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UnholyUrine's Monthly Map Digest
May 17 2008, 9:21 pm
By: UnholyUrine  

May 17 2008, 9:21 pm UnholyUrine Post #1

UnholyUrine's Monthly Map Digest

Hi Guys, I am a "senior" map maker (aren't we all?).. and This is something that I felt like doing. I know there isn't much point in this, but, like all Map makers, it is my passion to Share the fun with everyone on SC.
I always feel that there's a lot of genius works out there, and hidden talents and fun in a lot of maps, both old and new. And I feel that there's just too much private gaming going on these days, and that it'd be a grand idea to share it all with you!
Of course, these are completely My opinion.. you're welcome to argue but don't bitch at me :(..
Also, This is just a TEST to see the response of the public (or what's left of it)
Anyways.. Let's start off with...

Maps of the Month
I will try to incorporate at least 3 new maps per digest... and of course there will be honorary mentions..
These are only the maps that are NEWLY MADE and that I'VE PLAYED...

This month is definately one of the MOST PRODUCTIVE MONTHs i've SEEn (which is why I wanted to do this) Don't feel sorry if ur maps aren't on here, for no. 1 I don't go to east, no. 2 i can't play all the new maps.. no. 3 .. u got some STIFF competition this month!

THIRD PLACE! (Hang in there!...)
- Spellsword RPG
- by: Remisa

- What a Quality RPG! Rarely is there such a nicely done and bugless and decorated RPG that is Finished (I admire you for restarting it after 2005).
The map is full of sound clips and color that enlightens the map, and the RPG's Storyline, and Balancing, and Quality is all perfect! The Difficulty is well challenging, even if you're not a Fan of long RPG's like the Labyrinthos, Try this out to see just what quality the SC mapping community has to offer!
- Only Complaint is the Spells.. You gotta move each unit to the side to apply it. A dropship system is Much more efficient, but again I can see that you've got too many ideas on your hands (12 spells + healing and other crap.. doesn't fit inside a transport lol) .. But it is definately a pain to hotkey each spell unit... Or move the screen over to the side to use the spell...

SECOND PLACE! (Almost there! But not quite...)
- We are Friends
- by: Radeath

- This map could've EASILY been the no. 1.. but one can see why not below. Never before has the Grid system been so beautifully deployed... Each hero has their own "style", and each spells and combos are just DYING to be seen!! So.. what can one do?... Why.. just FEAST YOUR EYES on the most crazy, unimaginable, glorious explosion effects on this map! Never before has SC seen such art!
The map itself composes of a simple arena, a simple spell system.. and a wonderfully simple yet WORKING combo system
- Complaints are that this map is pure Eye Candy :(.. All Novice players gotta do is run around and avoid being close to another person.. wait until final combo is deployable, and get close and deploy it at the right moment... And of course.. spam the heal.. Obviously tho, everything needs to be timed, and sadly, only a real Pro can see that.

FIRST PLACE!!!!! (and the winner is...)
- Galactic Gunners
- by: Tuxedo-Templar

- Now you see why Waffles didn't make it to the Top. This map.... is... amazing.. and I only played it once (since it WAS only released 1-2 days ago)... Tuxlar completely shed his complicated gameplay style, and at the same time truly showed us his mapping abilities.
Oh sure you think to urself, I can do that wraith stuff and rally points.. you just gotta give the unit to the computer <_<.. Well I ask you How'd it detect every wraith in the area? How'd we get "kills" without actually killing the units? and of course.. .How'd he do the Cock??!?! (I know the answer to all except the last one XD.. but does it matter? I wouldn't spend that much time doing the shapes of cocks and cats)
And to Top off the map, Each level is Unique and the main enemy is an eccentric buttsecks lover... and well... if u ask me.. this is What SC UMS MAPS ARE ALL ABOUT!! Buttsecks!
- Only Complaint is that the ammo don't detect right away (obviously, because u have to set it that way) But really that doesn't matter! The cocks truly makes up for it.. (btw.. on a more serious note.. no i'm not homosexual <_<)

HONORARY MENTIONS (at least you're mentioned...)
- Naruto: Mark of the Shinobi
- Badger_Slayer aka Anbu_Sazanami (From clan Orig bitches!)

