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Colonists, Killers and, Saints
Jan 20 2018, 7:12 pm
By: Zatsupachi  

Jan 20 2018, 7:12 pm Zatsupachi Post #1

Queen of Flaming Mechanical Bees

It's a small collection of 5-map campaign missions.

The story is quite minimal but here it is:
Map 1:
Prior to the events of Brood War, there is a tiny group of Terran Colonists that over-extended into Aiur albeit most of the fleets the came along with them were obliterated by the Protoss. The team was mostly composed of scientists and researchers, so they are sorely outmatched by incoming Protoss retaliation. The General leading them manages to leave Aiur, only to be yelled at by his superiors.

Map 2:
On Brood War, to compensate for the losses, the General was ordered to raid a healthy Mineral deposit in Braxis.

Map 3:
After which satisfied his superiors and was stationed back at home in Tarsonis, which the impending Zerg threat still looms.

Map 4:
A valuable officer was captured by the angry mining colonies that the General raided. The officer was set to investigate a strange facility in where the mining colonies were producing some advanced weapon schemata. To keep up with the trends of technology, they had to steal these plans-- or borrow these ideas. But the operation went sour and the General is sent to overlook the officer's rescue.

Map 5:
The Colonists now surrounded by Zerg in Tarsonis are desperate to escape the planet. They have an escape plan that involves launching a derelict Science Vessel, but it will take them time. The General seals the doors to their main launching facility with him facing the Zerg outside. The General is willing to make a valiant sacrifice for the rest of his colleagues to escape.

-To be made-

-To be made-


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"No mercy for the damned! Thus thou hast no escape from the grasp of catastrophe! Meteor Swarm!"

Jan 21 2018, 1:35 am Pr0nogo Post #2

Always nice to see more campaigns around! I'll post some feedback when I have time to go over the maps.

Jan 21 2018, 8:15 am DarkenedFantasies Post #3

Roy's Secret Service

I think two maps are missing? You've written synopses for 5 maps, but there are only 3 in the download archive.

On mission 1, I accidentally aggro'd the invincible red Protoss units and they followed me back to base, and proceeded to kill a lot of my stuff with impunity. You might wanna do something about that so it doesn't happen. Also we have a bunch of siege tanks and some firebats, but the enemy only attacks with air units, so those are a waste of supply.

On mission 2, killing the opponents is, without a doubt, much faster and easier than to mine 50,000 minerals. Especially since it would take probably at least 2 hours to win the map by mining without attacking any of them.

Haven't encountered any real technical issues on mission 3.

Overall the missions felt quite bland and the writing seems to be lacking any direction. For example the player character questions the reason for having a Psi Disruptor in his base but later on it gets destroyed by the Protoss attack anyway and we never hear about that again, so what's the point of that segment? Terrain work was adequate, but the resource placement looked haphazard.

If you release more maps, I'll look at them as well and maybe I'll have more constructive things to say, but so far I think that will be all.

Jan 22 2018, 12:35 am Zatsupachi Post #4

Queen of Flaming Mechanical Bees

Whoops wrong zip file.

Huh. Red Protoss is supposed to stay put in that location... I'm tempted to just make them neutral or on a constant move command. There's supposedly a ground attack once the Protoss forces reach halfway across. It's deliberately made so that you'll lose most of your stuff but your Command Center. I suppose I'll remove a good bunch of Siege Tanks.

"No mercy for the damned! Thus thou hast no escape from the grasp of catastrophe! Meteor Swarm!"

Feb 16 2018, 5:15 am Pr0nogo Post #5

I played map one, here are my thoughts:

-Opening text is pretty slow, could probably cut the wait times by about 1/3 to 1/2 depending on which line it is. Read the text out loud, time how long it takes you for each line, and add 1 or 2 seconds to that if you're worried about it being too slow.
-Some typos here and there. Run your text through a spellchecker to be safe, reading them out loud also helps with phrasing. Not sure if english is your first language but regardless getting someone else to proofread your stuff is good practice as well.
-Generally dislike player characters (I assume that's what the text in parenthesis is meant to represent), but at least they have dialogue here. I strongly recommend just turning them into an actual unit/portrait, would make their dialogue a lot less awkward.
-Civilian portrait guy saying 'that is not of your concern' seems pretty trope-y, and our player character doesn't seem too miffed by it. Not sure that was the strongest way to open, but at least it's better than generic exposition by text wall.
-`NO SIGNAL` was an interesting replacement for end of briefing.

-Why do we have UED tech?
-Yeah, the player character's dialogue is really out of place, basically every time. The ending makes him seem like a 12 year old knocking over a vase while his parents are at work, instead of a commanding officer escaping a battlefield after his entire regiment was completely wiped out and he obviously failed his mission, which is patently absurd and unbelievable.
-Protoss guy expecting a response within 3 minutes would have been clever if you then gave a 3 minute countdown timer to prepare, while the player character and the civilian guy chatted about the situation and tried to develop a plan of action or w/e, but instead it gets short-circuited by the following transmissions.
-A bunch of buffed/heroic units does not an interactive enemy army make. I thought the random ground spawns were exceptionally cheap as well. It feels like you struggled to put the player in any true danger, which should be an indicator of poor overall design rather than a signal to spawn units without offering the player any say in the matter. Our defender's advantage is huge in normal circumstances so you should probably try to reduce the amount of starting map control if you want ground forces to be a threat, and preferably tie them to shuttles or arbiters so it feels more organic when they do make landfall.
-We genuinely have nothing to do until the protoss show up. I understand that when it comes to the narrative of the story this boring job the player character gets should be characterized, but not at the expense of the player imo. Now if you opened up with protoss signatures on the radar or something and had some AI that actually threw units around in a search for a weak spot prior to the proper invasion force, that'd cut straight to the action and keep things interesting, while showing us how the characters react in high-pressure situations - something that generally makes characters more relatable/easier to become invested in.

I'll play through the other maps as time allows and let you know what my thoughts are on them as well.

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