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Roy's Secret Service

I'm sorry to say, but the Zerg and Protoss episodes were very awful and I don't have anything positive to say about them. :(
If you want to read.

It's clear you're fresh in the map-making scene, and you're not experienced enough to have a real idea of how to make a quality map. You need to spend more time creating maps and experimenting with stuff before getting involved in a public release.

Experiment with every single thing available in the editor and see what they can do. Open other people's maps and look how they're made. A good way to learn something is to try copying other maps. Just please don't release those maps anywhere; they should be considered practice and nothing more. :P

But like I said before, don't try to become a good map maker overnight. It takes time. I've been making awful rubbish for a long time myself before something finally clicked in me and started to realize what I was doing, and learned from my failures. I'm sure we will all be happy to help you with your mapmaking, but a public release is probably not something for you to take on just yet. :ermm:


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I understand, thank you :) , and about not loosing when Samir dies, is because the Hive mind Reforms him nad thank you again , will work more on the next one :D


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[06:21 pm]
jjf28 -- many units can be cloaked with the disable-disable-enable trick, dunno if beacon is one of them
[05:46 pm]
MTiger156 -- Psychic_Genius
Psychic_Genius shouted: Hello all :D hey I have a question. How do you cloak a beacon so you just see how it glows? i remember it was disabling doodad state. But its not cloaking it.
doodad state is used to open/close installation doors. cloaking a beacon (or any unit) can be done with special EUD software such as T-Warp's editor http://www.staredit.net/topic/17518/ modify advanced properties to include "permanent cloak", and the structure of the beacon will be invisible (given that it isnt pre-placed and is owned by a non-shared vision player)
[05:31 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- Im using scmdraft 2
[05:18 pm]
Psychic_Genius -- Hello all :D hey I have a question. How do you cloak a beacon so you just see how it glows? i remember it was disabling doodad state. But its not cloaking it.
[02:57 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- and for units, do they use their starEditPlacementBox for their size, or the unitSize? and I assume they are drawn in the same order as the units on the map?
[02:55 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- sooo, if both dims are <= 64 it renders 4 pixels per tile? which pixels from the tiles other then {7,6}? and if both dims are > 128 it does every other tile gets a pixel?
[11:00 am]
Suicidal Insanity -- FaRTy1billion
FaRTy1billion shouted: it was some other pixels for 64-sized maps
It actually uses 4 pixels for 64x64
[10:21 am]
O)FaRTy1billion[MM] -- lil-Inferno
lil-Inferno shouted: doesn't count because you're in a different timezone tho O_O
now does it count?
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