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Sunken Treasure
Galactic Conquest III
Filename: GC3 V2.2.scx
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File Information
Uploaded on:Aug 28 2018, 3:41 pm
Uploaded by:No-Name-Needed


Galactic Factions
Human ()
Human ()
Human ()
Human ()
Human ()
Human ()
Human ()
Force 1
Created By : No-Name-Needed
Computer (Zerg)
Force 3

File Description
V 2.2
Created By : No-Name-Needed

A 4X Conquest/Strategy map that can be played Solo,Co-op, or Diplo Style..
This Map takes brains, brawn, and patience to learn..

Latest Version 2.2 Now with multiple modes of game play..
Classic Mode: The full tech tree with no communication at start for pro players who know how to exploit the early game..
Accelerated Start Mode: All players start with 2 additional techs means all will have ship building and communication at start..
And Arcade Mode: A throwback to Galactic Conquest II, Where the whole tech tree is unlocked and all players play as Conventional with the same unit types..

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No-Name-Needed wrote on Feb 16 2019, 2:14 am:
How to capture planets with cheap disposable ground forces, Aim for the ring of walkable null "invisible ground"

No-Name-Needed wrote on Jan 7 2019, 10:57 pm:
Galactic Conquest III V2.1
Fixed a glitch that allowed certain starports owned by "Swarm" to give infinite payout.
Fixed another glitch that caused certain players to loose their tribute ability when playing as "Xenix"
Raised the HP and Shields of capital ships.
Added Wall missile turrets to the sides of starports that are in multiple planetary systems.
And just for fun I put recall animations on the jump gates.

No-Name-Needed wrote on Dec 31 2018, 7:55 pm:
Thank you so much sethmachine for helping me isolate the cause of that run away income for Swarm, I've been looking elsewhere through the triggers for a while now trying to solve that issue..
I've got a slew of bugs and glitches to solve in the next update but this particular glitch was game breaking!

sethmachine wrote on Dec 30 2018, 4:41 pm:
There's a serious bug in the latest version when using the Swarm and capturing a Spaceport (Spore Colony/Missile Turret). It caused both infinite income--minerals never stopped coming in for the Swarm player, and the Swarm player had infinite Overlords filled with hydras available.

Biggest criticism is the gameplay is really really slow.

Also, I would consider speeding up the early game. It takes almost 15 minutes before most players can actually start expoing or finding other players.

Additionally, if you are found early game and are not prepared, it's pretty much GG. I would add some kind of timed defenses to each person's homeworld to prevent early killing off.

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