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Legacy of Haean 1.01
Jul 4 2014, 5:55 pm
By: qPirateKing  

Mar 8 2019, 2:50 pm aproudemo Post #21

Found out about the belt!
I figured the Miner in that one cavern kept respawning unlike the other miners. As such, I figured it had to pertain to him.
Drag him over to the area beneath/under the Science Vessel (Smoke) and I let him attack me 3 times, dropped a flare, and then killed him (attacking him and killing him there is probably all that's essential, but that's what I did!).

That causes mines (flares) to explode when placed.

Use your now-explosive-flares to clear out the broken machinery (i.e. siege tank) guarding the way to another cavern, which will enable you to access a new portion of the cavern. Head to the khaydarin (sp) crystal in the wall and you will get the belt. Bring it to the original and voila!


Mar 9 2019, 12:53 am Oh_Man Post #22

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Damn dude should have done a youtube vid on that

Jul 9 2024, 2:20 pm Oh_Man Post #23

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Just played the 2005 version again. Forgot about this newer version but it's only 2 players. Still a really great map.

I feel the game is a really solid foundation for more. There's still real estate left on the map for more bosses, side quests and more. That's my main issue with this map is although there's four very thematic cities there's not really anything to find or explore in them. But I think the 2014 version did add some cool new content, but at the cost of 2 players.

Here's hoping for a new version next year for the 20 year anniversary. :P

Jul 11 2024, 5:07 pm Oh_Man Post #24

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Quote from x)aCe(x
Also, P1 has been unable to pass the ancient mine. The elevator is unpowered, as we haven't been able to find the belt. A little confused with this area since I'm playing as P2 and the P1/P2 quests are separate. Please advise! :)

This nearly killed our run, it is a bad combination of moon logic and legit bugs, but we eventually pushed through it to victory!! Sadly, my hard drive ran out of space and stopped recording at the end. :( But here's what to watch out for:

(I suspect these are all caused by player 2 coming with you into the mine. P1 can't come with P2 to his underwater quest, but P2 can come to P1's Ancient Mine quest.)

BUG NO. 1 - extinguisher would not work properly, meaning the siege tanks never fired and never destroy the "broken machinery" blocking your way to a generator room - GG. How to fix, we reloaded save and did things in a bit of a different order until it worked.

BUG NO. 2 - Once you get elevator working and destroy the second wreckage, if player 2 is downstairs when this happen, the game bugs out and doesn't let player 1 take the belt back off again to repower the elevator, meaning P1 is stuck upstairs and P2 is stuck downstairs. P2 can progress and kill the boss for P1 and open the gateway, but the gateway is down on the lower level that P1 can't get to - meaning P1 can never get to Haean's Keep and your run is SCREWED. Solution: Keep P2 upstairs and let P1 do all of it.

I have no idea what is going on, but basically you are turning on a "fire extinguisher". Then once you've done that, you place your flare near broken machinery, which causes siege tanks to fire ("extinguish") at the flare, destroying it and the broken machinery. My best guess is the flare is supposed to represent igniting the broken machinery which then gets "extinguished" which somehow magically clears the blockage. Yeah, it's weird.

Took us a long time to figure out you have to go back upstairs to clear the second passage. First you drag firebat under the smoke detector, this activates extinguisher, then go outside that room and place a spidermine down next to the wreckage, this blows it up. Go in, get belt, go into other room, put belt on to start elevator generator. Go down elevator, get to the second wreckage, place a spider mine, go back upstairs, take belt off (depowering elevator), put it back on where you first got it (reactivates extinguisher and blows up the second wreckage) leave room and come back in which lets you take belt back off AGAIN, then go back to other room, put belt on repowering elevator allowing you to go back down to fight the boss. YEAH... that + bugs + moon logic = insanity but somehow WE DID IT.

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