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Hero Fortress
Nov 13 2016, 3:11 am
By: MetalGear  

Nov 13 2016, 3:11 am MetalGear Post #1

Tilset: Jungle
Size: 192*192
Players: 2 versus 2

How to Play
Choose from 1 of 9 heroes. Each team must protect its Temple. To win, destroy the enemy Temple.

There are 2 rune locations on either side of the map that spawn bounty runes, granting 150 extra gold and 150 XP.

Healing and Teleportation
You have a Robotics Facility that allows you to build a Reaver to heal and an Observer to teleport back to base (both abilities have a 3 minute cooldown).

Level up points
Every time you level up, you get to choose one of the following upgrades:
  • Raise your health.
  • Raise your mana and mana regeneration.
  • Get money. Spend on weapons and armor.
  • Unlock spells. Total of 3.

There is a shop where you can purchase up to 9 items!

Hero Fortress v2.2.scx
Hits: 3 Size: 551.21kb

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