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Apr 1 2021, 9:23 pm
By: X405  

Apr 1 2021, 9:23 pm X405 Post #1


Magnetar is an engine mod for StarCraft 1.16.1.


The goal is to introduce some small new features without changing game mechanics or gameplay. Hopefully some of the engine limitations will be removed. There will be no changes in the tech tree or unit stats.

The project is open source. When/if it matures, it might be usable as a template for other Starcraft mods. Those should be able to tweak the tech tree/unit stats/whatever.

It's written from scratch and it does not rely on FireGraft, MpqDraft, or other launchers. The code is a mix of auto-generated assemby and some horrible C++. Everything on top of the mess-of-an-engine that is Starcraft.

Everything is experimental!


Release files:
Release Information:


0.3.0 - Committed Corsair
  • Allow raw CHK files to be loaded as custom scenarios
  • Add command line arguments:
    • -keep-app-active - keep the app active while in the background
    • -skip-end-mission-prompt - remove the win/lose dialog upon mission completion
    • -help - display a help message
  • Hide game type UI elements for directories during custom scenario selection
  • Attempt to auto-detect the StarCraft installation directory
  • Fix issues with buildability flags in the bottom map corners (introduced in 0.1.0)
  • Fix an issue in units updaing within the game loop (introduced in 0.2.0)
  • Fix an issue in melee unit initialization (introduced in 0.2.0)
  • Fix an issue in sprite initialization (introduced in 0.2.0)

0.2.0 - Busy Barracks
  • Reimplement ~10% of the functions in StarCraft 1.16.1
  • Allow arbitrary map sizes below 256x256
  • Draw a higher details minimap for map sizes below 32x32
  • Put the Precursor campaign on the campaigns menu screen
  • Implement new tags for credits/establishing shots:
    • </PLAYSOUND xxx>
    • </FONTSIZE xxx> - where xxx is 10, 14, 16 or 16x (default)
  • Fix wrong colors in magma/water tiles on Ashworld/Ice tilesets (by DarkenedFantasies)
  • Allow mouse scrolling in the campaign history popup
  • Increase the frequency of minimap rerendering

0.1.0 - Anxious Arbiter
  • Enable establishing shots within custom scenarios

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Oct 10 2021, 8:59 am Lagi Post #2

I run it. but it looks like normal sc 1.16.1 hmm... so what are the new small features?

its engine mod that allow tweaks, ok... so how do i change marine damage?


Jan 14 2022, 8:01 am X405 Post #3

Quote from Lagi
its engine mod that allow tweaks, ok... so how do i change marine damage?

For marine damage - you'd need to use a DAT editor.

This is more of an alternative to GPTP. Every known/unknown address is available for calling/reading/writing/patching via some auto-generated code. Nothing is properly documented, but you can see examples here.

Quote from Lagi
I run it. but it looks like normal sc 1.16.1 hmm... so what are the new small features?

The new features are still a goal. Right now the 0.1.0 release can only display establishing shots in custom scenarios.

The latest code (available in github, but still not tagged as a release) reimplements minimap rendering. It allows for arbitrary map sizes below 256x256.

Another thing that's reimplemented are parts of tileset and CHK loading. I've succeeded in adding a 9th tileset to the game, but I've no art for it and no map editor to supports it.

Jun 6 2024, 10:26 pm Rawflesh0615 Post #4

Hmm, never heard of this before. What's this all about?


Jun 7 2024, 6:50 pm X405 Post #5

It's an engine reimplementation, but with some additions. Some are released and can be seen in the changelog. A lot remain as proof-of-concept in an unreleased state, because I have no use-cases for them (yet). Some examples:
  • additional races
  • additional tilesets
  • more elevation levels in tilesets
  • ability to change missions/cinematics in the built-in campaigns
  • loading custom campaigns/mods with modified DAT/BIN files from within the game menus
  • non-mirrored sprite images

It can in principle do anything GPTP can. And more.

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