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[Co-Op] Attack on the Confederacy
Apr 18 2011, 1:07 am
By: Pr0nogo  

Apr 18 2011, 1:07 am Pr0nogo Post #1

Attack on the Confederacy is a project I started a long while ago, never planning on editing it or crafting a sequel. I don't promise a third installment, but it could very well have one in the near future. Both maps feature custom voicing.

The first mission is a three-player co-op map that has players defend the Overmind from Confederate attacks. Tasked with the destruction of the Confederates, the Cerebrates must work together in order to take down the three massive Confederate bases, as well as their outposts that are scattered about.

The second mission also features three-player gameplay, but with a different goal; players must defend their own bases against Confederate attacks while combating rogue Terran pirates by the name of "The Red Hand".

Download link (.zip file)

Attack on the Confederacy is 2.86Mb.
Attack on the Confederacy II - Rites of Passage is 8.83Mb.

Enjoy, and leave comments!

EDIT: If anyone wants to hop on and play this, my account is Pr0nogo.

EDIT 2: Fixed a BIG issue in mission 2.

EDIT 3: More bug fixes. Let me know if anyone runs into any problems with mission 2 (or mission 1, for that matter).

EDIT: Bleh, bugs are popping up left and right. I'm trying my best to fix them. For now, the download is removed.

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