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SEN Survivor: Round 3b - Tie Breaker
Feb 1 2020, 5:31 pm
By: Doodan  
Tie Breaker Round!
Tie Breaker Round!
Answer Votes Percentage % Voters
RAWRZ!!! ^_^ Monster 7
Corbo 7
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Feb 1 2020, 5:31 pm Doodan Post #1

Since round 3 ended in a tie between these two contestants, we'll have a special tie breaker round!

RAWRZ!!! ^_^ Monster


Feb 1 2020, 11:09 pm jjf28 Post #2

Cartography Artisan

I vote that Corbo gets infected and becomes the new monster.

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Feb 3 2020, 2:57 am Doodan Post #3

Doodan, ahem, I mean the spoof contestant "RAWRZ!!! ^_^ Monster" is choosing to drop out of the game! Corbo shall live to fight another day!



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