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Looper Pro
Sep 12 2020, 7:52 am
By: lifebot  

Sep 12 2020, 7:52 am lifebot Post #1


Looper Pro is a free tool made by a Korean developer named Jin3. It was uploaded on EDAC forums in Korea.

There are times where you must make the same trigger for every player, or even 100's of the same trigger because PreserveTrigger(); is not applicable.

Or there are just times you have to make the same triggers for a Force, with variables increasing by one.

In this case, you can actually save all the time duplicating them using Looper Pro.

Personally, this tool has saved me days worth of time. Take advantage of this tool!

Trigger { -- No comment (07ADE120)
players = {P1},
conditions = {
actions = {

Let's say you need to make this trigger for every player. What do you do?

You copy the trigger, and change the {P1} and ("p1") for other applicable players.

If you had to do this for all players, you would have to copy the trigger 7 more times and change the values manually.

There is actually a simple way to automate this process using Looper Pro.

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Sep 12 2020, 9:46 am NudeRaider Post #2

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It might be worth explaining how this distinguishes itself from other trigger duplicators like Farlap, Trigger Duplicator, etc.

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