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Lifestealing after a kill
Aug 28 2009, 8:24 pm
By: MJ-Glenn  

Aug 28 2009, 8:24 pm MJ-Glenn Post #1

I want to get a trigger in a map im making where every time you kill an enemy you get additional life. I realize that the modify units life is a "SET" not "add" or "subtract" life...
I did a little research in the forums for things like this and i could'nt find what i was looking for after an hour.

So my question is: Does anybody know of a system that could add like 1% life after each kill?


Aug 28 2009, 8:31 pm Decency Post #2

Virtual HP is the only way, and your map will pretty much have to revolve around the system if you want to use it.


Aug 28 2009, 8:44 pm lil-Inferno Post #3

Just here for the pie

You have two options for a multiplayer game and one more for a single player game, but EUD actions don't work with more than one player. This is all assuming it's a real time strategy type of game.

1.) Use vHP
2.) Create a Medic near the unit and remove it a bit later. The effectiveness of this all depends on the amount of health the units have and the amount of enemies they will be killing at a given time.
3.) EUD actions.

Aug 28 2009, 9:12 pm Vrael Post #4

Alternately it could be done with EUD conditions only, but you would be limited to 100 health values.

Essentially, using EUD conditions you could detect the current health, find its percentage, store that number in a death count then have 100 triggers to set the units health based on the health calculated, for example if the unit has 59/100 health and you detect that, you set some DC to 59, and have a trigger something like:

Current Player has suffered exactly 59 deaths of "Health Counter"
Modify Unit Health points for "Target Unit" owned by Current Player at "Target Location" to 60%.


Aug 29 2009, 1:04 am MJ-Glenn Post #5

lame, i didnt think that kind of trigger would be that much work. in the game im making i have a ton of spells and i was going to make lifestealing one of them... But it would take me to long to figure out and then i would have to copy the triggers to the other 4 players...
Thanks for the help anyways guys.

inferno mentioned that i could use a medic...
My question about that is: Can i adjust the amount of life a medic heals?
-I would like the medic to apear and dissapear rather quickly becaues my hero's life totals are in the thousands...

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Aug 29 2009, 2:25 am lil-Inferno Post #6

Just here for the pie

No, you cannot, unfortunately. In this case, only time can tell how much you heal.

Aug 29 2009, 5:15 am Pyro682 Post #7

(And Energy)

However, if it's Mech units, you can make it as fast as you want, and you can control the amount of HP recovered, using Mins/Gas.
So, if it's just 1 hero, you may want to consider switching heroes, if you really want a good HP "adding" system or whatever.


Aug 29 2009, 6:14 am MJ-Glenn Post #8

damnnnn its way to late for that :( , but good idea... FRIK shuda made the last hero a goliath instead of a marine...


Aug 29 2009, 3:27 pm Pyro682 Post #9

Well, there IS a method you can use, though it is rather heavy. It doesn't require EUDs, or vHP. All it needs is a Series of Scarabs and Reavers.
What you do is (Say the person kills a unit with Lifesteal casted, or whatever you do) you move the hero to a seperate area away from the game, and you Have a Damage Cycle thing, where it moves 1 scarab at a time, and adds 1 to a Death Counter.

Virtually, what this does so far is it Kills off the Marine, and It takes note of its HP by using a Death counter for the number. You can also use resources, if you care to. Next, what happens is that you edit this DC, add however much HP you want to. Then you create a new rine, and you Subtract from a full HP rine untill you reach this DC number. Move the marine back when it has the desired health, and there you go, it'll be just as if the person healed.

Here is where you can find a post with the of the concept/process, although it is not as in-depth as what you'll be doing, it'll be doing some of the stuff.
You will also need to use this, as I see it, under the "Subtraction" section of the wiki article. Subtraction of DCs

I really do think you should go with this system. There are only two problems that I can see with it so far: The person will lose a hotkey when they cast this, and all attacks on them will be interrupted. (May be a bonus though, like a temporary shield?)
It's seemingly instant, it allows you to warp the HP to however much you want, it allows players to "Lifesteal", and it is a nice system for you to use in general.


Aug 29 2009, 3:34 pm lil-Inferno Post #10

Just here for the pie

It would be too tedious to have your unit die every time you kill an enemy, don't you think? Also, if you're using mech units, you need to manually use repair, which is also tedious for every time you kill an enemy. Admit it Pyro, you just want someone to use your system ;).

I think that every time an enemy is killed you should just add about 36-60 to a death count (3-5 seconds) and when you have 0 of that death count, your medic is removed. It gives the effect of actually "draining" life since it goes over time.

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