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Naruto Devastating
Mar 12 2014, 7:30 pm
By: Stranger  

Aug 31 2016, 9:22 am Stranger Post #21

Update :

=> New screens !
(main post up to date)

Character selection

A quick look in Tobi's Dimension

The King of Hell (from Pain's Rinnegan)

Sasori cought in Pain's planetary devastation (yellow units don't attack but they do prevent you from getting out)

The gravity attraction makes a solid shell around the opponent...

Big explosion of the whole thing crushes and greatly damages the trapped opponent and his surroundings

Amaterasu unleached on Tobi (it will grow bigger on contact)

Tobi caught in one of Itachi's genjutsus

Tsukuyomi (more work on colors will come)

Susanoo with sword of totsuka (siege tank)

Gai (7 Gates)

Gai (8 Gates)

Gai's Evening Elephant

Kakashi's Earth wall (siege tanks cannot be controled and won't fire)

Kakashi's Kamui

Black colored Hidan drawing his ritual circle on the ground

Hidan getting in the circle and executing his opponent via his ritual

Gaara's sand

Tobi overwhelmed by Gaara's sand

Sasuke preparing a Kirin


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Sep 1 2016, 10:52 pm Oh_Man Post #22

Find Me On Discord (Brood War UMS Community & Staredit Network)

Sep 4 2016, 5:24 pm Stranger Post #23

Thanks Oh_Man :lol:

Update :

- Added new character : Deidara

Once they are all done, I'll make a PDF file with all the character info.


Sep 12 2016, 8:23 am Stranger Post #24

Update :

- Added new character => Konan (character guide up to date)

I'm now focusing on the last 3 remaining characters. Not sure yet if I will make an update for each of them 1 by 1, or if I will update the map with all 3 of them together. They might require a bit more work too, but I'm on this map every day at this time, so proggress goes pretty well.


Jul 28 2017, 9:53 am Stranger Post #25

I'm coming back with a small update and some news to keep people informed.

Update :

=> Added new character : Shikamaru (Character guide up to date)

Why so long ?

Heh, I got stuck with the Shikamaru character ^^ I had at least 8 different ideas and methodes to perform his shadow jutsus, and simply couldn't decide which I wanted and which would be best. Unable to find the anwser, I let the map down for a bit. Now it's all settled, and the progress continues ^^

What's left ?

- Characters : Danzo, Madara
- Balance everything
- Implement Izanami jutsu to all characters and reactivate it (optional)
- Write the official and complete Character's Guide
- Implement Tournament mode and Extreme sub mode.
- Test a lot
- Fix known bugs / exploits
- Add improvements
- Get back my black colour for Amaterasu, taken away by SC version 1.18 :nono:

As for my plans for this map...

I'm planning on releasing this 2-3 months after Starcraft Remastered.

I'm also planning on releasing a special, alternative version once it's fully finished. The new version will support only 4 players instead of 6, but two new modes will be implemented in it, allowing 4 characters to fight on the battleground simultaniously, eaither in a 2vs2 team play, or in FFA.

And finally, knowing that due to SC's limits I could not add as many Naruto characters as I would have liked, and depending on this map's success and on the players' demands, I MAY create another alternative version, featuring brand new characters in replacement of some of the current ones, for more variable gameplay.

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Aug 11 2017, 10:05 pm Stranger Post #26

Update :

- Added new character => Danzo (in Characters (Part 2), on the 1st page of this topic)


Aug 28 2017, 10:10 pm Stranger Post #27

Update :

- Added new character => Madara

Uchiha Madara

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Sep 18 2017, 9:23 am Stranger Post #28

Update :

=> We are now entering in an intensive testing phase with Unofficial Demo version 3.1 (meanwhile development continues on a copy file of course)! Its purpose is to check the new balances and search for a possible glitch through normal gameplay.
=> This version has some new content and changes for some characters that I will try to list bellow :

* Uchiha Itachi :

=> He has now a new passive skill called "Genjutsu Reversal". Whenever an enemy casts a genjutsu (illusion) on Itachi, by dispeling the genjutsu Itachi has also 50% chances to send it back to the opponent if he's using his Sharingan, or 80% chances if he's using his Mangekyo Sharingan. If both of those skills are turned off, chances of reversal are 0%. He is the real master of genjutsu after all.. =)

* Pein (apparently, i hadn't spelled it right until now !) :

=> New jutsu : Offering to the King of Hell.
There was a clue about this, since you can see the King of Hell on my screens, however until now no jutsu related to that was presented here. It is an active jutsu used by Jigokudou (represented by the defiler guy) and not the main Pein. The defiler must be as close as possible to any opponents or summoned creatures to take them all to the King of Hell who will use sunken colonies for around 400 damage, before bringing back the survivors.

This new spell has 3 purposes :

- Visuals ^_^
- You can distract the opponent by dragging his attention on Pein, while sneaking with Jigokudou to use this spell on him or on his summonings
- Since the Ultimate Almighty push deactivates Pein's best spells for 3 minutes which can be a very long time in some situations, the King of Hell remains there as a kind of last resort to deal good damage and gain some time.

Beware however, because this jutsu forces Jigokudou to get close and potentially risk having himself killed (with a chidori or a rasengan for example, or some other strong stuff). And he is the one that brings other support Peins back to life and heals them, so it usually is a pain to have him killed (it's not a play on words !).

* Hyuuga Neji :

- Strong Hakke Kushou Jutsu has been removed
- Weak Hakke Kushou has been removed and remade from scratch. It will now hit instantly from anywhere on the battlefield, for a small amount of damage (around 100)
- Kaiten and Great Kaiten modified : unit shield points have been rised. Normal Kaiten will now persistently charge shields at 50%, while Great Kaiten which lasts longer will charge them up to 100%, offering double damage reduction. It's now all a matter of cost/efficiency between standard Kaiten and Great Kaiten. Basically, you won't use them in similar situations.
- New Jutsu : Taijutsu approach => This is a copy from Gai's techniques. But Neji can't use gates, so it is only a short range teleport in order to get really close.
- New Jutsu : Hakke Hazangeki (8 tragedies of hakke) => a 2 wave reaver based attack, for a strong, distant attack with splash damage.

* Hidan

- His passive skill called "Blood link ritual" will now affect Neji by reflecting his chakra damaging attacks as well. For example, if Hidan's chakra is destroyed by Neji's 64 hits while the skill is active, Neji's chakra will be destroyed in the same way. This goes too for Neji's Byakugan+Jyuuken passive skill which slows down enemy's chakra regeneration.

* Kakuzu

- His ultimate form will now automatically tie opponents in range with living threads to prevent them from moving away.. very dangerious.

If any of you guys are interested in playing or testing, just let me know.

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RdeRenato shouted: Sirs, is it possible to add some kind of mod to the starcraft in which there is rain?
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RdeRenato -- Sirs, is it possible to add some kind of mod to the starcraft in which there is rain?
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