Oct 31 2007, 9:52 am
By: Neptune
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Oct 31 2007, 9:52 am Neptune Post #1

First off, I'd just like to let everyone know that this is the one and only, Bioject.

Title: Shroud of Darkness

[Creator: Bioject] [Release date: Not Yet Known] [Players: 1-6]

[Map Size: 192x192 ] [Location: Jungle] [Computer player: 2]

Story: A large meteor hit the earth just 12 hours ago. The location that was once there.. is now a derelict.
The meteor hitting the earth so hard that it put earths rotation at a pause. Causing nothing but darkness.

The meteor was carrying an alien specimen inside. The parasite lives off consuming its victims insides. It can work its way to the brain of the being, and become its composer. Otherwise known as "Zombies".

No new information yet, on how far the parasite has spread, but we know that countless lives have been lost. And many more if those who are listening in, do not fight to survive.

Your role: You are a survivor of the meteor.

Items so far:

Inventory Slots: 8

Chance of enemy dropping item..
  • Box of Bullets 1/30
  • Batteries 1/60
  • Med Kits 1/90

Price Value of items
  • Box of Bullets 650 gas
  • Batteries 425 Gas
  • Med Kits 1,000 Gas

Will there be a give/drop item? Not yet decided

You cannot drop items, but you there will be a trade system, trade with other players, or sell the item for money (gas)


-Weapon Upgrades-
  • Reload Speed 1,500 Gas (Maxed lvl 10)
  • Weapon Capacity 1,500 Gas (maxed lvl 10)
  • Weapon Damage 800 Gas (maxed lvl 1)
  • Body Armor 3,000 gas (lets you take 1 aditional hit, maxed armor is 1)


Gameplay: Though, some of you might think "It's jungle it can't possibly be that scary" You're wrong. The game will indeed have a creepy vibe to it, and will be as scary as any other scary map, if not, more. But this makes it very unique for a horror map. Like "Resident Evil: One" This game will have the same exact inventory set up. Also, the drop ship will act as an "Action button" as well. It's important that you hotkey the drop ship, and what ever you pick up will go into the drop ship, simply unload and the item will be used. To use the action button, while you have the drop ship selected simply right click. You will be running around searching for keys or other important items and try to get through this disastrous scenario. I might also add a few puzzles and death traps. Also I will be introducing StarCraft to a never before seen system. (At least I don't believe it has ever been used before). Since the scenario will be dark, due to the meteor your unit will be Blinded throughout the entire game. So your vision pretty much sucks. However you can find "batteries" for your flash light. This will increase your vision x5, and any player who is near your location will also see your light. However your flash light will drain as long as it is turned on, if it runs out you'll need to find more batteries. You can take turns using flash lights to conserve energy. You'll also be able to turn your light on and off to save energy. The map itself will be large and will have free roam. Players will start in completely separate areas from one another. If players are nearby you'll be able to hear their gunshots, or if zombies are nearby you'll be able to hear their blood thirsty moans. The zombies will have intelligent so they will come looking for any nearby players.

I hope you guys like what you've read, and I will be giving you up-dates on this map every now and then.
Also the original release date was supposed to be on Halloween, like what I did with Resident Evil. But unfortunately this game will take a tad longer, try giving me until the end of November.


Newly added: For everytime you kill a zombie you will have rare chance of automatically picking up items, ammo, batteries medkits, ect.

The knew knife system. I had a lot of people say "Bring back the old RE: one knife" I don't like to remake maps I've done already but I have added a knife system for those who are out of ammo. The knifing system is much better than it was in RE, Its a lot faster and smoother, much easier to use, however it is not so rigged. When using a knife it doesn't instant kill, but the game will register how many times you've hit a zombie. 2-5 times to kill a creature depending on what type it is. There will not be so much inspiration to attack with a knife this time around.

Also I will add chest, chest will have random items inside, or even something bad inside. Life is full of risks.

You are now able to enter village homes, or caves using the new action button to try and escape the hungry heard of undead. You are unable to activate flashlights while inside a structure.

Progress: 100%


Screen Shots:

Hits: 45 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 30 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 26 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 18 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 17 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 14 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 18 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 16 Size: 301.05kb
Hits: 21 Size: 301.05kb

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Oct 31 2007, 10:14 am LemonFang Post #2

O.o after playing this with you every step of the way from beginings to now, I can clearly say I love the game play and the story, there is that flashlight concept of the flashlight which I have never seen before.

Cheers on this one.

And also, Wtfluxx End of November?


Oct 31 2007, 11:40 am Jamescoolman Post #3

haha can't wait to play it :P i like a good horror game, theres a lotta not so good ones out there so far =[


Oct 31 2007, 8:39 pm Neptune Post #4

Quote from Jamescoolman
haha can't wait to play it :P i like a good horror game, theres a lotta not so good ones out there so far =[

Yeah, I completley agree. This horror map won't be a let down! :)


Nov 1 2007, 2:27 pm Heegu Post #5

Quote from Neptune
Will there be a give/drop item? Not yet decided

A drop item option is a must if you get lots of junk that you won't need..


Nov 1 2007, 3:10 pm Killer2121 Post #6

hope this map will be fun :)


Nov 1 2007, 8:41 pm Neptune Post #7

Quote from Heegu
Quote from Neptune
Will there be a give/drop item? Not yet decided

A drop item option is a must if you get lots of junk that you won't need..

Able to drop items it is. I'll get to work on it!


Nov 2 2007, 5:27 am Riney Post #8

If this map is awesome now, without any story triggers, and its scary to all hell, then its gotta be great when its done right? :D

Go go bio ftw

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Nov 3 2007, 3:01 am Neptune Post #9

I might be moving this post to Maplantis. Too much garbage on SEN.


Nov 3 2007, 7:45 am Vrael Post #10

You say you'll be able to hear nearby gunshots, that's cool.

On the damper side, if a meteor hit the Earth hard enough to stop its rotation, no one would be alive.


Nov 4 2007, 3:17 pm Fisty Post #11

Yep...poor us.


Nov 6 2007, 4:58 pm Killer2121 Post #12

when will u be letting us test Beta/Demo Versons?? :D


Nov 8 2007, 11:29 pm Resguy Post #13

Just a random guy

Gl Bio, I hope it's great.


Nov 13 2007, 9:48 am Neptune Post #14

I'm back after all that... I got a bit pissed off at SEN.

I've been focusing more on a dif website for SC, it's new and I'm sure when it's all up and done it will have more to offer sc players.

My map is being posted there and I will be able to answer any further questions

It's run by Dark_marine_123. www.meowth.ulmb.com.


Nov 13 2007, 8:29 pm Fisty Post #15

unpopular sites ftl


Nov 14 2007, 2:49 am Riney Post #16

Growing sites ftw

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Nov 14 2007, 7:03 am ClansAreForGays Post #17

meowth sc site?

Nov 15 2007, 12:19 pm Neptune Post #18

Quote from ClansAreForGays
meowth sc site?

SEN has nothing to offer people but "error" messages.

And also, SEN goes down what? 7 months every year?


Nov 16 2007, 12:44 am Riney Post #19

Now now, we dont want to complain, SEN brought us all together. >:P

So how goes it bio?

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Nov 21 2007, 11:03 am Neptune Post #20


For some reason you have to dl the pictures, which does suck, however some of the screen shots are worth looking at.

In the first few pictures is what it will look like when your flash light is off, in the other shots I have my flash light on.
keep in mind any unblended areas will be fixed in the final versions.

Also you'll nottice the leader board is your battery energy.

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