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Pressure Builder
Oct 1 2007, 2:32 am
By: Conen.  

Oct 1 2007, 2:32 am Conen. Post #1

I've got an idea for a simple yet fun sounding map. The map is called "Pressure Builders". You start out in a big area with your 4 teamates and mine some minerals, starts out just like a normal melee map. then after about a minute, units will start spawning slowely but slightly consitantly. like, every ten seconds more come. it would start out really small like 2 drones and a marine but it would end up being like, 10 BC's, 5 Goliaths, and 2 Ultralisks. Its sorta like OMFG THE LINGS but OMFG THE RANDOM SHIT. The point is to stay alive long enough to build a safe base and make a big enough army to defeat the enemy stronghold, which would be like a bunch of bunks and sunks and spores and that shit with an overmind in the middle. It doesn't sound very good when i explain it but yea i'd put alot of effort into it. So... feedback? Ideas?


Oct 1 2007, 11:56 pm ETEFT(U) Post #2

Sounds like a good concept, but seems like it is going to need alot of work. If you can pull this idea off I think it might be a decent map.


Oct 2 2007, 2:37 am Conen. Post #3

I don't think it would be very hard exactly, it'd just take alot of triggers to spawn and move units over and over.


Oct 17 2007, 11:20 pm Oyen Post #4

Sounds pretty easy to make(I doubt you would need any complicated triggers) and could be very enjoyable for melee players who want a challenge. Go for it.


Oct 26 2007, 2:20 am Money Post #5

Instead of like OMFG THE LINGS make two extrance points to make it harder.


Oct 26 2007, 4:55 am payne Post #6


The most hard will be balancing the unit spawn...


Oct 27 2007, 6:13 pm InsolubleFluff Post #7

Stupid Name.
Easy to Make.
Why would you even bother putting this in UMS Theory and Ideas? This isn't a Theory or Idea on the grounds that a Theory or Idea would be innovative and creative, it wouldn't just be somebody elses map but instead of spawning 2x lings, lets spawn 2x what we just spawned + 1 other unit.
This is an epic failure, please stop any progress made on this map immediately.


Oct 27 2007, 9:17 pm Oyen Post #8

Even if this isn't particularly original, this map could still become popular on if its fun and doesn't have a steep learning curve.


Oct 28 2007, 3:31 am InsolubleFluff Post #9

Maps played on mean nothing.
Maps played by SEN or Maplantis mean nothing.
Maps played by anyone you don't know mean nothing.
Make maps that you find fun, that you enjoy, don't ask for opinions on your maps, don't ask if people like it or not, just make it.
However controversial to previous statements that may sound, the concepts are different, the previous one was bashing that he put it in UMS Theory and Ideas when it is neither a Theory nor Idea and this post is simply combatting the idiocy of you thinking a widely played map is a good one.


Oct 29 2007, 10:24 pm Oyen Post #10

the previous one was bashing that he put it in UMS Theory and Ideas when it is neither a Theory nor Idea

I was only responding to the fact that you had wanted him to stop production on the map.

this post is simply combatting the idiocy of you thinking a widely played map is a good one

That depends entirely on what a person's definition of what a "good map" is. A good map to a regular player may just be something simple, yet fairly challenging. If a map is being widely played, then clearly its considered "good" by the people playing it.


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