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Naruto Shippuden : Final Revenge
Feb 21 2014, 10:24 pm
By: Stranger  

Feb 21 2014, 10:24 pm Stranger Post #1

Naruto Shippuden : Final Revenge



Type of map: Fighting / Action RPG
Tileset: Twilight
Map size: 128x128
Players: Single Player
Play time : 20-25 minutes
File Size: 40 MB

Map Description

Will Sasuke's hatred be strong enough to take revenge on his older brother?
Take control of the Uchiha Sasuke character and face Uchiha Itachi in an epic battle along with the story line of the Naruto manga.


Sasuke and his older brother Itachi are both members of the Uchiha clan, the ones with the most powerful eye technique passed down only genetically, the Sharingan. As a child, Sasuke grows up in the shadow of his brother and tries to catch up with him in order to be like him. Itachi however is more than the Uchiha's genious as he's considered and aknowledged by his clan. He is also a brilliant member of the Konoha's ANBU elite squad and becomes later an important bound between the Uchiha clan and the Konoha village. Inside the family, Itachi doesn't spend as much time with his younger brother as Sasuke would have liked to. Nevertheless, he's still Sasuke's kind older brother that he loves.

When Sasuke is at the age of 7 however, a great incident strikes the Uchiha without warning and without merci. In just one night, Itachi murders both his parents, his Uchiha friends and all those who are part of the Uchiha clan. All but his younger brother, that night's only survivor Itachi decides to spare. In front of Sasuke, he reveals his Mangekyo Sharingan, an improved eye technique that is greatly superior to the ordinary Sharingan and may only be unlocked by killing someone dear to you. Driven by the shock of what he witnesses and by the cold blooded words of Itachi, Sasuke is filled with sorrow. And in the end, his heart becomes pure hatred towards the one he trusted the most.

It has been 8 years since the incident. Sasuke is now heading for the abandoned Uchiha hideout where Itachi is waiting for their ultimate battle. The one Sasuke has lived for.


The map is all about Itachi and Sasuke and their whole epic battle at the Uchiha hideout. You will be able to experience the entire fight with this map in an intense and immersive way as it should be, in the role of Uchiha Sasuke. Your goal is to defeat Itachi by all means in various types of battle (Genjutsu/Illusion art, Ninjutsu/Ninja art and much more).

You fight using jutsus (ninja techniques) and weapons/equipment.

This is a perfectly playable Beta which I may slightly improve later on.


1) Game Difficulty selection

- Easy/Novice : A good difficulty for beginners and a way to beat the game without TOO MUCH effort
- Normal : A standard difficulty level between Easy and Hard/Extreme
- Hard/Extreme : A challenging difficulty to make the fight as intense as it is supposed to be. This is the closest to the real thing. Also, it's the mode I recommend if you want to trully rely on the original battle (maybe once you mastered the mechanics).

2) Good introduction (Intro can be skipped)

3) Good Music (espacially in the end/epilogue) => The map can be played with or without the music (you choose this at the start)

4) Good sound effects

5) Dynamic cinematics

6) Fitted jutsu and weapon/equipement/inventory systems

7) The whole battle relies on the original


They are based on chakra (gas). Please, note that there is no chakra regeneration in this map. So you must use it wisely (same goes for Itachi who is controlled by a triggered AI).



Weapons and equipment

You will have to use these to have a better chance of winning. Weapons don't use chakra but are all limited.

1) Sword : pulls out your sword to increase hand-to-hand damage for some time (limited number of uses)
2) Shurikens
3) Chidori shurikens (you have only 2x2 of those but they are strong)


"Kill a certain man"

"The same eyes"

Genjutsu battle

Shuriken battle

Fire duel


Damaged room




Snake part 1

Snake part 2

Broken wall

Final words

Glad am I to have it done ! And I hope you will enjoy it as I have. At first, I made the map just for myself and kept it like this for a couple of years. Later, I discovered SEN and decided to fully finish it and release it.

Feedback is welcome.



Download on SEN

Download on MediaFire


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