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Nov 2 2010, 2:18 am
By: CecilSunkure  

Nov 2 2010, 2:18 am CecilSunkure Post #1

Overview & Mission
Welcome to SEN's Lite Discussion forum. The overall goal of the Lite Discussion forum is to provide a happy medium of discussion quality that nestles itself between the quality of the SD and Null. While intelligent debate and discussion is encouraged, posts within the Lite Discussion will not be moderated with as high of a standard of quality as within the SD. Spam-like posts that are so integral to the Null section will not be tolerated -jokes and sarcasm are welcome as long as they remain on-topic.

Lite Discussion Rules

1. Attitude and Atmosphere. Be respectful and courteous of each other at all times. Flaming, or Ad hominem, slander, and trolling are all unacceptable. Do not make verbal attacks on others. Do not demean or antagonize others. Do not add superfluous sarcasm or mocking to your posts. Do not post in ways that are disruptive to discussion. The Lite Discussion forum is supposed to have an atmosphere of relaxed discussion; in participating you need to contribute in a positive fashion to this sort of environment.

2. Be Reasonable. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and your opinion isn't the center of the universe. It's encouraged to share your opinion, though it is discouraged to assert your opinion as right without any sort of reasoning or evidence. Nobody wants to hear you say they are wrong over and over without bringing anything new to the discussion.

3. Sources and Evidence. If something is beyond the scope of "common knowledge", then it is encouraged to provide a source link to that knowledge. If a claim or reference to some sort of fact or knowledge is so outlandish that it is inhibiting discussion, sources may be required by the forum moderators.

4. Keep Posts Readable. 1337 speak, and other forms of internet dialect won't be tolerated if they inhibit or send the topic into disarray. If your post isn't readable due to a lack of grammar, punctuation, or other post format related issues then your post may be deleted to preserve the topic's flow.

5. Do Not Spam. Do not post useless or irrelevant information. This old adage applies here: A wise man speaks when he has something to say, a fool speaks because he has to say something. Do not post non-sequitors or silly jokes unless they are in good taste and contribute to the discussion. Try not to take a discussion off topic. If you and others wish to pursue the off-topic tangents of a discussion, you are welcome to open a new topic. Avoid restatements. Unless there has been a genuine misinterpretation of your post, reasserting your point without sufficent additional content, evidence or argumentation will neither make your point true nor contribute to discussion.

6. For New Topics. When opening a new thread, please ensure that your topic is developed. A new topic should provide a solid foundation for discussion. New topics require the topic starter to provide enough information in their post to foster strong discussion. Topics with a single link and the sentence "Watch this video and comment" will not be acceptable.

Staredit Network Rules
The Terms of Service and The Rules still apply in Lite Discussion.

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[08:44 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- If you need some help getting the program running you can PM me with any details you have
[08:43 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- It should error out if it doesn't like the files, but there are lots of ways to "corrupt" the file while having it still look fine
[08:43 pm]
Pr0nogo -- the program won't even start for me so i can't even begin to take your advice :P
[08:43 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- I think the main thing is you don't want to edit an existing tileset with PyTILE, you want to export the tileset entirely, edit the exported data, and create a "new" tileset from that. but its been a while, so i'm not even sure anymore
[08:42 pm]
Pr0nogo -- i just want to see if tileedit is the source of my problems or if it's something else, would pytile be able to detect incorrect formats? (wrong palette/image size/color index)?
[08:41 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- Pr0nogo
Pr0nogo shouted: hey poiuy, any chance you can take a look at pytiles? i'm doing a lot of tileset editing and tileedit is failing me (can't run tileedit 2/hawt tiles and the latest version of pytiles won't start for me)
PyTILE has a lot of architectural problems that make me not want to work on it without doing a full re-write, but I might be able to give some help
[08:39 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- Excalibur
Excalibur shouted: What ever became of Hercanic? Just disappeared?
Herc is still active here as well, though not as much as before
[08:39 pm]
Pr0nogo -- hey poiuy, any chance you can take a look at pytiles? i'm doing a lot of tileset editing and tileedit is failing me (can't run tileedit 2/hawt tiles and the latest version of pytiles won't start for me)
[08:38 pm]
poiuy_qwert -- Excalibur
Excalibur shouted: The community was hit the hardest with his raging due to the purge. He had a lot of good stuff hosted on his site. A shame really.
bwai wasn't shut down during the sen incident, it stayed up and strong for a long while. It was a sad day when it disappeared though :(
[08:36 pm]
lil-Inferno -- Mini Moose 2707
Mini Moose 2707 shouted: "I posted asking for help and had too many mappers telling me the right thing to do O_____O" ROFL
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