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Daily Mutation
Oct 8 2022, 2:32 am
By: wdcqc  

Oct 8 2022, 2:32 am wdcqc Post #1

Map Preview



This map is a co-op campaign with different twists each day, like the Weekly Mutations in
StarCraft II. Players have a team of four, playing against two computer AIs enhanced with
EUD AI scripts. It has a large pool of 54 different mutations and 24 different AI scripts,
mixing into a fresh new challenge every day.

The difficulty level varies greatly with different mutators and AI scripts picked each day.
There are two difficulty levels, Daily and Hard, where Hard mode adds an additional mutator
along with more resources and supply limit to the AIs.

If you beat the game, you will unlock the Sandbox mode, where you can pick any mutator and
AI combo as you want.
This map is part of the AI EUD project, which consists of 4-player campaign maps with EUD
augmented computer AIs.

Other maps belonging to the project include:
[AI EUD] Wonders v1.05
[AI EUD] Void Space v1.00
[AI EUD] Stock Market v2.03
[AI EUD] Nomads v1.0
[AI EUD] Fight Grass v1.00


The first player on the team starts by choosing the game mode: Daily, Hard, or unlock and
choose Sandbox. For Daily and Hard mode, the game start immediately, and player can
double check the mutators by viewing Mission Objectives (F10 + J).
For Sandbox mode, the player may pick any combination of mutators and AIs with Kerrigan.
Casting Lockdown on a gas orb gives information for that mutator, and attacking the gas
orb toggles it. After finishing choosing the mutators, Cloak to continue to AI selection,
where the player pick two AIs by attacking and the game will start.

The players start on the left section of the map, separated from the middle by a river
with two bridges. The two AIs start top-right and bottom-right on the high grounds.
Usually, the best practice is to block off the bridges first before the computers attack.
Most Zerg AIs will attack around 4:00 to 5:00 with zerglings, while Terran and Protoss AIs
may do it later depending on AI script type. If it is Zerg and did not attack early enough,
well, it might be that specific AI which skips towards mass Mutalisks - so prepare for it.

There is no hard time limit on the mission; however as the time goes on the AIs will
increase in strength, and late-game AI armies are very difficult to deal with,
especially if paired with mutators that increase unit strength, like Barrier, Transmutation
or Walking Infested.
Field effect mutators also spawn more over time, like Twisters, Orbital Strike
and Minesweeper.

Players can upgrade up to 255, while the AIs also upgrade up to 255 but at a slower pace.
In Daily mode players can outupgrade them by 3 levels late game if kept upgrading,
but in Hard mode they upgrade faster and players need attention to keep up.

If all enemy buildings are destroyed, the players win the game. Conversely if players
lose all buildings they lose the game. If players cannot find the last building after
almost killing everything, this map gives vision after some time the AIs have no bases
and very few buildings left.

Source Code:

This map is "secretly open source"; you can acquire its source code by unlocking secret
achievements in the map.
To get the source code, extract an extra ~350KB file from the map file using
Ladik's MPQ Editor or a similar tool based on StormLib. Old tools
might not work due to MPQ version problems.

After extracting the file, rename it to src.rar and extract it; it will need a password,
which is obtained from in-game achievements. There are 13 achievements in total, unlocking
each gives a certain part of the password.


"Purifier Beam"

"Slim Pickings/Micro Transactions"

"Sandbox Mode"

AI attack with the Alien Incubation mutator, which spawns broodlings

AI fight in the middle


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Oct 8 2022, 3:37 am Oh_Man Post #2

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Woah, that's a lot of game modes.

How does it detect which day it is?

Oct 8 2022, 3:51 am wdcqc Post #3

Quote from Oh_Man
Woah, that's a lot of game modes.

How does it detect which day it is?

0x006D0F38 Replay Header - Rand Seed

This address stores the timestamp by seconds, divide by 86400 and you get the days.


Oct 24 2022, 4:37 pm Psilance Post #4

Awesome map, really really like it. I like coop so this map with different twists is just perfect for me. Sadly not as many people on EU join these as I would like but I will keep rehosting :D love it!

Big problem with the map: Everything is running slowly.

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