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The Adventures of B.A.G.
Jun 30 2008, 4:57 am
By: ShizTheresABear  

Jun 30 2008, 4:57 am ShizTheresABear Post #1

Here's the Adventures of B.A.G. (Biggs and Grant), a comic about two Terran soldiers living their lives. This comic was posted on SEN before v5 so here I am reposting it. I'm going to start posting from episode 52 and on, so if you want to read before, please visit in Comic Archives.

Episode 052 - Never Gonna Get Old


Jul 3 2008, 6:52 pm Dark_Nokiemens Post #2

Nice Comic. Could you please post the links to the other comics, also? I can't find them. :-(


Jul 3 2008, 7:12 pm FlyingHat Post #3

I've seen and heard of it. I enjoyed it for a little while. But it got old and stale really, really quick.


Jul 3 2008, 10:19 pm Ultraviolet Post #4

Don't stop till you get enough

Quote from Dark_Nokiemens
Nice Comic. Could you please post the links to the other comics, also? I can't find them. :-(

Not as funny as I remembered :(

Jul 4 2008, 12:31 am RIVE Post #5

Just Here For The Pie

Lol, I remember these. They're on Aren't they still?

My favorite was the advert for Stim as the best combat drug, and the marines were freaking out.

Marine: "Where's that voice coming from?"
Narrator: "Use Stim.."


Jul 5 2008, 9:02 am ATG Post #6

Man, I remember your comics.They're epic, at least most of them.Keep makin' them!


Jul 5 2008, 4:51 pm Twitch Post #7

Wow I thought you died shiz lol.
Nice to see you and your comics still lurking around =].


Jul 6 2008, 5:18 pm Falkoner Post #8

Your website crashed me! Some massive ad started to appear and then I crashed!


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