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Blizzard SC2 Editor Q&A
Sep 8 2010, 11:15 am
By: DevliN  

Sep 8 2010, 11:15 am DevliN Post #1


Quote from Blizzard Entertainment
We’ve been reading over the questions that you have been posting and the development team has taken some time to provide answers to some of these below. If you have not seen an answer to one of your questions as of yet, do not worry, we are continuing to keep an eye on the thread here and will be providing further answers to your questions where we can.

Q. tai- Is there an easy way to call a unit in the map? For example, if in a trigger I want to have a condition "Triggering Unit == Marine," but not a marine that's already on the map or something that uses "unit in unit group," "last created unit," or some other function that does everything except have a general statement for any marine.

A. We’re not entirely sure of what you’re asking but we’ll take a stab. If this doesn’t help you out, please feel free to post again and provide a little more context so that we can pin point what it is you’re trying to do.

If your trigger is intended to target a Marine that has just been created, then the 'issue order' to 'last created unit' is actually most likely the reference you are looking for to get that Marine. As an aside, you would want to use the 'issue order to unit group' and 'last created units' if you are spawning multiple Marines. However if you're looking to avoid using 'last created unit', or it doesn't work for you based on how your triggers are structured, then you could use the "Unit enters region" event and set the region to "Entire Map". Combined with the "Triggering Unit == Marine" condition, that would cover any spawning cases.

If you are looking to get a unit that was spawned previously and is now necessary for something else, then you actually would want to use "Unit from Unit Group" and the "Units in Region Matching Condition" function to narrow it down to the specific unit. There isn't a running list of units on the map that you can simply pick from once things are in full swing; you have to filter it down somehow to get exactly the one you want or be able to get that marine off of a specific event.

We’d also recommend storing any unit that you want to find later to a global variable if it is important.

Q. Jumby- Not sure if this is the right thread but, how do you make it so you can build on ramps in the game? Thanks

A. Great question! Building placement, meaning where you can and cannot place a building, is governed by that unit's footprint which can be modified in the Footprint data type. The 'Placement Check' and 'Placement Apply' Layers of a Footprint dictate where it can be placed, and what kind of effect it has on pathing and other footprints once it is placed
A ramp is considered a "No Build" location, which is considered invalid by footprints by default. What you'll need to do is uncheck the 'No Build' flag under the 'Invalid' flags of the 'Placement Check' Layer for that footprint.

As a side note, once you do this you will be able to build your buildings ANYWHERE. You will probably want to flag 'Ground - No Spawn' flag under the 'Invalid' flags as well. :) This will prevent you from building your buildings on other buildings (no matter how much Xzibit may want you to do so), and on cliffs.

And as a final side note to that previous side note, the edges of ramps are considered cliffs. You will only be able to build on the terrain in the middle of a ramp.

Q. Zealot- Can anyone tell me how to make place units that join you when you touch them (e.g, in Belly of the Beast, the Dominion Soldiers)? It seems to be a different method than in the original SC editor. Also, how the heck do I place Resources (min. fields and Geysers)? I'm totally lost in this new editor!

(Reference Gaius' Post-

I've only started using this editor, but if it has similar triggers to the SC1 Editor and doesn't allow you to flag units as "Rescuable" like in SC1, I would simply make a Region/Trigger combo to give all units at <location> owned by player <neutral player> to player 1. Sorry I don't know the specific strings to reference but I assume that they're not too difficult to find. Hope this helps.

A. What Gaius said is correct. The most efficient way to do this would be using the "Rescue Unit/Rescue Unit Group" trigger and specifying the unit/units to rescue.

Additionally, you may want to use the "Unit Enters/Leaves Range Of Unit" event. It would make the process much simpler!

Q. Warheart- Does anyone know how to make units and buildings smaller than their normal size when placing them on the map?

(Reference Gaius' Post-

Go to the Unit info in the Data Manager. In the bottom-left window in the Data Manager scroll down to the Actors section and click on the Actor tied to the unit's appearance (ie. for Ghost it is 3rd one down titled Ghost (Ghost.)) After you select the Actor, scroll down the list of values on the right until you get to CActorModel_Scale and change the value from 1.0 to whatever you want. Voila!

A. Gaius is once again correct! The Actor data for that unit can be used to scale it. Additionally, there is a 'Set Scale' trigger you could utilize, and the Model data can scale it as well (including introducing a random scale).

As for scaling a unit in the terrain editor, like you would with a doodad, that is not possible.

Q. Ash- Do you guys have any intention of adding a "beginner friendly" mode to Galaxy Editor that more closely matches the power of the Warcraft III World Editor? Lots of great maps came from fairly inexperienced mappers who are being shut out by the complexity of the current editor. Any news regarding changes to make it more user-friendly would be greatly appreciated.

