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Starcraft 1 Hard Campaign
Mar 1 2023, 4:36 am
By: pochoman123  

Mar 1 2023, 4:36 am pochoman123 Post #1


Hardest version of the Original and BroodWar Starcraft campaign, contains all 6 episodes of the campaign: Episode I: Rebel Yell, Episode II: Overmind, Episode III: The Fall, Episode IV: The Stand, Episode V: The Iron Fist, Episode VI: The Queen of Blades


  • Some maps have the feature of transform regular units into hero units, they have increase attack and defense, they are useful mostly for defense purposes

  • Attacks generated via script to balance the lack of effectiveness of the attacks by the AI

  • AI have infinite resources to balance the fact that it doesn't care much about collecting minerals, except when the AI has insane difficulty

  • Maps have a plenty of resources to balance the increase of difficulty, you don't run out of them easily

    Most of the maps use now hard, insane difficulty in the AI for challenging purposes

  • AI now have a more establish base with more units, defenses, buildings so is not easy to defeat

  • Maps have a redesign to improve the movement of units across them, defense of your base, etc


Moddb page (Original): Original Campaign

Moddb page (BroodWar): BroodWar Campaign

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Apr 20 2023, 7:43 pm newageofpower Post #2

The game is indeed harder, but man the maps are large, ugly and boring.


Dec 2 2023, 10:12 pm ManCubuS Post #3

Oldschool Purist

I liked that author decided not just change AI triggers but add hero units and change map layout - bold call. Some maps look "uglier" but I like it, I care more about difficulty than aesthetics in this case. So far I like difficulty, it's not too hard and I hope it won't become impossible to beat like on Insane Edition.

Here's my walkthrough:

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