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Temple Siege 1.7 beta
Aug 30 2011, 7:43 am
By: FlashBeer  

Aug 30 2011, 7:43 am FlashBeer Post #1

I guess I'm posting this for reference or ideas... Enjoy.
Have some copy/paste of a description I had typed up previously.

Okay, so in the last version, the biggest problem was lag. Much of it is hopefully reduced due to the removal of triggers.
The morale system has been removed to opt for simplicity as well.
The terrain has had some parts reworked, mainly the center outpost, allowing for a new path and more area.
If you haven't followed up on my latest versions, many bugs have been fixed.
This map also has perfect (as far as I know) spell hit detection (such that all spells are centered, and always register)

Summoner has undergone a huge change.
He changed the way the game was played, perhaps too much. Everyone would rush mid, not capture base, chase zerglings, and he could always attack anywhere without risk to himself- only having a linear build, Spell 1. All of this could be attributed to his ability to multi-lane.
The hp system the zerglings have is very unique. The closer they are to the Summoner, the stronger they are. The Summoner can train fairly in a lane he is near. If he is in the action, right next to his lings, the zerglings become stronger.
This makes armor increasingly better, the closer the Summoner is to his goblins— but even with high armor, zerglings will still fall quickly when far from the Summoner.
Since zerglings are much more vulnerable to this Summoner, he now passively summons zerglings every 2 seconds, up to 5 zerglings.
His L1 double the auto-summon rate for a short while. The Summoner does not auto-summon while under dark swarm.
The zerglings do not feed any EXP, meaning that you can spam and train or attack, without having to worry about feeding your opponent.
Purchasing hp gives +1 max zergling for every 2 hp upgrades.
Adrenaline is already given, and speed boost is researchable for 100 gas.
Spell 2 is a more involved attack as it summons an infested terran for a very short time. If the infested terran is killed or explodes, it unleashes 4 mutants for a few strikes.
Spell 3 turns all nearby zerglings into 2 hydralisks. The less you have, the longer it lasts. Once finished, all the hydralisks die, rather than reverting to zerglings, which acts like a cooldown. High dmg & air attack.
Spell 4 summons up to 2 powerful Ultralisks that cannot leave the Summoner's area. They cannot be killed by stuns, and are contrasted to zerglings by high hp.
SUMMARY— Since the Summoner auto-summons zerglings, he can still attack and grind while saving mana for other spells, allowing for different builds. Hp can allow for a larger pack of zerglings. He is buffed for the earlier game, and more well-rounded with power centered around the hero. He may actually be balanced for 2v2 games.

New hero/Reworked hero —
Earth Demon (Lurker)
This hero is an opportunistic-attacker, who is also very illusive. Low hp, moderate attack, splash damage, and unorthodox mobility.
While burrowed, this player has an invisible scourage overhead. The scourage can move slowly along the ground, inching as it move the lurker along with it. This helps to make slight adjustments while already burrowed.
Spell 1: Shatter Earth— creates 4 hydralisks which fire twice, before turning into larva which slows foes that stand on-top of it. Larva die in 1 hit. While your lurker is unburrowed, the larva is computer-owned and roams freely around the map (until they die). However, when you are burrowed, the larva stay still and become yours. For 15 mana, when you tell the larva to morph into a drone, you teleport to that larva— except to your base or the enemies' base.
Spell 2: Burrow Drive— Your scourage becomes vulnerable and can fly freely, your lurker becomes invincible and does 2x attack underneath. Stuns and spells can still affect during this spell. Killing the scourage will cause you to be stunned. You can combo this spell with L1, and even teleport.
Spell 3: Sandstrike— Spawn a observer for a short while. If you impact it on an enemy hero they will become slowed and lose vision to everything but themselves. Their screen text will also flood with "sand", their mini-map will be spammed, and sounds will flood their speakers. This will help your cloaked units and lurker to follow up with attacks.
Spell 4: Earthquake— All enemy units in a large area will shake around and have their screens rumble like crazy. Enemy heroes around the map will be slightly slowed for a very short while. You could even use this to block a pathway. Sensory overload when used with L3.

So why did I stop?
Well, I didn't receive any help for testing when I needed, and eventually I got bored and moved on with my life. The End.

On the off-chance everyone wants this version to be polished up (additional lag-reduction, more balance), I had free-time, and I started caring again— I might consider picking up the project again.

Down below, there are two versions- one has the lurker hero in it; the other has no lurker hero, but less lag.

TS1.7 beta lurk.scx
Hits: 5 Size: 331.47kb
Temple Siege vBeta.scx
Hits: 5 Size: 314.15kb

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