A. Making the editor more user friendly is a noble goal, one that we've actually accomplished several times during development, haha. With great customizability comes great complexity, unfortunately. It can be overwhelming at times, but like many things in life most of the intimidation comes from the fact that it is unfamiliar.

Again, as an aside, we are kicking around a couple of ideas for addressing the intimidation potentially experienced by a new user to the editor. :)

Q. Ravensword- Simple question, how would I make it so a unit didn't have to turn all the way around to attack? Sort of like the diamondback or a turret I suppose. If theres a way, please tell me!

A. Weapons have an 'Arc' field that govern the field of fire for a weapon.
As an aside the 'Arc Slop' field governs the firing arc allowed once a weapon is already being fired at a target. Basically it's how wide a target can move before the firing unit reorients itself with the target. This is useful for channeled weapons (IE: the void ray) so that it doesn't break every time the target shifts even a smidgen.

Q. Torrasque- So I'm trying to use the map editor to make a battle cruiser have interceptors, load units like the Hercules, warp rifts like the mothership, and deployable turrets like the raven. Any tips would really help. This map editor is waay more complicated...

A. Fortunately what you're asking is pretty simple! Just add those abilities to your unit. So you would first add 'Carrier Hangar', 'Queue (5)', 'Hercules - Transport', 'Raven - Place Auto Turret' abilities.

Then you would need to add command card buttons for those abilities so that you can order the unit to use them in game. I'm sure if you fiddle with it for a minute or two you'll figure it out.


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Sep 9 2010, 2:04 am LoveLess Post #2

Let me show you how to hump without making love.

The worst QnA I have ever seen.


Sep 9 2010, 2:44 am payne Post #3


Quote from LoveLess
The worst QnA I have ever seen.
Blizzard really is just laughing at us.


Sep 9 2010, 3:39 am DavidJCobb Post #4

This will prevent you from building your buildings on other buildings (no matter how much Xzibit may want you to do so), and on cliffs.
Blizzard has redeemed themselves.


Sep 9 2010, 7:10 am EzTerix Post #5

Who the hell asked these questions? Did blizzard select the dumbest ones to answer themselves?


Sep 9 2010, 9:37 am Undead-Fox Post #6

So we have:
1- (I have no idea what he's asking either...)
2- Removing the footpring from buildings.
3- Rescuable Units/Resource Placement (wow... so difficult)
4- Setting the model scale
5- Request for a simplified editor (I still think Wizards for certain functions would be very helpful {like a Create Unit Wizard would be really nice})
6- Changing unit firing arc [This one is actually helpful {to me anyways, I'm sure others might already know more or less than on the list})
7- Adding abilities to a unit

Okay, so, we have 7 questions, that probably took one person probably 10-15 minutes to write up and answer.



Sep 9 2010, 10:01 am Alzarath Post #7


Terrible Terrible Q&A

Honestly, what was Blizzard trying to accomplish with this? Pretending they still care about the community by answering the simplest of questions anyone coulda figured out with a little searching? This was just a waste of time.

The only one that had any worth at all was the one asking about a simpler editor, which I don't even find it THAT complicated. People just want to be lazy and not actually take the time to learn.


Sep 9 2010, 3:19 pm MadZombie Post #8

I've only started using this editor, but if it has similar triggers to the SC1 Editor
What does this mean :>


Sep 10 2010, 3:40 am DavidJCobb Post #9

Quote from MadZombie
I've only started using this editor, but if it has similar triggers to the SC1 Editor
What does this mean :>
They were quoting another member who provided a correct answer in some other location, presumably Blizzard's forums.


Sep 10 2010, 6:23 pm Alzarath Post #10


Wow, they actually quoted someone else to give an answer to a remedial question? How low have you sunk, Blizzard?


Sep 13 2010, 8:40 pm DavidJCobb Post #11

Quote from name:Artanis186
Wow, they actually quoted someone else to give an answer to a remedial question? How low have you sunk, Blizzard?
Or they decided to give recognition to someone else who'd figured it out ahead of the crowd.


Sep 13 2010, 10:14 pm MasterCassim Post #12

Nice information.


Sep 14 2010, 3:15 am Riney Post #13

Quote from Undead-Fox
1- (I have no idea what he's asking either...)

Number 1, call up a marine that hasnt existed. For example Player 1 brings 1 marine to location anything. He wants to call up the TYPE of unit not a spacific marine, and I have no fucking idea how to do that either.

Sep 14 2010, 3:58 am Temp Post #14

Unit Type of Unit(Trigger unit or whatever)

For bringing a unit to a location do the regular unit enters/leaves region with any unit select then have a condition that checks the type of unit.


Sep 19 2010, 7:01 pm payne Post #15


Because Blizzard really loves to take care of the biggest issue first! :wtfawesome:


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