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Terrain Compilation
May 15 2012, 7:17 am
By: Tempz  

May 15 2012, 7:17 am Tempz Post #1

Basically I was bored and decided to make a compilation of some of the Civilization/Diplomacy terrain i have made. With the exception to the one i made for mini moose as the only version of it have is full of units, triggers and what not. Since i really don't want to delete them. Together i spent probably 35 - 40 hours total on the 3 maps posted. I plan to spend over 100 man hours creating a compilation of diplomacy/civilization terrain and if you have recommendation please tell me what it is and post a image of the map (larger is better) for better chances of it getting it made please have it with a square grid (larger grids with smaller square girds inside) I've also labeled each projects description and the length it took to make.

Collapse To See Maps
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\\Maps Finished
-2 Maps not based off anything
-World Map

\\Currently Working On
Avatar The Last Air Bender

\\Planned projects
-North America
-Middle East

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