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Medieval SF
Jun 20 2017, 5:05 pm
By: Mimose  

Jun 20 2017, 5:05 pm Mimose Post #1

Medieval SF
This map is going to be a mix of Special Forces, RPG and Defense.
You were send by the king to a region to stop raidings of bandits. What will you discover on your Adventure?!
  • Protect your Castle
  • Kill all enemys temples and stasis cells (4 each)

The Commander and at least one hero is needed to play this map

Download beta here.


Map Overview

Collapse Box

  • Players
    P1: Swordsman
    P2: Archer
    P3: Ballista
    P4: Mage
    P7: Commander

  • Map Tileset
  • Map Size

Humans' Forces are split into two: The Commander and the Heros.
The Commanders primary objective is to defend the home castle from enemy forces. He is able to build bunker and order Units (purchased by Gas (get Gas through kills)) to support the heros in solving the quests/defeating the enemy. But he's not able to upgrade - but well, after collecting spefic amounts of XP he will be able to build better defense structures (Bunker with better Units inside). After certain queststages Terran Infantery and Toss upgrades will be avaible.
The Hero-player are able to upgrade their units, furthermore their units will evolve to better ones after collecting some amount of XP. The Heros objective is to solve the questlines and supporting the commander in defending the castle.
Heros can recruit units at the Tavern (Gateway) - those units start with the apprentice level first but can be upgraded to the next level at the Training Hall (Command Center).

  • Commander: Building Bunker as defence, Order supporting units, Income generation
  • Heros: Evolving, Upgrade, Later recruitment, Special abilities (look below)
  • Guided Quests (Minimappings)
  • Revive System
  • Attacking Waves
  • Improved Health after certain Quests
  • Chests


Most Quests have to be started with entering a libary (marked with(L) - but dont worry, your time spended reading will be rewarded with XP.
  • Q1: Retrieve of the juwels
    Some bandits stole some jewels from your castle. Find the jewels and eliminate the threat
  • Q2: A greater powersource part1 (L)
    After entering the libary in town in reading alot of books you find a trace of a greater Powersource to increase your health.
  • Q3: Strange material (L)
    In the Libary next to the powersource you find a book with Informations where to get some strong material. After a dangerous travel to the site you met a miner from a nearby town who asks you to brin the material to their town.
  • Q4: A greater powersource part2 (L)
    The Towns libary gives you informations where to find another powersource.
  • Q5: Endless Demand
    The Leader of the town asks you to gather ore of the material, but the old site doesnt have enough. He gives you a map to a site with more potential. As Reward he grants you access to the Mine.
  • Q5: Exploring the Mine
    People entered the mine are missed. Now its up to you to explore the mine and find the missed miners. What secrets will hide inside?
  • Q6: A greater powersource part3 (L)
    guess what?
  • Q7: Fighting the beast (L)
    Yea, studying is sometimes annoying, but this one gives you the opportunity to mess your strengh with an enormous enemy.
  • Q8: A greater powersource part4 (L)
    This is the last one. You have now maximum HP.
  • Q9: Repell the enemy
    Large forces are attacking an allied town. Help them Defending and fight back.
  • Q10: The End (L)
    Destroy the last temple to finish the game. But beware, some strange energy is floating there.
  • Q ?: Chickens (L)
    While reading through some books in the new library of the Commander you get disturbed by some noisy chickens. If you can complete this quest heros can upgrade their minions to "Master" - the Mage will get a 50% refund on recruitment
    (Changes may come)

    Character Desciption (on progress):

    Next to building a defense with bunkers the commander can hire troops (Cost some gas, Chooser is located at map bottom. Furthermore he is a SCV and is so able to repair. The Commander should not die because hes the only character who cant be revived.
    The Commanders gamestyle will be in kind of towerdefense.
    He is able to use minerals gained through chests to either repair the castle or giving them to heros.
    The Commander is able to get a Probe at Q5 to access the protoss tech-tree. With this hes able to provide Income for him and the heros, recruit Heros and unlock a special quest.

    Swordsmen "Apprentice Guide"
    The Swordsman is able to build Barricades (Pylon - Cost some gas) and Watchtowers (Cannon - cost some more gas). When the Swordsman evolves hes granted with an apprentice. A second advantage of the SM is that recruitet units can be upgraded to the next level with bringing three of them to the Hero.
    Probe - Zealot - Hero Zealot - DT - Hero DT

    Archer "Climbing"
    The Archer is the only class which is able to enter towers and use Ropes (Shortcuts). The Archer has lowest HP and armor but will get the best damage.
    Rine - Jimmy - Ghost - Samir Duran - Sarah

    Ballista "Blessed"
    Upgraded minions can siege. Ballista has the most armor and life. Commander is able to repair the ballista and his minions. When the hero gets to the second evo (Tank) he's granted with a Halo (Science Vessel).
    Vulture - Hero Vulture - Tank - Goli - Hero Goli

    Mage "Glasses"
    The Mage benefits from reading in libraries twice: He gets same XP while reading the same stuff in half of the time - what a nerd.
    The Mage cant hire new troops - instead he is able to waste his money in improving his aura which could be - under cirumstances - might end up in harming his allies.
    The Mage is the char of knowledge - so studying is important - mostly at start of game (The mage gains more experience as more units are around him/her).
    After reaching the second evolution step (Tassadar) the mage is able to use summoned spikes (unburrowable lurker). As reward for a quest he/she gains knowledge on how to increase the summoned spikes damage.
    Civ - Templer - Tassadar - Corsair - Dark Archon

  • IDEAS (93%)
  • TERRAIN (99%)
  • TRIGGERS (93%)

  • Changing Hero rine to epic
  • Making Devouring One part of swordsman
  • Make a spawn buffer
  • All Heros get Probe somewhen? with tavern? With Library->extraquest? with income?
  • 12/08/2017
    Various changes and balances, updated attached map
  • 01/08/2017
    Added Quest, Minions now upgradable a third time, updated attached map
  • 26/07/2017
    Added Toss tree, updated attached map
  • 23/07/2017
    New map overview, released beta
  • 10/07/2017
    Quest added, new map overview, added Chests, wrote a bit description
  • 04/07/2017
    Quest added/rearranged, new map overview, wrote some description
  • 02/07/2017
    Quest added, new map overview
  • 21/06/2017
    Updated Features and Details, Quest added, new map overview
  • 20/06/2017
    Starting Thread

Further Notes:
If you have great ideas concerning questideas plz post them here.
If you love creating terrain details i would really appreciate your help!

Medieval SF OpenBeta.scx
Hits: 2 Size: 298.99kb

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Jul 23 2017, 8:29 pm Mimose Post #2

I dont know if this project will ever come to an end. But here is a full playable betaversion:

Download here.

Feel free to host this map and report anything you liked/disliked back to me :).


Jul 24 2017, 2:24 am Oh_Man Post #3

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Looks promising. I'll try to check it out

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