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University Laptop
Aug 1 2013, 4:44 am
By: Vi3t-X  

Aug 1 2013, 4:44 am Vi3t-X Post #1

So it turns out a laptop might actually be better for university after all! I guess I won't be building my compy anymore... Please help me pick out a laptop!

  • Moderate gaming capability with running two monitors at native resolution (SC2 on Low at 40+fps during engagements, League at 40+fps, etc...) Currently looking at GTX 770M, 7970M. Will take better performance into consideration (hence the 770M/7970M :P)_
  • Decent battery life on power-saving mode (5 hours+)
  • Video out (2x preferred, 1x VGA, 1x DP/mini-DP/DVI (dual link))
  • Lightweight (sub 5 lbs. preferred, but will take other models into consideration) Lightweight models will probably end up with no dedicated GPU, and will require on-chip Iris Pro 5200.
  • Storage not important. Small SSD perfectly okay (willing to go up to 128GB). Will be using external 3TB eSATA or USB 3.0.
  • Sleep-and-Charge (red) USB ports preferred.
  • Moderately future-proof (3-4 years).
  • Build quality shouldn't be Fisher Price crap. It would be nice to survive a spill or short drop.

Budget is flexible depending on value and suitability. Sub $2000 CAD post-tax (13%) is preferred (sub $1770 pre-tax).

Currently looking at this: ($1200 USD)


Aug 1 2013, 4:57 am Fire_Kame Post #2

a left leaning coexistence nut

I'll say it two jillion more times if I need to.

Are you sure?


What's going to happen that first time your bro spills his soda on your laptop, or when you accidentally push it off your desk?

I don't think you'd ever need to spend more than $800 on a laptop for gaming...if you want to use it more than those specs you're better off getting a desktop and a $300 cheapo laptop.

Seriously dude...$1200, $1770...fuck my desktop was $2000. Why would you want to wear a huge "PLS STEAL ME" sign on your back while you're at uni?

Not too mention how hot and heavy those things run. Lugging it around campus is going to be a dick.

Aug 1 2013, 12:56 pm Sacrieur Post #3

Still Napping

Easier to slap a tracking device in a desktop too.

The best anti-theft is the one where you get your stuff back and the bad guys go to jail.

You can also bolt down your desktop more easily.

All the things kame said.


Aug 1 2013, 4:54 pm Vi3t-X Post #4

My main concern with getting a desktop is that it's very difficult to move around. I've been using a desktop and tablet combo for the past two years (and that's turned out fine), however, I'll be bouncing back between home and school every week or so and the trip is about 2 hours by train, and it would be nice to have my main computer with me wherever I am. I'm not crazy about getting a nice desktop and a cheap laptop because: A, I already have a tablet and keyboard dock; and B, it's not as convenient for my purposes to lug around a crappy laptop.

So basically, it's either I get a nice desktop and continue using my tablet, or I get a nice laptop and stick with it for everything.


Aug 1 2013, 5:09 pm Fire_Kame Post #5

a left leaning coexistence nut

The train ride makes it even a more pertinent reason for you not to go broke on a laptop. It was about 45 minutes by train for me to get to and from campus. My laptop bag got knocked around constantly...I'm actually amazed it held out as long as it did for a $300 laptop. If it is a matter of accessing files, I'd look into cloud solutions. From the sound of it, it really does seem like you just want a new laptop for the sake of it. I'm sticking to my original suggestion. Cheap does not mean crappy. However, if you're hell bent on a laptop, there are some good choices out there around $800 that'll do just fine.

Aug 1 2013, 7:02 pm Centreri Post #6

Relatively ancient and inactive

I don't really know about gaming laptops, so I won't focus on them. Note, though, that I'm satisfied by running SCII/Civ5/Skyrim on an Intel 4000 integrated GPU, and that's behind a generation. If you're willing to accept some compromise gaming-wise, everything else can work. Also, I won't bother with the display ports, because there are many USB3-Other adapters out there to suit your needs.

1) Sony's nicest ultrabook. Gaming sacrifice, but for good battery life, good screen, good build quality, etc.

2) Sony's standard notebook. You can grab these with a dedicated (albeit mobile) GPU that should suit your needs. Heavier, worse battery life, worse build quality.

3) Asus's last-generation nice 13" ultrabook. Comes with an older processor, so a 4000 integrated GPU. It's what I have, but I'm not sure how happy you'd be. On the other hand, everything else like battery life, screen, weight, build quality, etc should be good, and it's cheap.

4) Samsung's last-generation nice 13" ultrabook. Very similar to #4 with the tradeoffs. You can find sub-$1000 versions on amazon, I have one I got for ~$900.

5) Asus's last-generation nice 15" ultrabook. Older processor, but it has a good mobile GPU, so it barely matters. 15", but only 4 pounds; should have a good screen, build quality, etc.

The ones without Haswell I couldn't find with Haswell. If you want a current-generation (what I call Haswell) version of the last three, might have to wait. #1 has that sleep-charging thing you wanted, don't know about the rest. I'd recommend getting a regular ultrabook, and if you really need to get high-quality gaming done, get a desktop. There are some compromises you can get and get both worlds (like #5), but it won't be perfect. Over time, the laptops get dusty, things start breaking due to accidental drops, etc. With a desktop and a cheaper laptop, these breaks won't affect your gaming fun; with the two in one laptop, they will.

Oh, and if you pick one, read the reviews before buying; my recollections may be fuzzy. Also, you realize that that thingie you're looking at weighs 7.5 pounds, right? I hope your laptop will stay at home, then. And ignore all my suggestions.

Also, if feeling splurgy: .

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Nov 6 2013, 2:42 pm Vi3t-X Post #7

I forgot to post this, but I ended up going with the Lenovo Y510p SLI.

~$1000, good specs, shitty battery life.


Nov 6 2013, 3:15 pm Dem0n Post #8

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Yeah, that's usually what happens with gaming laptops.

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