, are both of these games referencing something else here? If so, what are they both referencing?
[2020-2-27. : 5:45 am]
Kolokol -- So I am looking at the custom campaign "Legacy of the Confederation". One of the missions has references such as "Doctor Halsey" and "Noble", but the campaign was made almost 10 years before Halo Reach.
[2020-2-27. : 2:55 am]
Dem0n -- ya
[2020-2-27. : 2:45 am]
Wing Zero -- Ah damn it Demon
[2020-2-27. : 2:03 am]
KrayZee -- Yeah, we just need 3 more. We can get a complete F if it's 4.
[2020-2-26. : 10:06 pm]
jjf28 -- i'll take that advice into cooperation
[2020-2-26. : 7:43 pm]
KrayZee -- Okay, but we need other people to cooperate and not ruin it
[2020-2-26. : 6:27 pm]
Wing Zero -- Next we need to spell out F in the boxes
[2020-2-26. : 5:25 pm]
Sie_Sayoka -- the i is silent
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