- lol.. yes from clan orig n clan anbu, but seriously this map is great! Badger saw the bar of fighting games from maps such as The Fight Club, and broke thru it (altho, Waf's in a completely other level). I'm no naruto fan, but each character has 4 spells that's shared by everyone, and 4 specific spells that're unique and resemble the anime Naruto. Knowing badger, a great deal of work has been spent on this map for Balancing, Pretty effects, Balancing, Quality, Balancing, Uniqueness of Spells, and of course.. balancing.
This map is DEFINATELY worth playing if u're a Naruto fan! And this map is worth seeing at least once, because of its trigger quality and balance.
- Complaint is that.. well.. it's a fighting Tag map, and people who don't like Naruto or don't know naruto.. wouldn't know wtf's going on!..

- Plumbing Defense
- by: SpacePirateKhan

- Another Defense.. Another spin-off of Mario Chararcters.. What good things can possibly come from this? .. Well let me tell you, it's one hell of a unique defense map! What you gotta do and only do is to stop the units from clogging up the water (zlings) going downwards while the enemies moves upwards..
This map features a flawed but VERY strategical evolve system, good upgrade and unit systems. Definately worth a try if u like defense maps!
- Complaints is that .. why are our unit snot invincible?.. Too many situations where one'd storm their own mutas dead... Another complaint is that if the unit is close to the edge of the water, and u try to evolve it, it becomes unplacable..

- Self Defense
- by: azala[zc]

- Interesting! VERY interesting concept! Plus the map itself isn't bad! .. What you gotta do is u face a certain amount of marines which u gotta kill by building your own marines.. But right after the First level.. the amount of marines you built will be exactly the amount of marines you will face in the Next level!!! what a beautiful an original concept
- Alas, the concept didn't work well in this map. All you needa do is build minimal marines.. but upgrade and upgrade and upgrade until it's stronger than the computer's marines... Well now that we know what to do, there's no other things to think about in this map... =/.. I'm sure you could've added other units other than marines.. I suggest Microable units.. Since then people would try to micro and Win asap (Since this IS a competitive defense).. then this map would surely be an ingenious concept!

OLD CLASSICS (Wrinkles appear where you've smiled..)
For this section, I like to bring up around 2 OLD classics.. and when i say old.. i mean REALLY old classics.. classics where you MUST have the map, yet it's so old u've never realized u have such a wonderful map!

- Bunker Command
- by: Blizzard
- directory: [Broodwar] -> [Webmaps] -> (6)BunkerCommand

- I was just wondering about the when i came upon this.. Everyone has this map! unfortunately, the directory to this map is so Obscure that almost no one knows this.. I am one of the few lucky ones...
This map is SO simple yet SO effective! U start off with a bunker, an observer, 10 marines, and a Gui montag as your initial squad. U kill for killscore.. each 500 killscore = reinforcements.. the reinforcements are widely ranged (but unfortunately not random)... However, here's the kicker, your Bunkers are randomly placed, and If it gets killed, all your units die and you start over with ur ob, marine, and hero fb... This brings out a LOAD of possible strategies, and requires quick thinking and micro.
- Complaints is that there're no broodwar units... ... o.O why's it place under broodwar... no medics.. that stinks.. But other than that, a grand classic.

- Winterglades
- by: ?????? maybe blizzard...
- saved as (5)winterglade

- This is the predecessor of all Crash Rpgs. The First Evolutionary RPG (probably) on the face of SC... Yet, it's FUN!! You get to pick 1/5 heroes, each with EIGHT levels!.. Plus, when u get enough "gold", you can buy more units.. this opens a lot of RPG'ish strategies.. Plus there's a solid storyling seen in so many Nintendo franchises.. The princess gets kidnapped by force.. and you gotta save her.. (gee where've this came up before?) ... However, this princess puts up a fight! as you'll see from the intro movie..
HOld on a minute.. an INTRO MOVIE?? wow mate, this old classic is so Old that ppl didn't figure out how to do colored display texts yet.. but this map gots an Intro movie, Unit buying, and a Solid Evolution Trigger base.
- Being such an old map, there're no special effects, no spells, no color, and not even Upgrades.. all u can do is evolve. However, it is Still fun and challenging, and definately worth mentioning!

