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Hero Fortress
Nov 13 2016, 3:11 am
By: MetalGear  

Nov 13 2016, 3:11 am MetalGear Post #1

Tilset: Jungle
Size: 192*192
Players: 2 versus 2

How to Play
Choose from 1 of 9 heroes. Each team must protect its Temple. To win, destroy the enemy Temple.

There are 2 rune locations on either side of the map that spawn bounty runes, granting 150 extra gold and 150 XP.

Healing and Teleportation
You have a Robotics Facility that allows you to build a Reaver to heal and an Observer to teleport back to base (both abilities have a 3 minute cooldown).

Level up points
Every time you level up, you get to choose one of the following upgrades:
  • Raise your health.
  • Raise your mana and mana regeneration.
  • Get money. Spend on weapons and armor.
  • Unlock spells. Total of 3.

There is a shop where you can purchase up to 9 items!

Hero Fortress v2.2.scx
Hits: 5 Size: 551.21kb

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May 28 2017, 2:54 am ScOULaris Post #2

So I just tried out this map with some people on the latest 1.18 patch, and we were all really impressed with it. All of the heroes and their abilities were really well-designed, and all of the DotA staples like creeps, jungle creeps, runes, and the shop were all done perfectly. I really liked the inclusion of changing quests mid-game too. This is yet another fantastic map from MetalGear.

We did encounter one issue with 1.18, however. Every now and then the sound would cut out for all of us, and we'd have to Ctrl + S twice in order to bring it back. Not sure if that happens in 1.16, but I thought I'd post about it in here in case it was something that could possibly be fixed in an update to the map.


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