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Walking Dead: The Lawless Land
Jun 4 2018, 9:24 pm
By: MTiger156  

Jun 4 2018, 9:24 pm MTiger156 Post #1

A few months ago, I let people vote on what kind of zombie map I should make. Here is the winner: "The Walking Dead: Lawless Land".

"The Walking Dead: Lawless Land"
A massive zombie pandemic has destroyed virtually all of humanity. Only small groups of survivors remain, and resources are scarce. Will you help the other survivors or eliminate them for personal gain?
(Note: This takes place in an alternate universe of "The Walking Dead" TV series. No official character lore will be used)

-7 Players
-PvE and PvP gamemodes
-RNG placement of supplies/gear across the map

Day/Night cycle:
In the daytime, shared vision is allowed and units have increased sight range. Zombie spawns are less aggressive. At night, shared vision is disabled, unit sight range is reduced, and the zombies are at their strongest.

Each player will have a small box outside the field that contains their items (supplies/weapons). Move an item to the "Use" or "Drop" beacon for the desired effect (self-explanatory). If all of your survivors die, then your whole inventory is dropped and you enter Observation Mode.

Food supply:
Tracked as gas, it slowly diminishes over time. Explore the map to find food rations. Upon finding them, they are moved to inventory. Use a ration to restore gas. If gas reaches zero, one of your survivors will die from hunger and your gas will reset.

Weapon/Ammo system:
Finding a weapon will move it to your inventory. "Use" the weapon to equip it on one of your survivors. "Use" it again to unequip it from that survivor. You can't equip more weapons than your survivor count, and equips cannot stack.
Kills will slowly consume your ammo (minerals). Upon reaching zero minerals, your weapons will not do any damage. Find and/or use an ammo box to restore ammo (minerals).

All survivor units have HP regeneration (+1 every 3 seconds). Equip a "First-Aid" (medic) to heal units faster.

Special Skill/Passive:
At the start of the game, each player can choose one of various "specialties" that will help them throughout the game.
-Improved food efficiency
-Improved ammo efficiency
-Survivors gain armor (small, permanent damage protection)
-Start with an additional survivor
-"Binoculars" (allows periodic use of a comsat station, only in daytime)
-"Salvage" (kills will sometimes yield supplies)

How to Win?
The map has 2 game modes that players vote on:
PvE Mode: Supplies are in greater quantity and the game plays until all players are dead. This mode increases zombie strength.
PvP Mode: There is less supplies across the map. Players will have to fight each other to survive. Zombie strength is lower.

-Implementation of random-events may/may not happen.
-Due to the heavy RNG, the map might seem absurdly difficult to some players.
-Tell me what features should be added in the future!


Yellow blips on the map (not visible in game) mark the locations of potential supplies.

Walking Dead - Lawless Land.scx
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Jul 18 2018, 11:31 pm Ultraviolet Post #2

Hey MTiger, cool idea here. Love the show, decided to check out your map. I played a few rounds on my own, hosted pub once. I enjoyed it, although I had a hard time surviving for very long by myself. Seems like the difficulty went way down with even just three players, though. Does the difficulty scale at all based on players in game, or are the spawns always the same? I also have some feedback for you:

Things I liked
  • Weapon mechanics are cool. I like how with melee weapons you get the security of not having to worry about ammo, but with guns, you're safe at a distance. Seems like a good combination of both is best.
  • RNG makes the game interesting, although frustrating at times (where the heck are all the weapons right now?)
  • The inventory system works pretty well. I like the way you implemented the ability to equip and unequip items and the replacement of unarmed civs with them.
  • Being able to choose a specialty at the beginning is great. However, I found myself so attracted to the +2 armor that I never wanted to choose any of the other specialties. Just couldn't give up that damage reduction. Changing it to +1 armor might be more balanced.
  • Day/night system and related changes are a nice touch.

Things I didn't like
  • I found it irritating when I ran out of food and lost a civ to starvation while I still had food rations in my backpack. In my opinion, food rations should be consumed automatically as necessary for player's quality of life. The same could be done for ammo boxes. Alternatively, you could create some sort of barracks/gateway system for eating and equipping ammo. Having to move your view over to the backpack for those actions feels clunky and distracting.
  • Sometimes I would want to do multiple things in my inventory and found myself frustrated when my vision centered on my weapon as I equipped it. I'd prefer my vision not to be moved for equipping items.
  • It seems like if I stumbled across a zombie spawning area, then before I knew it I was fucked. Not sure if this was your intention or not. I thought it might be more fair and interesting if you implemented a RNG system for zombie spawning, so they aren't always coming out of the same locations repeatedly.
  • Much of the terrain is blocky. Doodads seem haphazardly placed with little regard for whether they fit exactly in the location. This was a little distracting.

  • There is a glitch with the item pickup SCV. Every time you unequip it you gain an extra SCV in your inventory and can exploit this to regenerate your SCV's health. Also eventually your inventory would fill up with SCVs.
  • When I hosted pub, I think I spawned as Player 7, and when I picked up First Aid, it spawned in the non-existent Player 6's backpack (I could have the player numbers wrong). I was unable to use the First Aid :(

Overall, I really like the base you created. It's fun. I think the map could use some added depth in the form of objectives in PvE mode. I would like to be able to build a settlement, save people, or work towards something. Give me some goals. It feels a little hollow just walking around searching for weapons, rations and ammo and surviving with no ultimate objective.

Jul 19 2018, 3:24 am MTiger156 Post #3

Thank you for the great feedback, Ultraviolet. I can answer some of the questioned you posed.
-PvE Mode objectives are definitely a future goal. Including NPCs might be a challenge because all 8 player slots are already in use (unless I eliminate one human slot).
-Zombie spawn amounts are only regulated by the chosen game-mode. Zombies have a simple "random suicide missions" AI, so they attack all players roughly the same. Thus, a higher player counts gives the illusion of less zombies. PvP mode will probably stay this way, while PvE mode will get different AI and maybe even multiple zombie types.
-The terrain was copy/pasted from multiple melee maps (because I'm terrible at making my own terrain). The blocky parts essentially mark where my pastes intersected, and I'll admit that I didn't spend much time smoothing it out.
-Auto Food consumption can be implemented in the near future, as well as a Gateway with EUD buttons to handle the food/ammo. Can remove most of the view-changing triggers for the inventory.
-The 6 zombie spawn locations are marked by increased tree density and grass (i.e. these are the only places with tress on grass). I think its realistic that thick forests are the most dangerous places to be in a zombie apocalypse. To make it more fair, either I can give players further warning of these locations, or make them high-yield spots for supplies.
-Should be a quick fix for the duplicate SCV's.
-Player 7's triggers for first-aid had 1 typo, indeed causing them to go to Player 6's inventory. Another quick fix for my next release.

Jul 23 2018, 7:48 pm Ultraviolet Post #4

Those changes all sound good. Let me know if you want to test together sometime.

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