TURD OF THE MONTH (stinkier than cats and Mouse with ants and dogs and GOD all mixed together in a dung heap)
Of course, not everyone has taste... Ppl LOVE rigged maps, or maps that have glitches easily thwarted to give them definate victory... YET, the map is being played... scarring the name of SC

- Mole Hunt V. Perfection
- by: .. nah find out urself

- Such a beautiful concept.. making your own maze and running from units that will tag you.... but NOPE.. some people JUST have to make this more complicated...
this map is TERRIBLY rigged for the Moles (ironicly it's the "PERFECT VERSION".. gasp)... The moles.. other than Digging.. gets... Full map vision, gets drones to build colonies.. colonies can change into sunkens or spores.. sunkens attack, while spores doubles the HP of the colony... Not only that, the moles can Build drones once they've digged deep enough. Plus, the worst part is, the drone can burrow, and then wall jump the ultra to the corner, which is conveniently not blocked...
the farmer.... well.. he gets.. infested terrans........ no vision... does ~5 dmg to creep colonies (100 hp)... and infested terrans can't even kill spore colonies in one hit...
- Only reason why ppl play this is that they can be the mole.. and wall jump.. and have fun dissing the farmers.. *sigh*..

Anyways.. That concludes this month's Digest

Again, this is all My opinion.. please give Feedback!
If u want ur map to be described.. please contact me on @uswest in channel Clan Orig

hope u like all of this :P
WARNING: The maps are too big in size (even after compression) to attach.. anyone got any ideas how to help with that?

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May 17 2008, 9:27 pm Atlos Post #2

I liked it, good job. Hopefully I'll have my map finished by the end of June and it'll be up here. :P


May 17 2008, 9:51 pm DevliN Post #3


Not to rain on your parade or anything, but I'm pretty sure this doesn't belong here.

1. The thread must contain a link to or attachment to the map in question. Make sure this is the correct forum for your thread.
2. The map in question must be a playable (alpha and beta etc versions are acceptable) version. Bug-free and thoroughly tested is not a requirement.
3. Contain adequate descriptive material (text and/or screenshots). What is considered adequate is to be judged by moderators and administrators, not the thread starter. When in doubt, add more information.
4. Maps must generally fit acceptability for DLDB entry criteria. These haven't been written yet, but I dug this up, which will suffice for now...

Map Showcase is supposed to be for maps you have created yourself, and since this is basically your review of other peoples' work, it should most likely be moved to Null or perhaps Games.

Moving to Null unless someone else wants it either back in Map Showcase or Games.

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May 18 2008, 12:53 pm Clokr_ Post #4

Good job. I've been waiting for something like this for some time. It could help us the lazy ones to actually play some good maps :)

You could upload the maps to the DLDB, then link them.

The only complaint I have are the 'u's for you, but still, it would be cool if you kept making it every month as planned.


May 18 2008, 3:56 pm Moose Post #5

Quote from UnholyUrine
SECOND PLACE! (Almost there! But not quite...)
- We are Friends
- by: Radeath
Definitely made before this month. The copy in my downloads folder is from January.

May 18 2008, 10:22 pm FatalException Post #6

Quote from Mini Moose 2707
Quote from UnholyUrine
SECOND PLACE! (Almost there! But not quite...)
- We are Friends
- by: Radeath
Definitely made before this month. The copy in my downloads folder is from January.
Yeah, I played this with NerdyTerdy a few months ago. Also, it's We Are Friend, no S.


May 18 2008, 10:48 pm Rantent Post #7

Aww, not even an honorable mention.
Meh, two days worth of work isn't all that impressive.


May 18 2008, 11:03 pm MadZombie Post #8

galactic gunnerz first place? i dont not beleev.


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