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Roy's Secret Service

I'm sorry to say, but the Zerg and Protoss episodes were very awful and I don't have anything positive to say about them. :(
If you want to read.

It's clear you're fresh in the map-making scene, and you're not experienced enough to have a real idea of how to make a quality map. You need to spend more time creating maps and experimenting with stuff before getting involved in a public release.

Experiment with every single thing available in the editor and see what they can do. Open other people's maps and look how they're made. A good way to learn something is to try copying other maps. Just please don't release those maps anywhere; they should be considered practice and nothing more. :P

But like I said before, don't try to become a good map maker overnight. It takes time. I've been making awful rubbish for a long time myself before something finally clicked in me and started to realize what I was doing, and learned from my failures. I'm sure we will all be happy to help you with your mapmaking, but a public release is probably not something for you to take on just yet. :ermm:

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I understand, thank you :) , and about not loosing when Samir dies, is because the Hive mind Reforms him nad thank you again , will work more on the next one :D


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Vrael -- "HIRED"
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Vrael -- Also, in case I forgot to mention it, I'd do some analytics on the Big Data in our analytics Data Lake where we'll analyze some Nano Data from the analytics database into some analytics which we'll analyze with analytics. Analytics.
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Vrael -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: but how will you handle the backward overflow from the resulting upward revenue stream dynamics?
Oh that's a great question - here's what I'd do. As per Hamlet, the upward dynamics could be handled by an Othellan repertoire demanding on-change systematization of the vertical integration. Instead, we'll take the backward overflow into a horizontal integration using market analytics, resulting in efficiency increases.
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jjf28 -- he himself said he was hired, I admire his confidence but the interview isn't over :O
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NudeRaider -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: but how will you handle the backward overflow from the resulting upward revenue stream dynamics?
he's already HIRED. No need for further questions :P
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NudeRaider -- Vrael
Vrael shouted: Mini Moose 2707 well, the jobs I'm thinking of generally go to people with physics/math/engineering degrees, dunno if CS would quite qualify, unless maybe they had a minor in one of the other areas
Our secretary / greeting lady gets 2 days of home office too.
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NudeRaider -- MasterJohnny
MasterJohnny shouted: How do I get one of these work from home jobs...
you don't have, if you just move so close to your work that you're there in 3 minutes. ;)
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jjf28 -- but how will you handle the backward overflow from the resulting upward revenue stream dynamics?
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Vrael -- "HIRED"
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Vrael -- jjf28
jjf28 shouted: Vrael how will you apply your experience in Medieval Shakespearean Poetry here at SENCo?
"Well first, I'd begin by adapting my knowledge of rhyme and meter to make my Big Data operations more efficient by synergizing with adjacent market technologies."
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