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Sunken Treasure
Corbo Nexus
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Uploaded on:Sep 4 2019, 11:16 pm
Uploaded by:Voyager7456

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A building created by Corbo.

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No comments yet.
[08:23 pm]
NudeRaider -- sounds fun. Free only for a day
[03:18 pm]
dumbducky -- I haven't posted in 5 years
[08:38 am]
Oh_Man -- yea flop out ur map and we can delete the SCV repair ability in like 5 seconds for ya
[2024-7-14. : 6:34 pm]
Ultraviolet -- the pain comes full circlew
[2024-7-14. : 6:34 pm]
Ultraviolet -- lmao
[2024-7-14. : 4:07 pm]
da real donwano -- .......
[2024-7-14. : 10:46 am]
Oh_Man -- with EUD u can just delete the SCV repair ability
[2024-7-14. : 1:34 am]
da real donwano -- I realize I contradicted myself there. Quit making maps after 9ine failed, officially retired during EUD's.
[2024-7-14. : 1:26 am]
da real donwano -- Very quickly, however, the map was deemed a failure due to people exploiting the SCV repair ability & I just quit making maps after that.
[2024-7-14. : 1:25 am]
da real donwano -- It was a huge success overnight. 10's of people played it multiple (2) times.
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