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Aug 29 2010, 10:27 pm payne Post #1


First of all, you must be aware the Wiki is a much more efficient way to maintain a FAQs article. Thus, I would like to encourage any member to update our FAQs Wiki with any relevant information they know of.

-> Are there any very basic tutorial about the Galaxy Editor?
Yes. Follow this link.

-> Why can't I see the Omni-Lights I am placing?
You need at least the 'High' setting for the "Lighting" Graphical Setting.

-> How do I place and assign Start Locations?
To place one, go under the "Point" layer and select the 'Start location' option.
To assign one, go under Map -> Player Properties.

-> Somehow, it looks like the last dimension (array) of my variable never triggers, why?
The 1st array is "0", 2nd is "1", and etc. You probably have started with "1" instead of "0".

-> I can't seem to find the Campaign Units, why?
You must add a Campaign Dependency at the top of the list of your map's Dependencies (found under File -> Map Dependencies).

-> My upgrades aren't working properly. Any ideas why?
Don't set the max level for your upgrades to a number higher than 127; doing so will cause the upgrade not to function more than once.

-> How are the Players' ID assigned in the lobby?
Please follow this link.

-> How to properly duplicate an unit?
After right-clicking the unit and pressing "Duplicate", select -ONLY- the unit's actor.

-> What's the doodads limit?

Be aware most of the questions asked in our forums probably have a Wiki article about their answer. Please take the time to use the search feature of our Wiki.

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Aug 30 2010, 12:56 am DavidJCobb Post #2

You've got some terms wrong, payne. For arrays, the variable is the array; the things in that array are items, elements, or whatever else you want to call them; and the number used to refer to an item in an array is the index. (But your explanation is correct: the first element in an array is index 0, the second element is index 1, and so on.)


Aug 30 2010, 4:21 am payne Post #3


People don't seem to understand the purpose of a Wiki...
If I got it wrong, just edit the article and let me know in here so I edit the OP as well. :/

I don't understand what you mean, David. As I've just said, please edit the Wiki and I'll take care of editing the OP. :)


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